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Local Lawmakers Say Immigration Enforcement Is Not The Job Of Local Police

Why do contractors let illegal and non licensed people drive their vehicles? MONEY
Go after the problem, the ILLEGAL people hiring the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS... Make BIG FINES for this will stop the ROOT of the problem
Like DRUGS if you have no customers there is no need..." Feb 20, 17 6:16 PM

Zeldin Blasts Russian 'Aggression' As Spy Ship Lurks Off Long Island

Maybe we ought to be scouting the AMAGANSETT beaches for russians coming ashore." Feb 21, 17 11:03 AM

Former East Hampton Student's Overdose Heightens Community Concern About Drug Use

How about a drug sniffing dog at the schools on a random basis, including staff. Nothing off limits. Times deserve new rules..." Feb 21, 17 11:39 AM

Lee Jewelers In Sag Harbor To Close After 12 Years

With the price of rents in these towns, it is hard for shop to open. " Oct 26, 17 8:49 AM