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Trump Endorses Zeldin; Giffords Supports Gershon In East End Congressional Race

So you approve of killing Republicans, right? It's not evil to kill people who want to commit genocide, before they do it, right? Pay attention folks, when people like Foreignborn say Republicans want to enslave minorities, and Fred S believes genocide is the unspoken desire of Republicans, they have already written off your humanity. Extinguishing the lives of Republicans is well within the realm of possibility for these two leftists." Oct 13, 18 9:09 PM

Schiavoni Proposal To Limit Recreation Space Shot Down

The fact that you associate name calling exclusively with Trump supporters just serves to illustrate: A) How willfully ignorant you are or B)How stupid you are, to think anyone would buy your BS about Trump supporters being 'name callers' while you and your kind don't or C) You're just a dishonest, treasonous leftist who's been pushed to the limit because you're not seeing America suffer the way you and the left take great pleasure in. America with a well deserved black eye is your definition of happiness, traitor.
" Oct 22, 18 11:46 AM

UPDATE: Lee Zeldin Defeats Perry Gershon In 1st District Congressional Race

Thank you for supporting the Antifa thugs terrorizing Republicans and their families in their homes. Thank you for supporting the right of the left to harass, or perhaps even assault or kill the children and spouses of Republicans. The people of this country need to be reminded that your far left ideology marched over a hundred million people to their deaths in the last century at the hands of Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. All came to power at the hands of mobs who were told their violence was righteous, just like you believe Antifa, the Anarcho-Communist terrorist bloc., is righteous." Nov 10, 18 12:39 PM

A controlled, selective, and matched to the country's needs immigration system is racist, while open borders, masses of largely unskilled illiterate people, who's criminal background is unknown to us, and will immediately become a net drain on the social safety net is "pragmatic", right, fool?
" Nov 10, 18 12:42 PM

East Hampton Republicans Ask Amos Goodman To Step Down As Party Chairman

Yes, everyone must keep an eye on the GOP, so that good Democrats, like DEMOCRAT New York Attorney General Andrew Schneiderman, the anti-Trump, Woman's March supporting serial rapist, who, when not sexually assaulting his victims, took glee in giving them a nice "love pop" sucker punch in the mouth gets a pass. He referred to one of his victims as his "brown slave". While you were busy keeping a close eye, your local hero used campaign funds to pay for his multi-million dollar criminal defense, and the Democrat prosecutor assigned to the case decided to give him a pass. Women being sacrificed at the feet of the Democrat men who abused them is business as usual for you. Clinton, Schneiderman, Weinstein, Weiner, Franken, all powerful members of the party that claims it alone cares about women." Nov 21, 18 11:43 AM

Residents Ask For Vote To Add Armed Guards At Eastport-South Manor Schools

Well, if you're guided by anecdotes, isolated incidents, and thin logic, your conclusion makes sense. Tell us, what steps would eliminate 'firearm violence'. Go ahead, be clear." Dec 6, 18 2:21 PM

Such a coward Fred. You want to see the end of the right to bear arms, to eliminate civilian ownership of guns (to, er, end 'gun violence'), due to the behavior of a miniscule fraction of people. Yet here you are, like your leaders, too cowardly to be honest with the people who's rights you intend to diminish. You'll only get what you want by incrementalism and deceit. Coward. Sniveling and cowering in the dark like the rest of the leftist cowards here. Come on, tell us, clearly and plainly what you think are the inalienable rights citizens have under the 2nd Amendment.
" Dec 6, 18 5:49 PM

East Hampton Village May Require Advanced Septic Systems For New Homes, Some Expansions

How much funding does Kevin McDonald's 'charity' receive from the companies directly benefitting from these regulations? How much does he make as head of that 'non-profit'?" Dec 11, 18 9:36 AM

Southampton Town Continues To Fight East End Opioid Crisis With Community's Help

You have it all wrong. We must not look at distractions like the mass production of Fentanyl in China, which is responsible for most of the opioid deaths in the US. Ask any leftist, and they'll point out it's the fault of the users for luring the innocent Chinese into the Fentanyl business, just as the cartels south of the border are also victims of American's drug use. We must not be tempted to blame the dealers, or the gangs providing the distribution infrastructure. These are often groups of oppressed people, like MS-13, who are again, lured into drug dealing by the evil American user. Finally, don't bring up any racist ideas about securing our porous border, just because the massive number of illegal crossers divert security resources and provide cover for smugglers. No, the fault lies solely with American users, even if they began the road to addiction via prescribed pain medication.

This is why commercials like this, and not holding China accountable, crushing the cartels, or putting away the "non-violent" heroin dealers until they old and grey, is the most effective way to combat the crisis." Jan 19, 19 3:46 PM

Man Who Left His Friend In A Burning Car In Springs Is Sentenced 20 Years Later

The judge also said he would be deported after his sentence. We all know why that was intentionally left out of this article, but I just wanted to pierce any remaining illusions you may harbor of your journalistic integrity. You have none. Carefully pruning facts for ideological reasons makes you propogandists, and nothing resembling an objective illuminator of the truth serving the public.. Manipulative scum would be a better description of what you've reduced yourselves to. " Jan 28, 19 7:05 PM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

The term "workforce housing" is deceptive. There is no requirement for occupants to work within the town, and for that matter, no requirement to work at all. It is illegal in New York for landlords to discriminate based on source of income. Section 8 recipients are just as eligible as a local worker would be for this housing. " Feb 8, 19 9:19 PM

Why do you think these apartments will be filled with local workers?" Feb 10, 19 2:42 PM

East Hampton Village Mayor Voices His Opposition To Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use

That line of reasoning, that alcohol results in addiction, suffering of families, deaths on the road, and therefore legalizing cannabis with little regard of the consequences as has been done to this point, could be used to justify legalizing pretty much every other drug.

After all, cigarettes are more addictive than cocaine, and result in more deaths. Heroin addicts tend to sleep off their highs, and therefore present less of a threat of violence or road deaths. For someone who claims to prioritize science, you are aligning yourself with the deniers of any and all negative consequences of cannabis use.

For some people, those with latent psychosis that can spring into life with marijuana use, and for others, who via genetics or some other predisposition to overuse, lose all motivation in life (surely many of us have witnessed that dynamic in action), for the children who will use as a result of the tacit approval of the open use they observe, thereby damaging brain development, their lives will be forever altered for the worse. And yet, we have a political party joining in the rush to legalize, with hardly a word of acknowledgment of any harms, or a plan to deal with the increased use, and therefore increased number of problems.

Contrary to the myths, prisons are not "filled with marijuana users". Even relatively high level pot dealers see little punishment when caught. Sure, eliminate criminal penalties for use, but the rush to unleash this en masse to the public undermines any claim to be concerned with public health." Feb 15, 19 2:58 PM

To suggest the easier availability will not result in significantly increased use defies all logic. Not everyone knows a drug dealer, or cares to be involved with one. For many people the mere illegality of it prevents their use. What is the plan to deal with more drugged drivers? More manifestations of latent mental illness? More workers high on the job? The inevitable diversion of the drug to even more young people then are already damaging their brain development? What's that? There's no plan? Sounds like political opportunism." Feb 15, 19 3:03 PM

Zeldin Votes No On Democrats' Resolution Condemning Bigotry, Wanting It To Name Names

Let's not pretend Jussie was an isolated incident, and not merely the most high profile of a wave of hundreds of faked hate crimes, intended to demonize certain people who aren't committing hate crimes at a rate sufficient to maintain the liberal narrative.

Do you have any updates on the charges made against Hijab Girl, the young Muslim woman who claimed Trump supporters ripped off her hijab on the subway? Remember that one?

How about the three black college girls who claimed a racist assault on a bus ride in Albany? Remember them? How did those charges work out? Gripped the nation for weeks.

How about the endless "noose" hate crimes, found, most often, to be perpetrated by a "person of color"?

The left is sick, intent on rationalizing their hatred, and thus justifying their prejudice and even violence against those they disagree with these false accusations. Add to that the instant elevation of "victims" into heroes, and you have a potent incentive to fabricate and lie on an industrial scale.


" Mar 8, 19 1:35 PM

Socialism has a long history leading to mass slaughter over the last century, or are you too busy wallowing in ignorance and kindergarten name calling to have noticed that? Slaughter as measured in hundreds of millions of people, all sparked by the same rhetoric of class envy and social justice. Mao didn't promise to kill a hundred million in his cultural revolution. Lenin didn't promise the gulags and a century of oppression, Pol Pot didn't tell people his college socialists would be marching the middle class into the killing fields, Chavez didn't get his Bolivarian socialist revolution by telling his people it would lead to their children eating from garbage trucks, Castro didn't mention his version so democratic socialism would lead to 99.99% election "victories" each and every time. So why do you consider those who measure the track record of anti-capitalist socialism by that well documented track record to be stupid, while you insist it will be great, fair, and just?" Mar 11, 19 1:40 PM

Shinnecock Nation Considering Other School Districts For Students

There is ample evidence there were people here before the "Native Americans" as well. Maybe these invaders should go back across the Bering Straight where they came from?" Mar 14, 19 6:40 PM

Disproportionately targeting the people committing a disproportionate number of acts of violence, as most parents with students in that school know." Mar 14, 19 6:41 PM

School Districts Will Provide English and Spanish Ballots For May 21 Budget And Board Vote

No, only the Spanish speaking minority deserves to be catered to. Others, who speak less important languages don't, right? If they can't read English or Spanish, they don't deserve representation, isn't that right, ForeignHypocrite?" Apr 3, 19 10:43 AM

For OLA Attorney, The Hague Was A Training Ground

Sounds like the perfect guy to defend the rights of illegal aliens to violate our border and laws:

From a source even the lefties here trust:


"American officials in Kosovo are being accused of interfering with an investigation into a senior Kosovo Albanian politician implicated in murder, drug-trafficking and war crimes.

But British military personnel who liaised with Haradinaj before and during the Nato bombing campaign paint a different picture. One former soldier, who served with the Kosovo Verification Mission, described him as 'a psychopath' and accused him of terrorising his own men and the local population into loyalty to him. 'He would beat his own men to maintain a kind of military discipline,' he said.

'Someone would pass him some information and he would disappear for two hours. The end result would be several bodies in a ditch,' he added

The man said he was also present when Ramush 'went to deal with' an Albanian family who had let Serb police into their house. The incident matches a human rights report issued by the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) last year in which seven masked men entered a house in the village of Gornja Lucka. Two men were beaten and a third was taken to a nearby canal and never seen again."" Apr 3, 19 1:43 PM

State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

Oh please. This has nothing to do with the feds. If you must find fault, blame the lame local and state politicians sitting on their hands for fear of being called racists. If anyone else was doing this, a stop work order would've been handed over as soon as the first construction worker arrived. This sign is probably staying, a big FU to the Hampton's elite from the honorable "tribe"." May 9, 19 6:48 PM

Last night's winning lottery numbers followed by real estate ads in case a winner happens to be driving by." May 9, 19 6:50 PM

Shinnecock Nation Leaders Say Signs On Sunrise Are Essential To Tribe's Economic Well-Being

LOL, "character" sounds like the euphemism Hampton's racists and elitists use to justify exclusion and denial of property rights of "undesirables".

Typical leftist, advocating and attacking everyone else with slanderous accusations about their character and motivations (IE, those who object to illegal immigration are inherently racist, according to you), but when it's your turn to suffer the slightest impact by this marginalized group, your true colors come to the fore. " May 13, 19 10:40 AM

Boy oh boy, look at all the liberal bigots eager to snuff the attempt of this marginalized group to become self sufficient. It's a sign on a highway, big deal.

27 is about as scenic as any other four lane highway in the country, that is to say, not at all. A thin buffer of trees between an ugly road and the typical low end suburban sprawl abutting it.

You want everyone else to suffer at the hands of the policies you seek to impose, an acceptance of mass illegal immigration among them, but a sign you'll see for 3 seconds on a busy highway that will benefit a group truly worthy of recompense is too much to bear. The liberal victim hierarchy has always been interesting to observe. That Native Americans have been largely displaced because other groups have more voting potential is no surprise, but it never occurred to me that owners of 2nd and 3rd homes would so readily be moved to the top." May 13, 19 10:52 AM

State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

They covered this back in 2008. Nearly an arrest a day, lot's of high dollar impound fees, supplying records of all passing cars to the feds(in exchange for the grants). Simply a continued expansion of what started with just one scanner, which is now on all patrol cars.

License plate readers lead to rise in arrests and impounds

Dec 22, 2008 1:23 PM
By Brendan J. OReilly
The stepped-up law enforcement is the result of a new license plate reader, or LPR, that can check car license plates against a “hot list” of plates from the state Department of Motor Vehicles. The village put its LPR into action on September 28, and it has already resulted in 36 arrests, according to police records. That amounts to an average of one arrest per shift the LPR is used, Village Police Chief William Wilson said Friday. “It definitely is a phenomenal tool.”

For now, the LPR, which was obtained through a law enforcement grant, is only used five times a week for eight hours each time—the schedule of Christopher Wetter, the one officer who operates the department’s LPR-equipped police cruiser. The chief said he chose Officer Wetter for the duty because he was previously assigned to the department’s traffic squad." May 14, 19 4:31 PM

Country? LOL, only if you're from NYC." May 14, 19 4:32 PM

Shinnecock Billboard Work Continues As State Still Reviewing Whether It Has The Right To Stop Them

Fredo's administration is waiting for the polls and analysis of the impact on Dem votes depending on who they side with, Hamptonites or the Tribes (here and elsewhere). Once they confirm the Hampton's will continue to write checks and vote (D) no matter what happens, they'll side with the tribe. If it puts them at odds with the feds, all the better, they can look like defenders of Native American rights." May 15, 19 1:38 PM

Town Board Approves Two-Year Freeze On Tax Assessments On Tuesday

Grieve Grieve Grieve your property taxes NOW. It costs nothing, and may be the only chance you'll have to save before local officials adopt the same strategy we're seeing Democrats employing in Nassau. Full ground up reassessment, with, overnight, much higher taxes for areas that don't support them and much lower taxes in the areas hosting their supporters." May 15, 19 1:45 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

You support the party that actively seeks American decline, because we've "taken more than our fair share". You support the party that embraces our enemies, and cheers them when we suffer losses on the battlefield, and spit on our veterans when they return home. You want to see our borders effectively eliminated, because you think the millions of illegal aliens pouring over our borders are taking back the land that's theirs. And yet, with all those views at the heart of your ideology, when the one group with a rightful claim to compensation from the US seeks to exercise their property rights in a bid to become self sufficient, you happily cheer the jackboots crushing the Native Americans trying to become self sufficient, because you don't want to see a billboard on a highway. Why would Americans want to hand control to a party that seeks to bring this nation down? Is that how you define justice? A diminished America and it's people forced into terminal decline?" May 19, 19 4:19 PM

The tribe should take strength from their forebears for action, encapsulated by the message Richard Oakes sent to the Department of the Interior in 1969. It's already clear how many here support the use of force to prevent the tribe's claims on their land. And if you don't think it's actually "force", than think of what will happen should the work stoppage order is ignored:

""We invite the United States to acknowledge the justice of our claim. The choice now lies with the leaders of the American government - to use violence upon us as before to remove us from our Great Spirit's land, or to institute a real change in its dealing with the American Indian. We do not fear your threat to charge us with crimes on our land. We and all other oppressed peoples would welcome spectacle of proof before the world of your title by genocide. Nevertheless, we seek peace." " May 19, 19 6:09 PM

The stream of ad hominem attacks, rather than refuting a single element of my detailed analysis of what motivates leftists like you only confirms it's accuracy. You dislike this nation, believe on balance it's a negative force, and think the world would be better off with diminished American economic and military power. Those are the facts." May 20, 19 7:39 PM

"They will not disobey a lawful Stop Work order because they would face contempt charges and daily civil fines."

Well, well, well. The westbound sign now moving along nicely. The frame went up today, looks to be around 50'. easily visible above the treeline. Astonishing what can be accomplished post Stop Work Order, huh? The nuance you fail to understand is that the law is ill defined here, and this is likely the best way to force the issue.

If they hurry, it'll be up in time for the Memorial Day traffic making their way from the Upper West Side into the Hamptons to enjoy the tribe's new monument, eh?" May 20, 19 9:15 PM

@even flow So those who oppose illegal immigration are "babies"? What is it with people like you? Why is illegal immigration acceptable to you? Can't you be honest about why you believe those people have the right to come here by the millions? Your kind will sit there all day denying you support open borders, but insist illegal immigrants have the right to be here. Why? What's your justification? Is it so ugly, so anti-American, that you don't dare speak it out loud because of your cowardice?" May 21, 19 9:07 AM

"We? Try to speak for yourself. Drop the “we”


Fred S:

The only problem we have to solve is how to get rid of Trump.

Now we should start going over the presidents emoluments violations.

If you recall the election was swayed, we are living that nightmare.

A great day for America and Americans. We now have a partner in Putin.

I agree, a guy from Shirley knows exactly what we need out here.

If all of America spoke this way about the press, we are headed down the rabbit hole to hell.

We had slavery and genocide

If it’s all lies, trumps inner circle are all liars.we know trump is.

Po boy, we know you can’t prove an argument.

What nickname can we give the liar in chief.

The fact is , we are trying to bring back America pre trump

If he is not telling the truth, we don’t need a life time appointment.

We don’t need offshore drilling.

It seems we have a local population of right wing nuts also.

We know Trump definitely does not want to uphold regulations

That’s one rule we don’t need. Let them do what they want in their own state.

We had enough of the lame ,”lock her up “ chant.

And we should all pray we survive his reign.

Big duck, I’m glad we now know you are an economist.

You are on a slippery slope with your beliefs. It goes against everything we stand for.

" May 22, 19 8:33 PM

Foaming at the mouth rage and ad hominem attacks are a childlike attempt at masking the blatant hypocrisy, most of all, from yourself.

" May 22, 19 9:14 PM

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