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UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

The stream of ad hominem attacks, rather than refuting a single element of my detailed analysis of what motivates leftists like you only confirms it's accuracy. You dislike this nation, believe on balance it's a negative force, and think the world would be better off with diminished American economic and military power. Those are the facts." May 20, 19 7:39 PM

"They will not disobey a lawful Stop Work order because they would face contempt charges and daily civil fines."

Well, well, well. The westbound sign now moving along nicely. The frame went up today, looks to be around 50'. easily visible above the treeline. Astonishing what can be accomplished post Stop Work Order, huh? The nuance you fail to understand is that the law is ill defined here, and this is likely the best way to force the issue.

If they hurry, it'll be up in time for the Memorial Day traffic making their way from the Upper West Side into the Hamptons to enjoy the tribe's new monument, eh?" May 20, 19 9:15 PM

@even flow So those who oppose illegal immigration are "babies"? What is it with people like you? Why is illegal immigration acceptable to you? Can't you be honest about why you believe those people have the right to come here by the millions? Your kind will sit there all day denying you support open borders, but insist illegal immigrants have the right to be here. Why? What's your justification? Is it so ugly, so anti-American, that you don't dare speak it out loud because of your cowardice?" May 21, 19 9:07 AM

"We? Try to speak for yourself. Drop the “we”


Fred S:

The only problem we have to solve is how to get rid of Trump.

Now we should start going over the presidents emoluments violations.

If you recall the election was swayed, we are living that nightmare.

A great day for America and Americans. We now have a partner in Putin.

I agree, a guy from Shirley knows exactly what we need out here.

If all of America spoke this way about the press, we are headed down the rabbit hole to hell.

We had slavery and genocide

If it’s all lies, trumps inner circle are all liars.we know trump is.

Po boy, we know you can’t prove an argument.

What nickname can we give the liar in chief.

The fact is , we are trying to bring back America pre trump

If he is not telling the truth, we don’t need a life time appointment.

We don’t need offshore drilling.

It seems we have a local population of right wing nuts also.

We know Trump definitely does not want to uphold regulations

That’s one rule we don’t need. Let them do what they want in their own state.

We had enough of the lame ,”lock her up “ chant.

And we should all pray we survive his reign.

Big duck, I’m glad we now know you are an economist.

You are on a slippery slope with your beliefs. It goes against everything we stand for.

" May 22, 19 8:33 PM

Foaming at the mouth rage and ad hominem attacks are a childlike attempt at masking the blatant hypocrisy, most of all, from yourself.

" May 22, 19 9:14 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

Sign looks high tech, and the nation's seal on top of monument is a handsome touch. As long as they don't proliferate, it's hardly the horrific eyesore the pearl clutchers insisted it was. No worse than the school electronic billboards that are all over the place on local roads (yes, it's much larger, but it's an appropriate scale for 4 lane highway)." May 23, 19 1:42 PM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

That's nonsense. They are not out of context.

In those comments you use "we" to imply everyone agrees with you, which is precisely what you criticized the original commenter for.

It's not surprising to hear you parrot the kneejerk excuse used by the politicians you slavishly look up to.

For instance, how is "If you recall the election was swayed, we are living that nightmare." taken out of context? Who does the "we" refer to? Well?

You are not only a brazen, thin skinned hypocrite, you're dishonest, lacking any shred of integrity." May 24, 19 3:30 PM

State Supreme Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Shinnecock Billboards

Well then Mr. Z, you'll have your choice of socialist, non-consumer "minded" countries when you get back on a boat and go home to Europe, right, you genocidal, colonialist, invader, land thief?" May 29, 19 11:35 AM

Polandspring. You believe guilt is transferred through generations. Not an uncommon view in some cultures. And that those unfortunate enough to be of European ancestry are shameful, and deserve punishment in the name of justice. Never mind that the vast majority of those Euro-Americans arrived long after the battles with Indians ended. So tell us, what would equate to justice, in your mind? Dispossession from their homes? Deportation to Europe? Perhaps a punishment more appropriate for those who you hold responsible for murder? And if not any of those things, why not? Why should "stolen" property remain in the hands of murderous thieves? Don't mask your views, don't be deceptive, directly address this question. What sort of punishment is due those evil invaders? Wouldn't anything short of total expulsion be an injustice?" May 29, 19 12:02 PM

UPDATE: No Arrest Made Yet After Violent Death In Montauk; GoFundMe Page Created For Funeral Expenses

"The incident, Chief Sarlo said, does not appear to be gang related or a bias crime."

That's an odd thing to say, why would he specifically eliminate the motivations of gang violence or bias? In fact, with no arrests, and barely any time for an investigation, why would he eliminate any possibilities?

Very strange. I certainly hope he didn't make those statements because the victim is a Latino or black." Jun 6, 19 4:12 PM

East Hampton Town Authorizes Donation For Armored Car Purchase

Lol, you're welcome to go back to whatever country that was so bad you fled it, permanently. Must have been an exceptionally awful place for you to come to such an unfair, racist country." Jun 12, 19 3:05 PM

On second thought, perhaps it wasn't such a bad place after all. After all, it doesn't take much for cowards to abandon their country." Jun 12, 19 3:08 PM

First Wind Farm Hearing Focuses On Wainscott, And Climate Change

Ok, 2 questions that should be super easy for a self described environmentalist.

1. Since the 1970’s, the US population grew by over 100 million people, or nearly 50%. How have CO2 emissions by this country changed during that time? (For the sake of simplicity, pick any year from the 1970s to compare).

2. As we’re an island, how much has local sea level risen due to “climate change”. As a fear frequently stocked by LIs global warming activists, surely they know the answer to that question.

You insist fossil fuels must be eliminated, as quickly as possible, regardless of the costs or viability of alternatives. So in exchange for such radical call to action, all you need to gain my support is to give me a couple of simple, compelling answers.

Two simple questions with numerical answers." Jun 13, 19 1:24 PM

Trump says windpower causes cancer, the alarmists you rely on for your opinions have repeatedly specified various years bu which we’d be doomed, many of which are already a number of years behind us.

So I’ll ask you, what has happened to US CO2 emissions over the last 50 years? With so many more cars on the road, much more electricity consumed, virtually no “renewable” energy in the mix, so many more people now, how much higher are they?

Bonus question. Are CO2 emissions falling down in China, in India? In Latin America? " Jun 13, 19 1:33 PM

Democrat Perry Gershon Will Run Again In 2020, Seeking To Unseat U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin

I understand your fury, HighHatSize. You believe this is a fundamentally evil and illegitimate nation, "stolen", "built on slavery", "taking more than it's fair share" and "throwing it's unearned influence around". You prefer to see an America in decline. One getting the "punishment it deserves". You relish the spectacle of America on it's knees before those who hate us, and think the world will be better off with an America, if not torn down to it's illegitimate foundations, is at least severely diminished.

The Democrats progress towards eliminating our borders and presiding over the nation's "managed decline" has been disrupted. And that is unjust. America needs to suffer, and this record low unemployment, seeing rates of growth we were told were behind us, low inflation, boost in prosperity, and standing up to those who've sworn to watch us burn drives that sense of injustice deep into your heart.

As to the electoral college, the founders were brilliant in their ability to balance powers so that the entire nation's needs would be taken into consideration, not just those of a handful of states.

Here's a quote by Hamilton referring to creating a system in which a president must appeal to a broad swath of the country, rather than a few areas of concentrated populations: "Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union, or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States."

But of course that's explicitly what you don't want. You and your kind would prefer to hand domination to the bastions of left wing politics, and if that wasn't enough to ensure one party rule, give the vote to felons who haven't complete their sentences (whoops, Dems already did that), encourage illegal immigration and then give them the right to vote as well.

Your kind is precisely the kind of "low man" who would embrace tyranny to achieve his ends the founders sought to protect the nation from. " Jun 18, 19 8:55 PM

Affordable Housing Lottery Opens For Speonk, Tuckahoe Apartments; Deadline Is July 5

Wrong. Since you like all caps, here goes:


So tell me genius, how would this project get away with violating the law by turning away Section 8 or illegal alien applicants? You're another in a long line of people deceiving communities into thinking these projects are reserved for local "working" people.
" Jun 19, 19 3:01 PM

A HUD subsidized Project Base community involves contracting with property owners to rent all or some units to Section 8 recipients. This project is open to renting some or all units to Section 8 recipients.

You and the other advocates for these projects dishonestly portray them as "workforce housing", when they are not. Section 8 recipients, and non-working, non-residents of Southampton are just as likely to populate these apartments as local working people. But of course, being upfront and open about that fact would result in more community opposition.
" Jun 20, 19 9:45 AM

Mayor Mulcahy Says Change Is Coming To Sag Harbor After A Decisive Win On Tuesday

Can you explain how people are being forced to "cash out" because they "can't afford to stay"? What cost has risen so much they're being "driven from their homes"?

Sounds more like "I can't believe how much I can make on my house. I can sell this, buy a nicer house elsewhere, and have enough left over to retire."" Jun 20, 19 12:27 PM

Real Estate Transfer Tax Bill To Support Affordable Housing Passes State Legislature

All these taxpayer funded subsidies will accomplish is to drive up the purchase price of the lower end of the east end housing market and encourage the construction of the types of apartment complexes that drive down the value and quality of life of the surrounding communities.

Only permitting accessory apartments on a wide scale, and increasing density will resolve the problems caused by a shortage of housing.
" Jun 25, 19 9:48 AM

Ferry Companies On Shelter Island Change With The Climate

LOL, simple question for the "believers" who go on faith, and would rather not follow the money. How much has the sea level around Shelter Island risen due to climate change? Surely, with all the scientific resources directed at this issue, and now lots of public money as well, that's the most basic of information used in decision making.

Please respond with the measured amount climate change caused sea level rise around Shelter Island. " Jul 3, 19 8:38 PM

OLA Hosts Gathering In Sag Harbor To Support Local Immigrants

Bravo to open borders? Bravo to the mass violation of our immigration laws? Bravo to the open, brazen, and traitorous support of illegal aliens and the vast network of cartel connected human smugglers?

Why do you believe illegal aliens have the absolute and unquestionable right to enter our country and stay here regardless of our laws?

Is it because you think this nation is illegitimate, unworthy of controlling it's borders or immigration?

Is every single person "escaping poverty" entitled to enter the country? Are they entitled to free medical care, food, shelter, and legal aid?

These are simple questions for you and the other supporter of illegal aliens to answer, but of course, the responses will be attacks, because that's more comfortable than explaining the deep-seated hatred the left holds for this nation. The hatred that lies at the root of their desire drown the country will tens of millions of ill educated people who'll need endless financial support from some of the most violent cultures in the world.

Or is it that you employ illegal aliens, and like the wealthy and corrupt businesses, profit from illegal labor?" Jul 9, 19 9:33 AM

Second East End Walk For Interdependence Slated For July 14 In Sag Harbor

What an irresponsibly inaccurate characterization.

When a "family group" enters the US illegally, they CANNOT be detained together thank's to left wing groups suing the Obama administration and getting a court order preventing the practice of detaining children with adults, even their parents. The only alternative to separate detention is release.

Is that what Americans want? "Family groups" of illegal aliens being released?

What the advocates against "separating children" from their parents want is for illegal aliens accompanied by children to be released into the United States. They don't want them to be detained, they want them in the country. They want to encourage more to come, with the promise of guaranteed entry to anyone as long as they bring children.

" Jul 9, 19 2:57 PM

OLA Hosts Gathering In Sag Harbor To Support Local Immigrants

You poor child. You must hate your parents for bringing you to such an evil, unfair, racist country.

Through that one act of thoughtlessness, they've doomed you to having to spend a lifetime working to tear the USA down from the inside." Jul 16, 19 9:30 AM

President Trump's Friday Visit May Infringe On Weekend Travel Plans For Hamptons Visitors

What a disgustingly biased headline. This President's visit will cause no more disruption than that of any other, yet a search of previous articles relating to presidential visits show that NONE of them couch it in such a negative way. NONE.


Isn't objectivity something Anisah Abdullah and the press value, or have they shamed themselves by heeding the left wing call to the media to set aside "normal" standards in covering this presidency?
" Aug 7, 19 10:00 AM

'The Daily Show With Trevor Noah' Films Segment About Shinnecock Billboards

The best part about this is that it's primarily been the leftists here whining about the billboard and "boycotting" it's advertisers.

Now you have a major left wing ideological leader, as usual in the form of a comedian, shaming the lot of you for living on "stolen land".

So the question for the libs is will you continue shamefully living on the backs of other's via your racism and Hampton's privilege, or will you have the courage to do the right thing,and hand over the keys of your home to it's rightful owners, the tribe?

When?" Aug 8, 19 12:13 PM

LOL, if not he, then who? Rachel Maddow? AOC? Beto?

As I said, whichever leftist leader you turn to, they routinely take the form of comedians.

Now, are you going to admit your guilt in the continuing crime of benefiting from stolen land, or do you prefer only pointing at the wrongdoing of others?

Do you think you're not guilty and obligated to take action for the crimes against the tribe you've participated in because you're so enlightened?" Aug 8, 19 1:12 PM

Southampton Animal Shelter Partners With Global Animal Rescue Organization To Save Dogs From Yulin Meat Market In China

Because a unique affinity has developed between canines and humans over thousands of years.

For some reason I'm not surprised that to Fore1gnBornHBgrown, the concept seems strange, and is attributable to something as insubstantive as habit.

An utter lack of humanity is typical in the primitive, backwards cultures indifferent to the abuse of dogs. " Aug 9, 19 9:35 AM

It's far more than culture when it comes to canines.

Dogs have been partnering with, and as a result selected for traits amenable to living with humans for thousands of years. While other species have been domesticated, dogs have co-evolved with humans to the point human/canine relationships are as natural as wolf/pack relationships. No other interspecies relationship comes close to what has developed with this one.

Besides, this isn't even about culinary preferences. The means by which this is carried out is so wantonly cruel, you have to wonder what kind of people populate a nation that not only allows public torture of dogs, but celebrates it." Aug 9, 19 9:42 AM

Kevin McAllister Of DefendH2O Talks About Climate Change

Who funds this non-profit and his salary?

How much was given by advanced septic system business interests?" Aug 10, 19 1:43 PM

East Hampton Airport Traffic Increasing Again This Year

Wind turbines are built using rare earths, the dirtiest, most destructive minerals on earth to mine and refine, tons of ore are required to be processed with extremely toxic chemicals for a single precious ounce.

To top it off, child labor is often used to perform this horrific, nasty job.

The "internal combustion engine" is a topic on which you are utterly ignorant, and should remain silent on if you don't want to project your lack of knowledge to the world.

Today's engines are so clean, that in many areas, the pollution controls are so effective that result in exhaust that's cleaner than the air being ingested into the engine. But you didn't know that. You probably also don't know the US emits less carbon today than it did in 1970, with only half the population the country has today. Double the population, lower emissions." Aug 22, 19 10:14 PM

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