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State Residents May Vote On New License Plate Designs

Yep, and the same greedy, feckless academia-industrial complex that is both the cause and beneficiary of outrageously high tuition want to blame the loan companies, have the taxpayers wipe out all student debt, and then taxpayer funded "free" college tuition. Yeah, government funded college tuition will bring down costs for sure.

" Aug 28, 19 11:21 PM

I was just saying to a colleague that at some point in the near future people who wait too long to leave will find it increasingly difficult to sell their homes.

Poor Connecticut offers a glimpse of NY in a few years. The people who want to relocate can't sell their homes due to enormous local taxes, and a recent promise by Democrats to force suburban taxpayers to pay a large new property tax to prop up CT's extravagant teach pensions. " Aug 28, 19 11:25 PM

Second Attempt By East Hampton Town To Head Off Car Wash With CPF Falls Short

You have a long history of comments disparaging the communities of people who actually produce, rather than living luxuriously, as you do, thanks to the sweat of others.

Typical Hampton's leftist. Espouses every socialist value, pretends to embody moral enlightenment but really, deep down has nothing but contempt for those "beneath" them." Sep 1, 19 12:41 AM

East Hampton School District Asks Board Of Elections To Keep Voting Out Of The Schools

Despicable fear mongering for political gain. Carefully building the narrative to instill irrational fear in children in order to make them loathe firearms, so that in the future they’ll be less resistant to the elimination of their 2nd amendment rights. School shootings are extraordinary rare. According to the Washington Post, the odds of being shot at school are 614,000,000 to 1. Each year exponentially more children die in school bus accidents, sports injuries, or from diseases contracted at school.

The real threat? In time for the next election NY democrats have “restored” the voting rights of convicted felons, including sex offenders forbidden from being on school grounds.

A convicted murderer, on parole and therefore still serving their sentence, is now considered to have the same status as a law abiding citizen and permitted to vote right next to you, but let’s worry about some threat that is roughly half as likely as being hit by lightning.

" Sep 10, 19 4:05 PM

The Shinnecock Nation's Land: Is It A Territory Or A Reservation?

LOL, the "Indians as a whole".

Take a moment to explore some of the more creative ways tribes treated the tribes they conquered. I don't mean the women and children, we know they were taken away. I mean the men and boys. Millions killed and tortured over the history of the "native" Americans who wandered into this land from Siberia, likely displacing those already here.

I don't think any of the peaceful agrarian tribes slaughtered by the war tribes though of themselves being a "whole" with their conquerors.

Reality is quite different from your fairy tales about an Indian utopia." Sep 20, 19 3:50 AM

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