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New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

So full coverage for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense.

Fly in, or sneak in across the border and you'll receive any type of health care at no charge, presumably including gender reassignment surgery.

I invite my friends on the left to justify this. It's time to stand up for what you really believe. Is it our responsibility to pay for the health care of anyone physically present in New York "regardless of immigration status"?" Jun 13, 17 2:25 PM

Nope, you're right, it doesn't say they'll cover illegal aliens, just people "**regardless of** wealth, income, age, ****immigration status**** or preexisting condition.

I used to think no one was fooled by the euphemisms used by liberals, now I know better.
" Jun 13, 17 8:28 PM

Poor Mr. Z. Consider his position this morning. To oppose providing taxpayer funded health care for all illegal aliens in the state, would, by his own definition, make him a hate filled, racist, bigot. To join state Democrats and honestly state his support would violate the left's rule of "don't spook the sheep until it's too late" by revealing who they prioritize over voting citizens.

While I'm sure he is too sophisticated to join in the left wing social media's raucous celebration of this mornings shootings of Republicans, with no deaths, he's probably wondering why the aim of someone letting off 50 shots at close range is so poor." Jun 14, 17 10:37 AM

And for all your bold assertions, will you, unlike Mr. Z, have the courage to directly address whether you support the Democrats proposal to extend their plan to cover illegal aliens? It's a very simple question, why not stand proudly behind your belief that illegals are entitled to this benefit, if that is the case?" Jun 14, 17 2:54 PM

Grant Money Available In July For Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program

There's a good reason why the vaguely worded referendum on using CPF money for "water quality" projects was promoted by more flyers than all the other political mailers combined last November. All sent by groups hiding their backers.

From the beginning, the fact that people buying homes would be subsidizing this bonanza for Ballone and the septic system companies backing him, and the primary beneficiaries of wealthy waterfront homeowners receiving subsidized septic replacements was hidden from voters.

The people behind this should be ashamed of themselves, as should their knowing accomplices in the media, who had a strange lack of curiosity about the specifics of this program before the vote. A direct transfer of wealth from working people to the rich and connected. A conspiracy coordinated by people who believe they had the right to deceive in pursuit of their "enlightened environmental agenda". Disgusting." Jun 29, 17 11:44 PM

New York State Universal Health Care Bill Unlikely To Gain Support Needed Now, But Could In Future

And what of the women who worship Bill Clinton, a man who disgraced the oval office by having sex with a much younger subordinate employee within feet of where his wife and adolescent daughter slept? What of those, like you, who supported Bill Clinton unconditionally and mocked the women he assaulted by referring to them as "trailer trash"? Why are crude *comments* more offensive to you than actual sexual exploitation. Are you so enamored with left wing politicians you're willing to hand over your daughters to men like him? " Jun 29, 17 11:49 PM

Zeldin Still Pushing To Find Killers Of Hampton Bays Brothers

The fact is that Lee Zeldin was one of numerous Republicans who ensured billions of dollars were made available to veterans so they could seek care outside of the corrupt and inept Veterans Administration. Meanwhile. the chair of the Senate committee overseeing the VA while veterans literally died, Bernie Sanders, insisted, along with his fellow democrats that what vets really needed was for six figure bonuses and hundred of millions more in wasteful construction contracts to be handed out to their cronies." Jul 24, 17 9:38 AM

It's a good question, best posed to officer Mohammad Noor, who, oddly, is not the subject of violent street protests, looting, burned buildings, or death threats. " Jul 24, 17 9:41 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief Worries About Growing Presence Of MS-13 Gang

Interesting that you believe it's ok to decide who "belongs" here, when you think illegal aliens have every right to be here.

I'd suggest that since you don't think our democratically enacted immigration laws are valid and therefore you and your kind feel free to encourage the breaking of them, YOU don't belong here." Aug 9, 17 1:32 PM

Peaceful Protest Held In Bridgehampton A Day After Violence Erupts At 'Unite The Right' Rally In Virginia

Where did you get your history of Antifa from? Antifa was founded by German Socialists and Communists. They don't "fight for all", they fight for the dissolution of the United States and it's replacement with a communist dictatorship. Why do you think burning American Flags are a constant presences among Antifa, because they love the country?

"These groups, oftentimes launched from the aforementioned housing estates, were generally called “Antifaschistische Ausschüsse,” “Antifaschistische Kommittees,” or the now famous “Antifaschistische Aktion” – “Antifa” for short. They drew on the slogans and orientation of the prewar united front strategy, adopting the word “Antifa” from a last-ditch attempt to establish a cross-party alliance between Communist and Social Democratic workers in 1932. The alliance’s iconic logo, devised by Association of Revolutionary Visual Artists members Max Keilson and Max Gebhard, has been since become one of the Left’s most well-known symbols."" Aug 14, 17 4:04 PM

He said nothing about the south. He asked if the polls were conducted by the same people predicting the landslide, historic victory of Hillary Clinton for nearly 2 years." Aug 14, 17 4:05 PM

Longtime FBI Officer Will Serve As Southampton Town's New Public Safety Director

Other reports of this have indicated the various illegal alien advocacy groups are seeking assurances enforcement will not affect illegals, and if it does, asserting the town has an obligation to house our undocumented guests elsewhere." Aug 16, 17 12:03 PM

East Hampton Democratic Hopefuls Offer Their Views At Forum

The East Hampton Democrats want to strengthen the "political voice" of illegal aliens. They want the citizens of foreign nations, who are here illegally, to have the same power as citizens.

Sounds like treason to me." Aug 29, 17 3:11 PM

When they refer to the strengthening the political voice of "latino immigrants" in an environment where immigration laws are once again being enforced, they are not referring to citizens, who are not subject to immigration controls.

As for the rest of your sentiment, you clearly believe illegal aliens and legal immigrants are the same. Apparently you have no use for our immigration laws and believe they must be ignored. Are you advocating for open borders? Does the US not have a right to determine it's own immigration policy, or must it accept everyone who can physically get across the border?" Aug 29, 17 3:43 PM

DACA Recipients Fear For Their Futures

So I guess the 800,000 "Dreamers" are doing jobs Americans, particularly black Americans suffering from the highest rate of unemployment, won't do, right?

It's both amusing and sickening to see the left partner with the businesses clamoring for more illegal immigrants so they can drive down wages of legal residents, with the Catholic Church looking to fill it's pews and collection plates, and of course, with the Democrat party elites who've given up trying to sell their agenda to Americans and prefer to import new voters instead.
" Sep 13, 17 9:47 AM

June Bug has succinctly laid out what most leftists believe, but she, like most, are too cowardly to take it to it's logical conclusion. The USA is an illegitimate country, founded by people who "stole" it from Native Americans, and therefore does not have the right to control it's own borders. And if you don't agree that illegal aliens have the right to come and stay here, you are not a Christian and definitely a racist." Sep 13, 17 3:10 PM

Princess Diner Workers Were Sexually Harassed, Threatened With Deportation, Advocacy Group Says

Yet another example of the terrible effects of illegal immigration and the low life employers who act as magnets for illegals by unlawfully employing them.

If the allegations are true, then the employers should have the book thrown at them.

And once that's done, can we hold the illegal aliens responsible for THEIR law breaking as well, or is accountability to the law only reserved for legal residents and citizens?" Sep 22, 17 4:37 PM

I challenge you to quote what exactly you are calling "hate". All I see is a desire to see our immigration laws enforced.

Is this a sovereign nation entitled to control it's borders or not? " Sep 22, 17 8:30 PM

Hot Temps Lead To Slow Times In 11th Annual Hamptons Marathon

Air conditioning is cheaper than a double knee replacement. " Sep 25, 17 4:26 PM

Southampton Town Police Search For Man Who Exposed Himself, Performed Lewd Acts In Hampton Bays

You have the wrong suspect. The most critical element in this crime would not have been visible from any distance." Oct 2, 17 12:51 PM

Kate Browning Running Against Lee Zeldin For Congressional Seat In 2018

A full throated socialist (that is what the deceptive moniker "Working Families" is meant to deflect from) who believes redistribution is the only path to prosperity, not productive businesses and employment." Oct 12, 17 1:31 PM

East Hampton Man Who Wants To Challenge Zeldin Says He Has Raised More Than $400K

Yes! Gershon, a NYC financeer, along with his attorney/campaign manager who has a strong record of advocacy for illegal aliens would be a great challenger to Lee Zeldin! LOL!

" Oct 12, 17 1:36 PM

UPDATE: Victim's Family Members Speak Before Sean Ludwick's Sentencing Of Three To Nine Years For 2015 Fatal Accident In Sag Harbor

There is no jail in Riverhead. You mean Riverside, Town of Southampton." Oct 19, 17 2:49 PM

East Hampton 2020 Renewables Goal Is Lost, Town Officials Acknowledge

"Just proves that a lot of people out here will believe just about anything politicians tell them."

That would be the genius above, who probably doesn't punctuate or capitalize because someone (He, She, Xe?) told them it was good for the environment" Nov 6, 17 4:33 PM

Alec Baldwin Decides To Not Donate To Sag Harbor Cinema, Representative Says

LOL, "Hateful rhetoric", as if you weren't drenched in hatred for anyone who doesn't align with your left wing views.

Funny how so many hard leftists think a company founder shouldn't make more than the janitor in the name of equity, but if one's an actor, well, that lofty position is beyond any discussion of undeserved rewards.

Mindless, shallow celebrity worship is a hallmark of shallow, mindless people like you." Nov 15, 17 4:37 PM

Oh come on, "jealous" from someone who demands income redistribution. I guess in June's version of a utopia we'll all be equal, except for actors (and leftist politicians ala Venezuela), who'll be exponentially "more equal" than the unwashed masses." Nov 15, 17 4:40 PM

Southampton Town Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

"What is the percentage of women vs men on the force? "

What should it be?" Nov 22, 17 3:02 PM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

Wow! Extinguish that burning American Flag! Suddenly the hard left has discovered it's patriotism! The Russians are the enemy again (she loved them when the USSR was threatening to annihilate us). Suddenly, June Bug feels the need to defend a country she's said was illegitimate from its founding, stolen from "brown people", and therefore has no right to control it's borders. She's defending a nation she has charachterised as the primary source of evil, violence, racism, sexism, pollution and injustice in the world.

Well, look at it this way, newly minted Patriot, if Russian nukes ever head this way, there's a good chance the fissile material on it's tip was provisioned by your fellow Patriot, Hillary Clinton, whose family foundation received tens of millions of dollars from Russian sources.

" Dec 19, 17 9:17 PM

LOL you and your kind would have been happy to see a rapist and his enabler waltz right back into the White House.

Bill Clinton BEAT and RAPED women, and you take the position that "she should have left him". That's your bold defense of women huh? Pathetic.
" Dec 19, 17 9:21 PM

Class? You wanted a rapist and his enabler back in the White House. You said the women beaten, brutalized, and raped by Bill Clinton should "go back to their trailer parks". You laughed at the liberal comedians who told jokes about their suffering and how "lucky" they were to be assaulted by such a lion of the left.

Was the way you and your kind treated those victims an example of your superior moral position?
" Dec 25, 17 4:58 PM

South Fork Homeowners Prepay 2018 Property Taxes In Large Numbers To Avoid New Deduction Cap

Astonishing how many enlightened, sensitive 'progressives' here are raging against a small percentage of wealthy taxpayers paying a little bit more, while the bottom 85% of working class taxpaying families will see a cut.

With the standard exemption doubling and marginal rates going down, the overwhelming majority of people paying more are wealthy, in income, in property holdings, or typically both.

Consider that renters are usually less well off then their homeowning counterparts, yet at equal levels of income pay significantly higher taxes because they have no property taxes or mortgage interest to deduct. The doubling of the standard deduction is a huge boost to this marginalized group of taxpayers." Dec 29, 17 11:28 AM

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