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South Fork Homeowners Prepay 2018 Property Taxes In Large Numbers To Avoid New Deduction Cap

Astonishing how many enlightened, sensitive 'progressives' here are raging against a small percentage of wealthy taxpayers paying a little bit more, while the bottom 85% of working class taxpaying families will see a cut.

With the standard exemption doubling and marginal rates going down, the overwhelming majority of people paying more are wealthy, in income, in property holdings, or typically both.

Consider that renters are usually less well off then their homeowning counterparts, yet at equal levels of income pay significantly higher taxes because they have no property taxes or mortgage interest to deduct. The doubling of the standard deduction is a huge boost to this marginalized group of taxpayers." Dec 29, 17 11:28 AM

Many Merchants Taken By Surprise By New Fee For Disposable Bags

Well, to encourage to poor to use less. This is a regressive tax, after all. " Jan 11, 18 2:00 PM

Suffolk County, Southampton Town Officials Break Ground On Speonk Commons Affordable Housing Project Tuesday

It's disingenuous to reference workforce and workers in regards to this housing project. You can not discriminate against a tenant based on any lawful form of income." Jan 16, 18 10:24 PM

Women Will March In Sag Harbor On Saturday

Female Democrats march in support standard leftist causes - pro-illegal alien, black lives matter, etc. Supportive liberal media attempts to paint this small group as representing a majority of women.

Yeah, that's right out of the left's playbook." Jan 17, 18 9:55 AM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

I love how a leftist who believes this country was stolen and illegitimate from it's founding use terms like "American Values" and "Patriotic" as snarky punchlines.

We have immigration laws, democratically debated and passed by our democratically elected representatives. We have an executive branch that is obliged to enforce and uphold the will of the people.

We generously allow over a million people a year to legally immigrate to the US.

You and your fellow traitors celebrate the wholesale violation of our laws and borders." Jan 17, 18 11:46 AM

Thiele Proposes New Real Estate Transfer Tax To Aid First-Time Homebuyers

Nothing notable here. Most of what June Bug posts is as credible as this tweet. Had it not been pointed out by others, the dishonest filth would have been happy to let it remain. By any means necessary is June's motto." Feb 7, 18 3:37 PM

Six Democrats Campaign For Chance To Challenge U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin In November

So diminishing our military, at a time when Russia and China are building theirs, is the key to peace? How is the President "going after" Social Security or Medicare? You have no evidence of that whatsoever. Just trying to strike fear into the ignorant. Typical Democrat." Feb 22, 18 4:08 PM

What exactly would legal gun ownership look like if you could snap your fingers, bypass the constitution altogether, and enact whatever you like. Just a ban on those scary AR-15's? No, all semi-automatic firearms? Anything that can hold more than one round without reloading? Can Democrats truly be honest about how they'd like to see current 2nd Amendment rights curtailed without risking losing elections? The people are most certainly NOT with you on this issue. It's why the Democrats didn't bother enacting more restrictions when they had the chance. And please, just a substantive response, no personal attacks to distract from desire to avoid the question." Feb 22, 18 4:14 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

It's really quite simple. HighHatSize and his ilk believe this is an illegitimate nation from it's founding. The country was stolen from it's rightful owners, and illegal immigration represents a form of justice. The costs to local communities in the form of higher taxes, crime, a lower quality of life, even their lives at the hands of illegal alien criminals is a form of righteous retribution. They view people of European descent as colonizers who should be, one way or the other, diminished, and if possible purged from the continent they stole. Though they are too clever or cowardly to clearly state the reason for their support of illegal immigration, because they understand that incremental moves until it's too late to change it the best way to achieve the transformation of the country into a socialist paradise, like Venezuela." Mar 13, 18 4:42 PM

UPDATE: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Directs Flags To Half-Staff In Memory Of Four 106th Members Killed In Helicopter Crash

Our military volunteers take an oath to serve their country, and follow the orders of civilian leadership. They don't choose to deploy anywhere. You obviously hold military service in contempt." Mar 17, 18 6:50 PM

Obama ran his election campaign with the clear, unambiguous promise of withdrawing from Iraq. Period. Obama then, to the cheers of his supporters like you, said his "promise was kept". Do you understand? He took credit for withdrawing the our troops from Iraq, which was another in a long line of bald faced lies. And suddenly you oppose the Russians? It's funny, you and your fellow leftists loved the Soviets when they were promising to annihilate our nation. Nuclear War? Do you recall the message Obama got caught sending Putin prior to the 2011 elections? You know, the one about crippling out Nuclear defenses after the election when he'd have "more flexibility"? No? Look it up and stop being an ignorant Obama sycophant. " Mar 21, 18 12:50 PM

In 2011 Obama presided over a ceremony in which he boasted that the "last 500 troops" were withdrawn from Iraq. Shortly thereafter he began quietly sending troops back to Iraq to counter the growth of ISIS that filled the power vacuum left by Obama's hasty, telegraphed withdrawal. By 2014 as Iraqi city after city fell to ISIS he was sending troops back in increments of 1000+. By the time Obama left office, there were over 5000 being regularly rotated in and out. Deployment overlap was used as a sort of "accounting trick" to hide the fact that there were actually upwards of 10,000 troops in Iraq at any given time. I guess what Obama meant was that he would withdraw "100%" of our troops, then start sending them back in, huh?" Mar 21, 18 1:42 PM

UPDATE: East Quogue $8.4 Million Bond Vote Passes Wednesday

You're wrong. Most "mass shootings", defined now as two or more people shot in an incident, happen in urban areas. Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles. " Mar 23, 18 4:29 PM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

This is a news site, not a book of condolences. " Apr 5, 18 11:46 AM

Right, I clearly have no sympathy or compassion for human life, because I think it's better to have an environment of open dialogue.

Meanwhile, a compassionate, sympathetic person like you believes it's better to muzzle large numbers of people so you won't run the risk of being exposed to something you find offensive.
" Apr 5, 18 12:56 PM

Outpouring Of Support For East Hampton Sommelier Detained By ICE

You prefer to say "misdemeanor" because saying you support an unlicensed, uninsured, illegal alien drunk driver who fled the scene of an accident reveals just how much contempt you have for this country and it's laws. Why do you think the United States doesn't have the right to deport illegal aliens? Do you believe the country was stolen from them, and therefore they have every right to be here? What lies at the heart of you treason and contempt for our sovereignty?
" Apr 18, 18 9:03 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Man Issued Six-Count Indictment From Stalking Incident At High School

FACT: Concealed carry permit holder commit crime at rates significantly less than the general population. Concealed carry permit holder commit crime at a lower rate than even police officers.

You are part of the movement that ultimately seeks to strip citizens of their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. Incrementally, step by step, until the right is extinguished. You think you're trading a fundamental liberty in exchange for safety, it will not.
" Apr 19, 18 10:50 AM

New Security Measures Added To Southampton Town Hall This Week

LOL, no. It would highlight the invasion of privacy citizens will be forced to endure while "undocumented" cheap labor gets through with a nod and wink." Apr 30, 18 8:24 PM

Fear, Anger Grow In Wake Of More ICE Detentions

It's time for the leftist posters here to step up and demand the dissolution of this country's borders.

You don't believe this nation has the right to control who enters, immigration laws and enforcement = racism, speaking out about our laws being broken = hate speech, and illegal aliens = more worthy than American citizens.

Explain yourselves. Why do illegal aliens have the right to throw their fists in the air and enter by force? Does the country belong to them? Was it 'stolen' from them and they are taking it back? Does every person in a poor nation have the right to enter and stay in the United States? Hundreds of millions?" May 1, 18 1:25 PM

Sources: Police Seized Vehicle On Shinnecock Reservation In Connection With Probe Of Fatality

Because cheap landscaping is more important than the lives of citizens." May 4, 18 10:40 AM

Community To Remember Lives Touched By Opioid Crisis At Vigil In Hampton Bays On Saturday

Thoughts and prayers won't save a single life. Regain control over our borders and all ports of entry, stop allowing liberals to coddle "non-violent" heroin dealers. 2nd offense should be life without parole for these death dealers.

Either that or light a few hundred more candles and hope for the best." May 8, 18 8:18 AM

East Hampton Sommelier Released From ICE Custody After Posting Bond

He's working illegally, so is he paying taxes? Under who's social security number?

Why isn't the employer being prosecuted?

Most countries would deport a legal alien for getting a DWI, and we're arguing about whether it's acceptable to deport an illegal alien who compounded his law breaking by driving drunk?
" May 12, 18 1:43 PM

Do you employ illegals? Just wondering what's behind your belief that this country has no right to control it's borders or enforce it's democratically enacted immigration laws. You must hold this country in tremendous contempt to belief we have no right to deport a drunk driving illegal alien. " May 12, 18 1:45 PM

Bearing Witness: Southampton Residents Visit Concentration Camps As Part Of 'March Of The Living' Tour

That's exactly right. As soon as Poland expressed resistance to allowing mass migration from the Middle East, this "Polish responsibility" movement became very vocal.

Basically, any resistance to leftist policies in Europe results in accusations of being a Nazi. Little different here really.

I wonder, who's responsible for the 50 years of Socialist terror, oppression, misery, starvation, and death in Central and Eastern Europe?
" May 21, 18 9:06 AM

"Why do you hate free speech".

You are pure evil. Donning the cloak of a fundamental element of Democracy, free speech, yet you've openly advocated for the banning of so-called "hate speech". The only speech you want protected is that which you agree with. You, like leftists around the world, would gladly have people thrown in prison for speech you disapprove of." May 21, 18 9:09 AM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Discusses Combating MS-13 Gang At Roundtable With President Trump In Bethpage On Wednesday

It's not the president Fore1gnBorn hates. It's you, it's me. It's this country from it's founding except for the brief interlude of the Obama administration, when watching the president bow and grovel, apologize and graciously acknowledge that it was time for an oversized America to be cut down to size, to get the black eye it deserves which warmed Fore1gnBorn's heart. The current population is too reluctant to fully embrace the Socialist Way, ala Venezuela. By importing masses of uneducated, unskilled, poverty stricken people who will be heavily dependent on public largess, the party of welfare will finally achieve one party permanent rule. " May 24, 18 12:29 PM

Actually, what's truly disgusting is that June Bug believes this country does not have the right to control it's borders or enforce it's democratically enacted immigration laws. Jun Bug stokes hatred against our laws and the people who put those laws into place via the democratic process. She hates our immigration enforcement officers, and equates them to the murderous Nazi SS. She gladly does the bidding of the wealthy who enjoy cheap personal services, and the corrupt businesses who hire illegals, driving down opportunity and wages for the most vulnerable, least educated people in our country.

She believes Americans who don't agree with her desire for open borders should have their right to participate in democracy nullified, by simply ignoring our immigration laws. She believes this not out of compassion, for she has no compassion for those hurt by illegals, the communities that bear the financial and social costs, she believes this is the path of permanent left wing power. To literally overrun the country with desperately poor people who'll be very receptive to the message of the Party of Welfare, as we've seen over and over in the leftist Latin America. America isn't a legitimate nation to people like her. "American Sovereignty" is hate speech to people like her who believe this country is illegitimate, and has no right to deny anyone entry. And if a few people get slowly dismembered alive, as a few "border children" take turns with the machete to make payment on the 4 murders each MS member owes the gang, well, that's worth the price in exchange for keeping cheap housekeepers in multi-million dollar homes, a $5 savings on a $300 meal, and of course, their future votes." May 24, 18 12:47 PM

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