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Homeowners want DEC to expedite remediation of Speonk plume

So, the earlier plume was discovered in the mid-1980's and the DEC has, with its typical alacrity, taken only 25 years to commence the clean-up. That must be some kind of speed record for the DEc That means this one, discovered in 2001, should have its clean-up commenced around 2026. I guess we all can wait to te see if we have and three-legged children, or whether there ARE fumes that are being inhaled. I am sure, as well, that if and when the responsible party is revealed by the DEC that there will be no litigation by the alleged culprit claiming his or its innocence.

The fact that it is a Superfund site does not mean that you can not begin remediation. It only means that New York State can not count on federal reimbursement for the portion of the remediation costs expended before the EPA approves the funding (if at all) after you follow its procedures. Even after compliance, the EPA might not approve the costs (or the magnitude of them) or the method of remediation.

Must we wait this long?

The fact that it is a federal" Sep 23, 09 2:01 PM

East End transportation study will cost millions less than originally expected

Would this supplement the Hamptons Subway? Was Commissioner Aspinall consulted?" Sep 25, 09 12:05 PM

Group for Good Government meeting set

I am starting the opposing group, The Group for Bad Government. Based on who are our current elected officials, I suspect that my group will draw more people and will have a panoply of speakers from which to chose." Sep 25, 09 12:14 PM

Suffolk County is considering other locations for sex offender trailers

Qaddafi's tent on The Donald's Bedford property would be appropriate. Let them follow the Bedouin from country to country spreading cheer to all of the Arab world which supports the Libyan terrorist's goals of wiping out all Christians and Jews.

It is these sex offenders who do not deserve a homeland." Sep 25, 09 12:22 PM

Southampton considering new graveyard protection laws

So, now there are 52 states?" Nov 6, 09 2:22 PM

Shinnecock Indian Nation wins preliminary federal recognition

Yes, they have cigarette "shacks." Have you seen their pitiful homes? Because NYS has recognized them as a tribe, but the federal government had not, they could not obtain mortgage financing to build residential or commercial structures since no lender could foreclose on reservation property in the event of a default. They do not qualify for education or health care assistance programs because of being in this limbo. While a casino might be a goal of the tribe, it is not the only one. It is simply the one that engenders fear in the hearts of the ignorant, so, it is in the forefront.
As an aside, more than 800 tribal members live on the reservation as their primary residence. Surely, they deserve to live in conditions better than the current squalor. If it takes a casino to accomplish that, so be it.
Congratulations to the Human Beings!" Dec 16, 09 11:24 AM

Suffolk County Republicans are screening candidates early to prepare for Bishop race

It's not about not being compassionate. They are illegal, but they are human. Don't punish them, just send them back from whence they came. Or, let them stay here. The point is that if people who simply want to better their position in life can get past customs, so can terrorists. The borders must be secured and the law enforced to prevent that. If other inocuous people are also stopped from entering illegally in the process, so be it." Jan 19, 10 3:47 PM

Stony Brook Southampton names new community relations chief

What is wrong with this picture? Since when has being qualified and highly experienced meant anything in Southampton? Perhaps the politicians will take heed. Nah; nobody so highly qualified would be so insane as to run for public office! The pity is that Ms. Scopaz will have to interface with the human detritis that is chronically political. I wish her luck - she'll need it" Jan 19, 10 5:48 PM

Proposal for a new 7-Eleven on County Road 39

It would make a great sex-offender shelter - they already have the beds." Feb 26, 10 12:05 PM

Stanner - those are all of the things needed to keep the sex-offenders occupied when they are not bedded down at Sleepy's. Those uses also would provide jobs for them and allow them to hone their skills. And, the lights will remind us where they are. The only thing you left out is a drug store. And relocating Town Hall there." Feb 26, 10 4:25 PM

Cops: East Quogue Pair Nabbed For Stealing 30 Candy Bars

The diversionary tactics employed by Samantha were recognized as those used in the typical Shell game." Aug 9, 12 3:11 PM