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Southampton Town Comptroller Could Leave For Brookhaven Post

The idea that the appointments were only upheld for a week bc Scalera wanted to meet with her (and the Town Attorney I believe) hardly seems genuine. Mrs. Scalera was certified as the winner of a Town Board seat in early November. If she wanted to meet with people to ascertain if she would vote to retain them, why did she wait two months to do so? " Jan 18, 12 2:56 PM

State Police: Wrong-Way Driver Was Intoxicated

What he did was horrible and resulted in great tragedy. But the man still has family who loved him. there is no silver lining to be found here. " Jan 20, 12 9:25 AM

Eruv Application Is Filed With Quogue Village

thats my confusion as well. If its an invisble boundary of sorts, why cant the congregation (?) simply decide amongst themselves where it is. Why the need to apply for permits? " Jan 24, 12 12:44 PM

I still dont understand why they cant just say, the boundary is this post, to that post, etc.

Why do they need muncipal permits to declare it themselves?

Is is that the posts themselves need to be marked with something?

I have no dog in this fight, just curious. " Jan 25, 12 12:16 PM

East Hampton Town Board Members Divided On Future of Scavenger Waste Plant

Very encouraging to see Stanzione start to act independently. " Feb 15, 12 11:04 AM

Residents Turn Out To Protest Overcrowding In Springs

And I'm assuming that no other crimes (or alleged crimes) worthy of mention happened in that time, right? All the while folk around were duly obeying the laws, right? " Mar 7, 12 1:40 PM

*white " Mar 7, 12 2:19 PM

people of all walks of life commit crimes. I assume you are just as steadfast in keeping people aware of any perceived dangers, and not just those alleged to have been comitted by hispanics. I am probably wrong in this assumption however. " Mar 8, 12 10:16 AM

Osborn Resigns Wainscott School Post After Residency Revelation

that comment literally makes no sense. local school boards have no ability to make decisions about immigration status. its a pretty simple concept. and bigger class sizes and federal money? doesnt wainscott have like 20 kids in the whole school? " Mar 14, 12 12:13 PM

that comment literally makes no sense. local school boards have no ability to make decisions about immigration status. its a pretty simple concept. and bigger class sizes and federal money? doesnt wainscott have like 20 kids in the whole school? " Mar 14, 12 12:13 PM

Southampton Town Reaches $70K Settlement In Wrongful-Death Suit

sorry, but they knew he harmed himself, and failed to take him to the hospital.

whether he is a criminal or not, they had an obligation to seek medical attention as far as im concerned. " May 14, 12 1:14 PM

protect and serve, doesnt mean protect and serve (those who we like or feel like protecting and serving).

They watched this guy harm himself and failed to act. Whether he deserved what he got (and he probably did) is irrelevant. " May 15, 12 3:31 PM

dont be ridiculous. of course they shouldnt follow everyone around, BUT, if they are standing there and watching you harm yourself in whetever fashion, then yes, they have an obligation to act.

Like it or not.

God forbid if you got into an accident, or needed police assitance for whatever reason, would you want them making a moral judgment about you prior to deciding whether they want to protect and serve you? " May 18, 12 10:56 AM

Plans For Septic Upgrade At Three Mile Harbor Mobile Home Park Put On Hold

The Town is responsible bc the Town owns the underlying property, so the Town is the Landlord. If i recall, they properties are occuped by 99 yr leases, or something to that extent. " Jun 15, 12 3:05 PM

DePersia Pleads Guilty To Probation Violation; Sentenced To DWI Alternative Facility

i am by no means on her side, but i dont think you can call 4 months in jail "getting out of anything"" Jun 26, 12 4:39 PM

Large Sand Shark Netted At Amagansett Beach

what a tough guy, anonymously insulting people in a comment section. " Jul 23, 12 8:58 AM

Company Proposes Wind Turbine Farm Offshore From Montauk

certaily sounds interesting and worth exploring further " Jul 26, 12 9:00 AM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

it may not be the only reason, but an obstructionist congress certainly doesnt help" Jul 31, 12 4:30 PM

are you going to pretend that democrats are the only ones with high priced fundraisers?

i dont like them either, but al least be honest. " Jul 31, 12 4:32 PM

Thiele Joins Effort To Close Hampton Bays Nightclub

i dont know much about this clab, or the entire situation, but i dont think it is proper for an elected official to advocate the closing of a business owned by one of their constituents. it seems not right to me. " Aug 3, 12 9:01 AM

I can understand that, but to me it just seems inappropriate for an elected official to get involved in such a way. " Aug 3, 12 11:47 AM

Seaplane's Montauk Stop Makes A Splash, And Waves

Fort Pond is a small, enclosed, and non-tidal waterway, and is a puddle compared to Fort Pond Bay.

I have been at Navy Road numerous times when the planes come in. Its definitely a fun site to see, but sometimes it does look a little dicey.At some point though you have to assume that although the hipsters getting off the planes may be idiots, that the pilot is not." Aug 9, 12 10:24 AM

One Arrested After Man Mugged Outside Blue Collar Bar

what does that mean? " Sep 13, 12 1:42 PM

its hardly that simple. " Sep 13, 12 3:22 PM

Brother Of Suspected Water Mill Hit-And-Run Driver Arrested

i agree that it is an issue that needs to be addressed, but please stop with your overly simplistic view of the world. Contrary to what you want to believe, undocumented workers are not the be all, end all of your problems in life.

Also, this summer alone there were approx 7 fatal accidents on the East End, and to my best recollection, none besides this one involved undocumented workers.
" Sep 19, 12 1:44 PM

This is America, remember. Read your bumper sticker moron, I'm sure it says "love it, or leave it." Well, part of loving it means adhering to our rules of law and the rights afforded to citizens. That means you cant arrest Zaro simply because you want to, or simply because you think he might have hired this guy illegally,

Nevertheless, in response to the post of "steve457"', the fact remains that his remark was irignorant and overly simplistic. Illegals, or whatever you want to anonymously call them on a message board, had no role in the numerous other fatal accidents that occured. Therefore, not hiring them does not make the "problem go away." " Sep 19, 12 2:30 PM

actually, nothing in my post shows that i either support or dont support undocumented workers.

" Sep 20, 12 9:03 AM

so its his fault you hired him? " Sep 20, 12 9:05 AM

ZBA Approves Front-Yard Pool In Bridgehampton

It has nothing to do with the zoning laws, in the US it is vey rare for attorneys fees to be awarded in any type of litigation. Generally they are only awarded when specifically authorized by statute. " Sep 22, 12 10:37 PM

Three Accused Of Running Brothel In Flanders

Prostitution is the world's oldest profession. Not sure changing who mows your lawn will change that.

Your overly simplistic view of the world is embarrassing. " Sep 25, 12 10:22 AM

Charge Against Driver In Fatal East Hampton Accident To Be Dropped

wow. murder? my understanding is that the facts show he was not drunk, not on drugs and not on the phone. and based on this, you think its fair to make an assumption that he murdered someone? " Sep 27, 12 2:38 PM

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