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U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For State Department Spokesman John Kirby To Step Down

Perhaps people should also look up Miko Peled, grandson of one of the signers of Israel’s Declaration of Independence and son of a prominent Israeli general. His book, The General’s Son, fully exposes the zionists ongoing genocide and methodical ethnic cleansing, all with the full support of US politicians." Oct 17, 15 3:11 PM

No Kids Allowed? In Housing, Limits Have Limits

Maybe half? OK, not really that low but probably quite a bit less. First of all we wouldn't have the huge number of illegals dumping kids into the school system at $30K a year. Get rid of all those kids and school construction costs drop significantly. Get rid of the excessive cost of living brought to us by wall street and school costs go down even more. Need I go on?" Oct 17, 15 3:45 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For State Department Spokesman John Kirby To Step Down

Nice try. While there was a lot of Jewish immigration into Palestine prior to 1940, which is part of what the Mufti spoke of, the massive illegal migration by Jews didn't happen till the early '40s. It should also be noted that the Palestinians did not have control of their lands at the time as they were under British control. The British, after dealing with Arab uprising against their control and after failing to control the illegal immigration, threw up there hands and dumped the whole thing on the UN. In their brilliance, the UN decided on a plan to take land and create what has become Israel. It should be noted this was completely a plan of the West without support in the region affected. And that is where the genocide and ethnic cleansing begin, a decade after the testimony you refer to." Oct 18, 15 8:41 PM

Governor Cuomo Signs Bill That Gives Tax Break To East Quogue Residents

We have the highest electricity rates in the US because of LILCo's pursuit of a nuclear power plant, Reagan's NRC and the loading of fuel into a plant that any intelligent person new was never going online.. Cuomo had little to do with it. It might be good if our electric rates were itemized in such a way that we could all see how the money going to the utilities are actually being spent. " Oct 28, 15 9:34 PM

Looming Roger Waters Concert Draws Ire From Jewish Residents, Threaten To Picket

Biba - Using speeches from 80 years ago to justify Israel's ongoing ethnic cleansing and genocide is beyond ridiculous. Genocide was wrong when the Nazi's did it and it's wrong now that Israel is doing it with the full backing of US politicians like Lee Zeldin. Wrong then, wrong now. There is nothing you can say, no 80 year old speech you can point to, no passage of written word. There is nothing that justifies ethnic cleansing and genocide. I thank Mr Waters for speaking out and the BDS movement for acting when our politicians have been purchased. If Jewish people don't want to see Roger Waters, thats great. More tickets for me." Oct 30, 15 2:04 PM

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin Calls For State Department Spokesman John Kirby To Step Down

The republicans should be thankful for the mediators questions. It gave them an opportunity for some of their best sound bites of the evening. This may have been one of the better debates as there were some actual moments of explanation of proposed policies. I was glad they got into their tax proposals and a discussion of what is wrong in Washington. What they didn't get into and what I would have liked to hear was how they thought they might be able to implement their ideas, especially since many of their tax proposals run against standing republican policy." Oct 30, 15 2:43 PM

UPDATE: Fence Installed At Historic Burying Ground Removed Over Weekend

Why a police report or letter? Just have a couple of town and/or village employees pull the stuff out and throw it on the neighbor's property. Then send them the labor bill. Whole thing could have been fixed in 4 hours." Oct 30, 15 6:09 PM

Looming Roger Waters Concert Draws Ire From Jewish Residents, Threaten To Picket

1. In your comment above in response to bigfresh and a number of times before you refer to statements made in 1937. OK, so it's actually only 77 years.
2. Mostly true. The nazis also encouraged Jews to leave Europe, many of whom went to the middle east. Genocide isn't just defined by murder. It also includes dehumanizing a people based on race or religion, corralling them in poverty, etc. Israel has been listed as a country at risk by Genocide Watch along with countries like Rwanda and China.
3. Of course Israel wants peace with it's neighbors. It just wants to continue on with it's genocide and ethnic cleansing and would very much like for everyone else to just shut up and ignore it. Do you think the nazis would have been happy to have the rest of the world ignore their genocide?
4. "the right of return" - Such hypocrisy. Do the Palestinians have the right to return to the homes the were forcibly removed from? Can they reclaim the land now under illegal Jewish settlements?
5. What do Israel's neighbors have to do with Israel's genocide and ethnic cleansing of it's internal population? Is this another of your justifications for Israel's treatment of the Palestinians?
6. Yes the population of Palestinians has grown but as a percentage of total population it has shrunk. Want some more statistics? Try these statistics from the last 15 years:
A. 133 Israeli children killed by Palestinians vs 2065 Palestinian children killed by Israelis
B. 1198 Israelis killed by Palestinians vs 9151 Palestinians killed by Israelis
C. 0 Jewish political prisoners held by Palestinians vs 5621 Palestinian political prisoners held by Israelis
D. 0 Jewish homes destroyed by Palestinians vs 28000 Palestinian homes destroyed by Israelis since 1967
E. 0 Number of illegal Palestinian settlements on confiscated Jewish land vs 261 illegal Jewish settlements on confiscated Palestinian land
Should I go on?
7. I'm equally disgusted by the genocide in Syria and Lebanon. The difference is the genocide there isn't done with the whole hearted support of the US government and my tax dollars.

" Oct 30, 15 8:55 PM

Woman Charged With Petit Larceny For Stealing Campaign Signs

Actually the article said that at some point in the past she had been a pole watcher. It does not say why she is no longer a pole watcher." Nov 6, 15 6:34 PM

Actually it has been a useful tool in Southampton. It would work even better if Southampton fully enforced it. Add in the recent SC Supreme Court ruling in which a tenant in a house without a valid rental permit is entitled to their rent back and you have some tools to control the plague of over crowded rentals." Nov 6, 15 6:43 PM

How Much Would Rental Registry Compliance Cost?

Without inspections the legislation is just another useless bureaucratic burden. Might as well scrap it and save the taxpayers some money." Nov 14, 15 4:15 PM

Protesters March In East Hampton Demanding End To Deer Sterilization Program

Simple solution to the deer problem...wolves!" Nov 15, 15 1:36 PM

East Hampton Homeowner, Others Face Charges Of Overcrowding And Illegal Bedroom Conversions

So let's see, Mr. Guerrero was caught doing this in 2006, paid a token fine and went on his merry way doing the same thing without scrutiny for 10 years. Perhaps he should be charged back taxes plus interest for all the additional resources his house consumed. " Nov 17, 15 6:37 PM

Parents Of Child Involved In Alleged Abuse At Day Care Center File Notice Of Claim Against Several Agencies

Ambulance chasers; can't live with em, can't shoot em.
" Nov 18, 15 6:04 PM

Southampton Town Board Split On Future Of Planned Development Districts

The PDD rules need to be changed so that after vetting by the town board they must be placed on a ballot during the next general election. Clearly the board has shown they can't be trusted with the authority to approve them on their own." Nov 18, 15 6:17 PM

East Hampton Rental Registry Debate Draws Large Crowd, Again

I believe Town Ordinance Officer Betts is on the record stating this proposed law, in it's current form will not help with illegal rentals. So basically this is just bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy." Nov 20, 15 7:50 PM

Fishing Boat Runs Ashore At Napeague State Park Saturday Night

The story as written, makes no sense. Did EHTP "rescue" the crew off the boat or did the crew run the boat ashore at Napeague? If the crew ran the boat ashore, then the EHTP did not rescue anyone. They stood by to render assistance (still a job well done)." Nov 29, 15 12:57 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

Not necessarily true. The rules are different for those who are politically connected. A little time in town hall collecting dirt and favors makes a lot go away. On the other hand I hope your right. Could be fun to watch." Nov 29, 15 1:07 PM

Southampton Village Residents Not Sold On Development Aspect Of Proposed Sewer District

I remember discussions of building the parking lot you describe 45 years ago." Dec 4, 15 6:58 PM

Zeldin Introduces Bill Aiming To Prevent Suspected Terrorists From Buying Guns And Explosives

The problem is it's a b**l sh*t bill, like everything else Zeldin does. If he really wanted to do something to protect the country he should have supported Peter King's bill which had some teeth. Instead he puts out a watered down, NRA friendly smoke screen and panders to the ignorant about what a great job he's doing. " Dec 12, 15 12:14 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Closes Out Six-Year Stint As Supervisor

And Bibi, in YOUR profoundly biased view, anyone that speaks the TRUTH about Israel is an anti-Semite ." Jan 5, 16 6:36 PM

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