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Hampton Bays Man Cuts Down Hundreds Of Beetle-Infested Trees

Sounds more like Southern Pine Beetle--a recent arrival on Long Island--than Black Turpentine Beetle to me.
BTB is a serious pest of imported Japanese black pines but does not usually kill native pitch pines on the scale described in this article. SPB, which was just IDd on Long Island last fall, does kill pitch pines, and Hampton Bays is unfortunately one of the epicenters of the outbreak.
SPB will NOT attack oaks or any other deciduous trees, however. I hope that Mr. Salvatore has consulted a professional arborist and if he does have SPB on such a large scale it needs to be reported to the DEC so neighboring properties can be monitored for problems." Aug 29, 15 12:32 PM

Jobs Lane Wall Project Slated To Begin In Late September

I hope no trees will be removed. The grounds of the Art Center are an Arboretum, containing a number of wonderful, unique specimen trees. Some have been lost to storms, etc., it would be a shame to lose more." Sep 5, 15 1:14 PM

Trapped Turkey Rescued By Westhampton Beach Fire Department At Bideawee

I'm wondering if this lucky turkey is actually under the care of Evelyn Alexander Wildlife rescue in Hampton Bays, because I believe the Quogue Wildlife REFUGE cares for injured animals that are permanently non-releasable.Two wonderful organizations but with very different missions.
And if the turkey's REALLY lucky, they'll hang on to him/her till the day AFTER Thanksgiving!" Apr 22, 16 8:39 AM

KKK Recruitment Fliers Found In Westhampton Beach And Quogue Villages

Let's all call the number on the flyer and tell them they are they are pretty damn lame, they are not welcome in our town, and if they insist on referring to African-Americans as "Negroes," they should learn how to spell the word...!" Jul 26, 16 8:38 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Highway Department Renourishes Beach During Storm

It's a tropical storm WATCH, not a warning. There is a difference. (Let's hope it doesn't change. As of 11 am Monday, Cape Cod is now under a warning.)" Sep 18, 17 11:05 AM