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2 Comments by michael sciulli

Oddone trial to start next Thursday

WOW A great man was killed by this kid and 2 kids lost there father and a great woman lost her husband and all the comments are about how his defense is being paid and the ruls at the bar. why dont everyone talk about the mindless loss on this family. my thoughts and prays are with all of you and i hope he is found guilty and goes to jail for a long long time. love all in las vegas." Sep 28, 09 5:58 AM

Oddone trial enters third week of testimony

well a few weeks into the testimony and i hope that our family is holding together. all of us in vegas are thinking and praying for you all. we cant wait to hear those wonderful words from the jury GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!
love lara and michael" Nov 9, 09 12:45 AM