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Work Begins On Canoe Place Inn Project In Hampton Bays

VOS - I have gone through ALL of the master plans and studies for HB - they are many disconnects and implementation for whatever pieces they implemented has been bastardized beyond the point of recolonization. I don't believe that this project "tears out the heart of soul" of HB. We can agree to disagree. " Dec 9, 18 10:50 AM

After Heated Debate, Southampton Town Board Again Tables Bel-Aire Cove Decision

The taxes on this property is approximately $18,000 and similar "boutique" motels and small condo complexes pay about the same. I say $3.50 per taxpayer per year (18,000 divided by 5,000 taxpayers) of potential lost taxes is money well spent to see this motel sold and demolished. There is no guarantee that the proposed project won't end up as emergency housing and/or affordable housing once it is owned by the Town and will end up costing the taxpayers much more than $3.50 per year. " Dec 17, 18 2:48 PM

The Town has represented for years that, since this is "pre-existing non-conforming" R-20 property that the courts don't uphold the "motel" use. I personally don't believe them. The Town Board just "settled" with Tiana Pines after 5 years and I believe 70 adjournments to allow the owners to convert to apartments. If they purchase this particular one with CPF, at least the costs for code enforcement, school enrollment , etc. will be eliminated. Not the ideal outcome, but better than what is there now. " Dec 17, 18 5:26 PM

I don't make some generalization - this is a single one-acre piece of property zoned mostly R-20. So there are three options (1) leave the substandard housing as is since the Town has demonstrated that they can't or won't do anything about it for at least 5 years; (2) Town buy it with Community Preservation monies and the community will know the outcome or (3) Jay's original proposal for the Town to buy it and "roll the dice" that the Town will actually pull off some condo development or "boutique" motel. I don't trust the Town to do (1) or (3) and frankly they wore me down with their incompetence. I just want this done." Dec 17, 18 6:25 PM

and to be clear as to the Board members' positions, Councilperson Scalera also stated that the Board's first course of action should have been/should be to enforce the laws. The proposal for CPF is in response to Supervisor Schneiderman's nebulous and unsubstantiated proposal to buy the property for "community development" that came out of left field in August." Dec 17, 18 6:53 PM

Exactly RR, Supervisor Schneiderman pulled the proposal for redevelopment out of the air in August and can't back it up. Councilperson Schiavonni and Bouvier seem to go along for the ride and could not back up why they believe it will be "successful" and a benefit to HB. I felt Councilperson Scalera's frustration with her other Board members. Personally, I find the proposal for redevelopment unfounded and borderline unethical. " Dec 18, 18 9:11 AM

and what about the rest of the Board members and alleged trusted advisers? What is the price for selling out? This Town Administration runs fast and loose - all fun and games until someone ends up hurt, sued or indicted. " Dec 18, 18 10:35 AM

Hampton Bays Water District Officials Speak Out Against SCWA Proposal To Manage Local Water

sgt202 - I suspect that you are correct about some town employees since there are school aides with college degrees making $20,000 with no pension, but then there are administrators making 10X - 15X as much with full benefits and pension. I suspect dfree is referring to those. "Back in the day and still in NYC, those with defined benefit plans" made less then private sector with no pension. Now on LI, that has shifted and causing the middle class (unless you work for the municipalities or schools) to leave LI. Those budgets/pensions are unsustainable. " Dec 24, 18 11:09 AM

Southampton Town Planning Board Searches For A Consultant On East Quogue Golf Proposal

It seems to me that the Hills project has highlighted a dysfunction government structure. We have 5 Town Board members voted "at large" - not representing any district appointing members to zoning and planning boards based on political alliance - not necessary knowledge of issues or hamlets. It seems to be that it is only a matter of time that this actual structure of the Town Government needs to be challenged in court. " Jan 2, 19 8:30 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman Sets Priorities For 2019

The Town Government systemically fails Hampton Bays. Supervisor Schneiderman keeps pushing "his" proposal for the Bel-aire cove like it is the panacea for Hampton Bays economy. They spent $4 million of CPF on the Sag Harbor Cinema and $10 million of CPF on an acre of land in Sag Harbor. The community is asking for the Bel-Aire property to be purchased with $ 1 million of funds, and he is digging in his heels against that. It seems to me, there is something more to this than he is saying. The Town has a budget of over $100 million dollars and all they need to do is take care of non-Village property and he makes it sound like fixing the Ponquogue Pavilion is some sort of "gift" There is such a disconnect between the administration and the needs of Hampton Bays." Jan 3, 19 8:07 AM

Geroge, and as I said before, the taxpayers of Hampton Bays should not have to incorporate just to get service from the Town. Maybe the Town Administration needs to "man up" (or "woman up") and actually provide services with their $102 million dollar budget. Maybe the Supervisor is too preoccupied with other things to run the administration in an effective way." Jan 3, 19 4:28 PM

It is ironic to me that the hotel that is owned by the Supervisor and others in Montauk are not used as full time residences (since I FOILED the school district records last year), but yet in the Town in which he is the Supervisor this illegal use is tolerated. Double standard?" Jan 3, 19 10:48 PM

Residents Press Southampton Town Board Members To Purchase Bel-Aire Cove Motel With CPF Revenue

I think there is a misunderstanding here. There are two separate proposals - one to purchase with CPF and leave the land vacant and one to purchase with Town funds to redevelop into some fathom plan that Jay has in head. There is really no support from the community or the law and the facts to support the the purchase for redevelopment, but Jay keeps digging in his heels and 3 or the 4 Board members are going along for the ride. . The Governor vetoed the Bill for the Town to form a Community Development Agency two years in a row and that is still not stopping them. Something is amiss here." Jan 10, 19 5:04 PM

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