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Club members offer $1 million for Oddone bail; trial nears start

This jerks attorney looks very unhappy..but then I guess she doesn't have a whole lot to smile about, seeing this pond scum's defense is so flimsy...And ya know..my heart just bleeeeds for her; having to travel so far to speak with her client...(boo hoo)...cry me a river! Like she wasn't aware of this when she took him on as her client...C'mon..gimme a break! Sounds like this Judge is wise to their ploys and lame excuses-- But c'mon Lady...give us a smile! At least ACT like you've got a shred of happiness somewhere in that hard heart.

Stacey, you hang in there...there's more people than just the Hamptons pullin' for you and the little ones...We love you in California darlin'." Sep 30, 09 10:46 PM