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Leogrande Is A Stalwart In Westhampton Beach School Community

The whole community has benefited because of Scotts dedication, the students patients, parents, and friends. Thank you Scott 16 years of being a patient, friend, and a member of the village. Chip" Dec 10, 14 7:57 AM

Residents Warn Southampton Town Board To Run From 'The Hills'

its very simple these property owners have rights to!

1. the preservation fund or any other government agencies isn't buying this property there hands are tied as discussed by the town board.
2. The Westhampton school district is the district for the east Quogue students at a cost of roughly $15,000. per student per year totaling north of $4 million this year
3. if homes are built without the golf course the sale price of the homes will not be as high and the taxes will be lower and the school expense could potentially rise.
4. if the hills project is built with the highest levels of protection for the environment as proposed and similar to a 55 and over community with minimum to no impact on the school from additional year round children the higher sale prices will generate more tax revenue for the preservation fund to acquire east Quogue properties for preservation as well as benefitting the east Quogue families helping to alleviate some of the growing tax bill burden.

I was very involved in passing the $37 million bond for the Westhampton school district knowing the majority of my children's friends where from east Quogue and we needed to update the schools and facilities for future generations.

Lawrence Chip Porter" May 7, 15 7:36 PM

Westhampton Beach's Oneck Estate Demolished

floods a little?" Mar 13, 19 5:15 PM

East End Environmental Groups Call On Pine Barrens Commission To Review East Quogue Golf Course Proposal

I have watched/listened to Dick Amper for as long as i can remember most speeches/comments are questionable. This property was on the masterplan having a golf course in the zoning for a very long time. Discovery Land Company will be a great steward of the land. Ask Questions and Listen to the voting/year round village residents, board members of Westhampton Beach. Go look at the dune deck DLC project. It's a win win for the west end of the town don't let hired guns speak for your town. the town has the ability to oversee and enforce for the protection of the environment present and future as well the communities. Chip" Mar 19, 19 5:31 PM

I have lived and worked in the town of southampton for over 30 years and a past member of many organizations in the community! All of the good will that was offered by DLC is off the table at the expense of our children fireman residents and the list goes on and on because of small minded politicians. The board members who stopped this for payback to up island leadership will forever be remembered. No other entity was or is offering to reduce existing contamination this was a win win for anybody using the water coming out of the contaminated existing wells.The funding of cesspool replacement of waterfront homes in the community would've helped shinnecock bay weesuck and the list goes on and on. the proposed clearing building and preserving was very respectful of zoning. The homes will be built! i have no financial gain for the purchase of the 600 acres and discovery uses in house sales for residents and membership. the amount of business this will bring from owners of these homes into the surrounding communities as well as taxes to balance the east quogue school budget and the list goes on and on. " Mar 21, 19 7:35 AM