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UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens To Traffic Wednesday Morning; No Serious Injuries Reported

This Road is a disgrace and all of us who live in Tuckahoe travel this nightmare everyday and pray that people will SLOW DOWN on this road. I have NEVER seen a patrol car pull anyone over for speeding in ages. I see People all the time driving on this road with a cell phone glued to their ear. Enough already. Please slow down. " Mar 23, 16 4:30 PM

Eastbound Accident on County Road 39 Causes Backup In Southampton

County road 39 is a disgrace. People speed and the cops do nothing. Get off your phones and stop texting while driving " Oct 27, 16 9:11 PM

Rally Held By Supporters Of Tuckahoe Center On Monday; Supervisor Skeptical Of Who Turned Out

Don't you think anything in this spot will generate traffic? I can't believe that an assisted living facility would be better. What the town needs to do is SLOW DOWN the traffic on 39 It's like the Daytona racetrack and I never see cops trying to slow it down. I might as well move. I've lived on tuckahoe lane for 30 years and that road has always been bad with no one doing anything to fix it. Just slow down and put in a series of lights Please slow down " Feb 10, 17 8:53 AM