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UPDATE: Ross School Says Its Will Not Use Springs Houses As Dorms

How can a multi family use be permitted in a single family zone? Perhaps Ross can apply for a build dorms on its property like most private schools do. I would be furious if a multi family use popped up next to me. Its bad enough that I have two illegal over capacity rentals nearby. It diminishes property values." Jun 24, 15 6:10 AM

Stars Over Montauk Fireworks Show May Be The Last Of Its Kind

Ms Creegan should place donation jars at Surf Lodge, Navy Beach, Sloppy Tuna Gurneys, Montauk Yacht club etal. They are all going to watch and should help pay for it. The business owners should kick in as they are making lots of cash in the restaurant biz. Have the bands at these venues mention it and let the hipsters fill the jars....Just a thought." Jul 1, 15 11:28 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Eliminates Free Lifetime Benefits For Elected Officials

This needs to be across the municipal spectrum statewide. As well as eliminating the accrual of sick vacation and personal days then cashing them in. It's abusive and why our taxes are so high. Use it or lose it. This would never fly in the private sector." Jul 8, 15 12:51 PM

Southampton Town Considers Wall To Collect Nitrogen In Flanders

It would be a better start if Riverhead would improve its waste water treatment that it dumps into the bay system. Perhaps they could pipe it out to the sound. They dump millions of gallons of sludge into the bays to "acceptable levels" BS Once Providence RI clamped down on its treatment plants, the river came back to life. Riverhead needs to do soemthing, then Sag Harbor and Greenport. There the biggest polluters." Jul 12, 15 7:16 AM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

Montauk has the most available hotel rooms over any other Hampton, which attracts the beach and party goers. They also have a lot of nightly, weekend and weekly rentals in the residential sections. Just look at Airbnb and VRBO to name a couple of sites. The young entitled cash or credit card in hand only care about going to the beach and having a good time. They don't care about peace and quiet, or ownership. Montauk has become Fire Island and the Jersey Shore. EH with its share of CPF funds needs to start buying the hotels, tearing them down to make parks, as well as the obnoxious clubs like Sloppy Tuna. Southampton bought up three clubs two on the ocean and one in North Sea and some normalcy has come back. The big caveat is whether or not the retailers can lose some business. MTK needs to made 12 months rent in 6 months. But there can be some balance. Rid the Sloppy Tuna and some ocean. Front hotels and turn the area back into parkland until you find balance between commerce and quality of life." Jul 15, 15 6:28 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Won't Say Why It Is Buying Land

Fire Departments receive their funding through taxition of residents in their district. They have a fiduciary responsability to the people who pay them. Full disclosure isnt an option. If they dont remit, it should be fully investigated, perhaps by the Suffolk DA office." Jul 17, 15 9:34 AM

Southampton Builder Paints American Flag On His House To Exercise Property Rights

The arrogance of the builders who will be gone after they strip their 30% profit from the area. They will do and say anything to preserve the profit, then laugh once they sell and leave. Rule changes are put in place exactly because of immature stunts such as this. " Jul 22, 15 6:31 AM

Montauk Chamber Starts Campaign To Bring Back Family Vacationers

Part of the issue is the high cost of the hotels so they pack in a bunch of singles. Also I tried a couple of times to take my wife out there for our anniversary for a night and no one will rent a hotel room for a night. Its a 3 night minimum. So we dont. Obvioulsy they arent catering to the locals either. Perhaps more change is required." Jul 30, 15 6:28 AM

Woman Hit And Seriously Injured In Montauk Friday Morning

The town needs to remove the parking spaces abutting the cross walk. You cant see the peds until you are right there. Bad design and its just a matter of time before another accident occurs." Aug 15, 15 7:24 AM

Proposed Southampton Water Protection Plan Would Link Local, State and Federal Goals

Why do we have to accept what the sate wants? Why cant the state accept what we want? We already know that we give up more sales tax receipts than we get back. We Pay more to the county than we get back. the DEC are constantly holding up our much needed projects. We shouldnt accept this unless we have our own authority, ot the states. If the state really cared they would have much stricter guidelines on all the sewage treatment plants up and down the island and work with neighboring states tto implement them. " Aug 19, 15 6:23 AM

Community Members Revisit Contentious Long Beach Road Guardrails

On the North Fork, The Town, County etc., are being sued as it states they knew about the road being dangerous and did nothing about it and that led to that horrific crash. So when they pull the guard rails out as some people don't want to look at them, who is going to be liable for that? Can the liability be transferred to the few who are complaining about it? Who wants to be responsible for a preventable injury or worse...Unfortunately driving skills seem secondary today to cellphones and other distractions and road designs need to be implemented to protect us from ourselves and others." Aug 21, 15 10:05 AM

Duryea's: What's In Store

I had a lobster roll there today for lunch. What makes it special is that unassuming side deck overlooking the see and low slung buildings. It like being on the coast of Maine. If they could keep that part of it would totally be in character with Montauk....." Aug 21, 15 5:23 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

Obvioulsy the neighbor has an issue with the Seinfelds. Maybe it was his baseball field or doing whatever he wanted without a permit until he got caught. Maybe that neighbor is the one who turned him in. Rich people behaving badly. This reminds me of the lawsuit between neighbors because one couldnt stand the sound of the tennis balls when the neighbor played tennis. So they sued. Perhpas that complaining neighbor can buy an island somewhere and have it all to themselves. Can you imagine how horrible it must be teaching wealthy children about family values? Wow!" Aug 28, 15 6:58 AM

East Hampton Town To Spend $1 Million On Airport Legal Fight In 2015 Alone

Perhaps some of the "30 people" who complain are in fact representatives of homeowner associations and or citizen advisory groups representing thousands of hard working homeowners who don't even live near the airport yet there lives have been negatively impacted by the greedy few helo operators who take thier fees back with them after they destroy the quiet use and enjoyment of our homes? Ever think about that?? Perhaps if we had your phone number we could release that to everyone in the flight path and you could speak to them personally!" Sep 16, 15 6:26 AM

UPDATE: Pilot Of Missing Boat From Montauk Hit-And-Run Comes Forward

You will not know the true story until you find the boat and pilot that hit them. Night is not easy to pilot. Small boats with small recognition lights sometimes are hard to spot until your right there! Some of these new fishing boats have so much horsepower and go so fast that cuts down the recognition time. Anytime you go out on the water you can have an issue. Not many boat owners today actually take boating courses but buy and operate boats are very dangerous people. A couple years ago on Peconic Bay, someone who could afford a boat, set the auto pilot and stopped driving the boat. The boat ran over a small aluminum fishing boat with two people in it. The fireman who told me about it said the fisherman were so lucky as there were prop marks between the two seats. Stay alert and if you see a boat coming towards you especially at night. MOVE as you cant think that someone is actually looking out the windshield." Sep 20, 15 8:39 AM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

Its really all about money. They view the homes to the east that trade in the $20-$30mm range and figure that when they paid in the low $10mm or less that if they rid themsleves of this open public use, they would be in line for a windfall. Whats next suing Suffolk COunty to rid themselves of Shinn?. Its my understanding that there is no check in on the weekends at Shinne due to these owners who dont want to see rv's coming down the road an lining up to get in. Wagon train time.....

" Oct 24, 15 8:02 AM

UPDATE: Fence Installed At Historic Burying Ground Removed Over Weekend

Just wondering...DId they call first and have a conversation with the owners or did they just dispatch the army? Not saying what the owners did was correct but why such brute force when maybe a tele call to the owner could just resolve it. Some owners don't even have a clue especially when they are only weekenders. Maybe the landscaper made the mistake. Perhaps there is more to this story that we aren't aware of...." Oct 31, 15 7:38 AM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Votes Against Tuckahoe Shopping Center Zone Change

As of right, they can build four strip centers that would have four curb cuts on the highway and have more traffic. So be careful what you wish for...." Dec 13, 15 7:16 AM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Lawsuit Dismissed By State Supreme Court Justice

Its going to be a slum as there is no pride in ownership. " Jan 6, 16 6:24 AM

UPDATE: Southampton School District Closed Monday

Noyac Road is a disaster and a lot of students live along the road. Unfortunately cost the school a snow day but better safe than sorry. Second year in a row." Jan 25, 16 8:45 AM

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