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Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

spot on observation. Supervisor does not understand that her duty is to protect the public from over development, not developers." Mar 28, 15 9:07 PM

Southampton Town Board Votes To Enact PDD Moratorium

What Ms. Scalera repeatedly fails to acknowledge is that just as the TB can "withdraw" from pursuing a PDD application, it can also "just proceed to approve" one under the current law and that's how SH got into this trouble to begin with. The only sure way to protect the residents and taxpayers of SH is to repeal PDD once and for all. " May 25, 16 10:26 PM

Judge Rules That Canoe Place Inn Lawsuit Can Move Forward

when the townhouses flood because they are built 12 feet from the water, guess whose insurance rates will increase - every one in Hampton Bays. That's how flood insurance works. This is not a smart project. Hampton Bays is not a dump; it never was. It is a wonderful place with people that actually care about its future. Privatizing and imperiling the Canal is not a smart plan. Making the roads even more hazardous than they are is not smart. This is one of the most beautiful areas of LI's south shore. The canal belongs to the public. The shoreline needs to be protected from development. Rising sea levels are already the reality. The Rechler plan needs to leave. " Sep 3, 16 10:20 PM

Officials Discuss Southampton Town PDD Changes After Moratorium in May

Ms. Scalera is being coy. She knows darn well that "public benefits" are defined under state law and the town's PDD code and that no public benefits are being provided in the abomination known as the Canoe Place Inn and townhouse/wastewater treatment project she voted to approve in 2015. The PDD law is a farce and an illusion - if Ms. Scalera is right that the PDD process is town-driven, then why were the Draft EIS and Final EIS written by the developers?
The Town can protect the public more effectively if they hire their own experts to draft these important documents at the developer's expense which the law provides as an available method. The developer pays for the study either way - but that's how it should be." Jan 5, 17 12:02 PM

New Arts And Culture Committee Created In Southampton Town

Congratulations to the Town for its support of the creation of this vital committee and to the new Chair and members. This committee will serve as a real public benefit for the east end communities and visitors. " Apr 27, 17 4:45 PM

Southampton Supervisor Reverses Course, Seeks To Throw Out PDD Law Without Replacing It

If you think this morning's commute through Hampton Bays/Shinnecock Hills was bad, just wait until the CPI opens and has to shut down traffic on part of Montauk Highway when there are "events." Second home values will plummet.

The days of the glorious CPI are long gone. It may be a nice idea, but it does not belong at the current location. Rechlers , , , move on." May 18, 17 11:46 AM

Southampton Town Board Repeals PDD Law On Tuesday

CPI/townhouses are supposed to be built within three (3) years - that expires within a matter of months. This is an opportunity to take back public access to the canal and develop the canal as water front business as it was intended - with a real public promenade - that would boost tourism. Residential along the canal is a disgrace and robs the public of use and access of public land and water.
The town board needs to do the right thing and reject any request to extend that PDD approval." Jul 15, 17 1:08 PM