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Hampton Bays Residents Question Library's Proposed Bond Referendum As Vote Nears

I will be voting NO. It's a lousy plan. The community has nothing to lose by destroying this on Tuesday and forcing the Library board to come up with a 3rd plan, and hopefully with an attractive price tag with a reasonable amount of work. Once the place is gutted, everything will need to be rebuilt according to town code... and we don't need a new sprinkler system, new walls, floors, etc. Don't be shy people... VOTE NO... and don't assume they will close for a little snow. " Mar 12, 17 3:29 PM

It's too bad the Director didn't work harder to get the word out to the taxpayers prior to the many complaints that forced her to call an informational meeting one week before the vote. The board keeps referring back to the meetings they held last year, like we're all stupid. And what kind of Board holds a vote like this during the winter; certainly not one that cares about the community. " Mar 13, 17 3:03 PM

I have known this for a long time. " Mar 13, 17 3:08 PM

How does a non-elected, appointed board qualify for Grants since they don't hold democratic elections? " Mar 15, 17 12:42 PM

Hampton Bays Library Postpones $9.9 Million Bond Referendum Vote; Reschedules For April 4

My parents receive pensions because people in those days could work for a company and retire in that same company; but that kind of job security with pension rewards are (almost) a thing of the past. The next generation will be paying this off and it's not fair for a number of reasons. Because the community already voted against a new library, because they don't need any of the work the board claims they do, and because they're not elected by the community and acting irresponsible and undemocratic. Fix the roof and move on LaVista. " Mar 15, 17 1:04 PM

"Members of the library’s Board of Directors called an emergency meeting on Wednesday morning so they could reschedule the vote as quickly as possible, settling on Tuesday, April 4."

Why the rush? It's an ill thought out plan, very poorly done. " Mar 16, 17 12:59 PM

Thanks for the information, very enlightening. What I don't understand is how an appointed, non-elected board can qualify for grants? " Mar 16, 17 1:03 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Question Library's Proposed Bond Referendum As Vote Nears

Vote was rescheduled for Tuesday April 4. " Mar 19, 17 4:17 PM

Hampton Bays Library Postpones $9.9 Million Bond Referendum Vote; Reschedules For April 4

I'm voting NO, because it's a waste of tax payer money." Mar 19, 17 4:21 PM

Hampton Bays Library Schedules Two More Informational Meetings Regarding $9.9M Bond

Yes, that is correct. People are not taking into consideration that this 10 million dollar bond does not include the 30 years worth of interest. It will be 20 million and it doesn't take 20 million to fix a roof, repair a roof or to replace a roof. The library board is not elected, but appointed, and they are trying to get this passed before the snow birds return. " Mar 27, 17 11:53 AM

I purchased 2 homes on the east end of long island and at no time did I feel the need to check out the condition of a library before making the decision to buy or not. Honestly, the rental market has tanked and no amount of work that goes into a library is going to change that market." Mar 27, 17 11:58 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Taxpayers Reject $9.9 Million Library Referendum

I noticed they used paper ballots instead of machines. I read the paper ballot carefully. Evidentially, any marks, writings or comments made on the ballot (or articles attached to the ballot), would render the ballot, null and void. So I just make a big circle around the word NO. " Apr 4, 17 12:41 PM

Ms. LaVista said. “We’ve done our best to get the word out to as many people as possible.” If this statement were true, they would have sent information to the tax payers using the SAME ADDRESSES that the Southampton Tax Assessor's office uses. Since I'm a Southampton town tax payer, I should have received something from this library, but did not. The fact is they didn't do their best. They did the minimum and sent emails to their list of library patrons. That's pathetic considering many older folks don't even use email. " Apr 4, 17 5:54 PM

The current Board of Directors cannot manage the simple maintenance of a small town library and for a second time, have put all their eggs in one basket, putting another wasteful plan to a vote and hoping for a different outcome. This would be a good time for the Board to re-examine the purpose and role of a board member and ask themselves whether or not they have the skills to undertake these kinds of decisions. Only a fool would enter into an agreement with a contractor before having the legal approval of the tax payers.

The comment by “G” is a jab at the locals and badly done.
" Apr 5, 17 1:34 PM

Can we request the board to change their bylaws to allow board elections and request that they add this topic to their next meeting agenda? Can we attend the board meetings? " Apr 6, 17 7:22 PM

Hampton Bays Taxpayers Reject $9.9 Million Library Referendum

"Using the feedback, Victor Canseco, owner of Sandpebble Builders in Southampton, presented the public with seven different scenarios before library officials chose one—which appeared to have the most public support based on their meetings—to put up for a vote.

Apparently not. " Apr 11, 17 12:59 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Taxpayers Reject $9.9 Million Library Referendum

According to the library website, the next board meeting is scheduled for May 2nd at 7:00 pm. Anyone interested in learning "what's next" should attend. Somehow I doubt they will agree to just fix what really needs to be fixed and will cough up another expensive plan. " Apr 12, 17 8:35 PM

Hampton Bays Library Officials Still Pursuing Purchase Of Adjoining Lot

"David Zimmerman, president of the library board, said he and the rest of the board will be discussing other ways to fund the purchase in the near future. “We would like to get that property,” he said. “Obviously, that was one of the key things we wanted to do." "

When reading the outline of the April 2017 referendum, one would never know that the purchase of this property was a key factor, as it appeared to be thrown in at the bottom of their over priced wish list that was appropriately voted down. It will be interesting to learn what the board comes up with at their May 2nd board meeting. " Apr 14, 17 10:44 AM

I believe the clubhouse theory because in all the years I've been going there I've never had an issue with parking." Apr 17, 17 6:31 PM

I've lost faith with the entire board of trustees and no longer trust the director. I checked out the Hampton Bays library website and cannot find any board meeting minutes for Jan, Feb or Mar 2017. Only 2016 minutes were available. And it's not okay to use tax payers money to entertain consulates and throw wine and cheese entertainment parties when you have an appointed board making these kinds of decisions. By the way, who appointed these people... does anybody know the answer? " Apr 20, 17 6:04 PM

Write the Hampton Bays board of trustees and tell them to "add an item to their next meeting agenda: to vote in favor of changing their bylaws to allow board elections." " Apr 20, 17 6:11 PM

"the issue with the Mexican Consulate is indicative of the Library trying to run a social service agency just like they are trying to run a dance and exercise studio and daycare service. Is it any wonder that one of the board members runs a FOR PROFIT daycare - conflict of interest????

I'd like to learn more about these issues/conflicts of interest. I know there isn't a problem with parking, but for the sake of providing an example, let's say 12 people show up for a yoga class and each arrive in their own vehicle...they will take up 12 parking spots. Question: Why is the library providing yoga and are the yoga instructor's volunteers or paid by taxpayers? I'm only using yoga as an example, because there are many other non-literary programs at this library that may not have been an issue before the bond votes came about, but it's a big problem now with the board asking for hard money to purchase more buildings and space without real justification or valid purpose. " Apr 25, 17 4:38 PM

How about removing child care from the library curriculum altogether. Just because libraries are being used for other purposes in other towns doesn’t mean this library must follow. The locals have voted the boards proposals down twice and it’s not difficult to understand the needs are different here than in Southampton. Take your popcorn to Southampton and enjoy their programs. " May 2, 17 11:49 AM

By the way, the Hampton Bays Library Board of Trustees are meeting tonight at 7pm at the library If you want to find out what Plan C is, you might want to attend. " May 2, 17 11:51 AM

Hampton Bays Library Proposes $2.28 Million Budget

The Hampton Bays Library is over staffed with as many as 4 people working behind the front counter, and they want to continue hiring when they should be cutting staff. The proposal also shows an increase in employee benefits for, “anticipated health insurance.” I know that the library just recently replaced the computers in the computer room which they didn’t need, and the security guard was a waste of money, but it just goes to show how mis-managed the Board is with decision making and spending. The library has too many programs (museum passes and non-literary classes) that should be cut so building repairs can be made. I’m voting NO on Tuesday. " Aug 7, 17 4:47 PM

Any one with half a noodle knows they don't need more employees! They need a new Board of Directors. " Aug 7, 17 4:49 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Sold

Hampton Bays used to be a cool town. Best thing to replace the diner is a biker bar with bands booked nightly, an awesome bbq, and dance floor. Roll off the highway and smack in front of you, a row of wild pig bikes, loud and abrasive. Seriously, everyone will want to go there because there’s nothing around like it anywhere on the island. Save the flowers for the fake towns. Bring on the bikers. “Welcome to the New Hot Dog Beach”. " Aug 10, 17 12:38 PM

Votors Approve $2.28 Million Hampton Bays Library Budget On Tuesday

It's a nice looking library offering too many programs, with too many employees for it's size and the Board has no real game plan as how to go about addressing the maintenance issues on a budget plan. They simply cannot figure this out. " Aug 10, 17 12:56 PM

Hampton Bays Diner Sold

What is the Chamber of Commerce doing? There doesn't seem to be any reason (or draw) to come to Hampton Bays anymore. The North Fork is looking more and more attractive, even Main Street in Riverhead. I'll say this, Riverhead did something right. " Aug 11, 17 1:53 PM

Hampton Bays Library Heating System Failure Will Leave Building Without Heat For Weeks

The library claimed that if they didn't get the vote that a piece meal approach would cost more because the people running the Library are idiots that put adding more library programs before necessary maintenance. Yes, it is a kind of payback to the voters because they approved the new library programs and ridiculous pay hike with benefits that was part of the budget. By the way, did y'all know the library got new computers this summer? Did y'all now they didn't need them? Didn't need them because there was nothing wrong with the computers they had. Yes, they put adding new computers in front of making heating repairs so believe me when I say they are idiots. " Oct 4, 17 6:00 PM

Hampton Bays Library Closed Friday After Mercury Spill Discovered

“Unfortunately, [because of] an aging facility and contents, along with limited community financial support, we are likely to experience these unexpected and expensive disruptions,” Board President David Zimmerman wrote in an email last week.”

Remove the antique clock, Zimmerman, and stop making dumb statements, blaming the incident on an aging facility (built in the 60's) and in very good shape. What can we expect next... that an antique rug is going to need expensive unforeseen repairs too? " Mar 1, 18 3:22 PM

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