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Hamptons Collegiate Baseball Faces Housing Issues As 11th Season Looms

The article doesn’t describe the requirements for hosting. How long is the season? What kind of accommodations are required in the host families homes? Do the host families provide meals, laundry etc? " May 24, 18 12:28 PM

Mercy's Top Three Graduating Seniors, All From Hampton Bays, Bid Farewell To Closing School

Sadly, true. Westhampton, Hampton Bays and East Hampton proudly published their accomplished Valedictorians. There was a Southampton student who deserved the recognition, but unfortunately he/she will be a mystery. " May 24, 18 9:15 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

Taking “usual route” from Westhampton (6 am)to SH village on 27 this morning took 2.5 hours." Jun 11, 18 8:05 PM

Restaurants Face Pet Owners Who Say They Need Emotional Support

The number of people driving with dogs on their laps has also skyrocketed. They tend to make dangerous wide turns because of this. If there is a law against this I wish police would enforce it. " Aug 16, 18 2:45 PM

Southampton Trustees Look To Close Duck Blind Loophole That Favors Homeowners

It’s unfortunate that this article is being framed as rich out-of -towner vs. local guy. According to the article, Mr Becker’s family purchased the land in the 1940’s. It did not take a rich person to buy four acres of land in North Sea in the 1940s. Mineola is a middle class neighborhood, as well. Both Mr Becker and Mr Robinson make valid points.
And Greg Wehner, come on- the permit was just “ ‘plain’ terminated.” (?) " Sep 14, 18 12:20 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Using CPF To Purchase Shinnecock Hills Property Where Skeletal Remains Were Found

Would you please add a link to access the fundraising effort? " Oct 10, 18 6:54 PM

Southampton High School Presents Modified Curriculum For Ninth And Tenth Grade

I am glad they are taking another look at the curriculum. Please elaborate on the “vice versa” in the statement : “in the hope that lower-performing students would learn from higher-performing students and vice versa.” What is the district hoping the higher-performing students learn from lower-performers? " Mar 25, 19 10:49 AM

Good point! Though as a parent of a “high -performer” and a “lower -performer”, I can attest that the correlation with humility is not always what one might expect. Mostly, I’m curious as to whether this statement is the reporter’s take on it, or is it an official district statement/ goal.
" Mar 26, 19 9:07 AM

Southampton Tire Owner Remembered For Her Compassion Toward Latino Immigrant Community

Agreed. I am so happy to see this fitting tribute for her in the paper. I often saw her performing these corporal works of mercy; humbly and without fanfare. A good woman, indeed. " Jul 26, 19 10:22 PM

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