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Southampton councilwoman mulls bids to privatize town animal shelter

Can't anyone see that this is a campaign scare tactic? The group looking to privatize is doing so to keep animals from being euthanized -they are benevolent rescuers! The board ( all of them -not just ATH who is looking for votes) needs to sit down with the contract bidder and negotiate to keep the shelter operational. It can be acheived through communication. Instead we're being threatened at a core emotional level. Saying the doors will be closed and animals will die is an attempt to manipulate. Some people might lose their jobs - some could be retained by the new management. At least you will see who is there for the right reasons. " Oct 8, 09 3:12 PM

Foundation rejects volunteer's application at animal shelter

Let's see if I got this right. She volunteered when it was the Town's. Griped constantly about everything. Wanted total control over where dogs ended up (see story above about Francis and accompanying comments)...Sued and picked the taxpayer's pockets.. Didn't contribute ONE DIME of her settlement money back to the animals that she loves so very much, And now she expects the Foundation {bless each and every one of you} to roll out the red carpet for her to do it again to them??? Take a hike lady! These people haven't even had the place for a month yet and already your'e on the warpath and threatening lawsuits. Go take your own dog for a walk - a very long one." Jan 28, 10 12:29 PM

Pat Lynch continues lawsuit against town

How to attain finacial security when you are unemployable by Pat Laynch:
1)Pretend to be a caring,kind (elderly) animal activist to get your foot in the door
2) Can't keep up act for long and true personality comes out becoming impossible to be around
3)When asked nicley to leave, make false allegations against those actually rescuing and providing care
4)Force municipality to ban you when you become too much of a liability
5)Sue for as much as possible
6) DO NOT GIVE ANY OF YOUR SETTLEMENT MONEY BACK TO THE ANIMALS! (after all if you helped out financially there would be no need for the creation of a foundation with deeper pockets to take over- then who would you sue?)
7) Repeat
" Sep 19, 10 2:04 PM

wonderful? hardworking? caring? responsible? We must be talking about 2 different Pat Lynch's. " Sep 21, 10 4:53 PM

Fascinating how Lynch has an unending forum to spew her venom through the SH Press, cries 1st ammendment violation when she is called on her fabricated stories. But let a commenter expose her or her new best friend george (Simpson -google it to better understand HIS agenda) and those comments get removed." Sep 22, 10 12:08 PM

lawsuit..lawsuit...litigate..litigate - you two speak the same languauge" Sep 22, 10 3:20 PM

*language" Sep 22, 10 3:28 PM

sorry for the redunancy -gremlins in the computer
I've had enough. It's a beautiful day and I'm off to walk dogs!
Uh oh just added another million to somebody's lawsuit." Sep 22, 10 3:34 PM

Thanks B.O. you're absolutely right. " Sep 22, 10 10:36 PM

All valid points- however city rescuer - she helped and then left. Didn't stick around to poison the atmosphere with her toxic personality. Ms. Hansen you are a lovely person and I get what you're saying - but Lynch negatively impacts everyone else around her. If she could be as pleasant to everyone as she is to a dog being walked, her help might be welcomed. No one wants to bear the brunt of the hostility that goes along with the constant threat of lawsuits.
I've said it before- but it bears repeating: Lynch, if this is indeed your passion and not just a ploy to make some kind of a name for yourself (and make easy money) - by all means take your settlement money and open your very own rescue foundation. You can call all the shots and open yourself to lawsuits should some power-hungry know-it-all activist want to "volunteer" and put you at risk. " Sep 23, 10 10:53 AM

State Wildlife Experts Confirm Coyote Sighting In Water MIll

Wile E. Coyote - good one Mr McMahon" Jul 3, 13 9:53 AM

East Hampton Rental Registry Law Trial Ends In Acquittal

The rental registry law was the easiest way for officials to silence critics of Code Enforcement. There was frustration in how long it takes to investigate and get a conviction on housing violations, so rental registry was marketed as the magic bullet and shoved down everyone's throats. Unfortunately, the law is indeed a piece of crap.
Don't be surprised if the arrogant architects of this POS law continue to push for charges on it though - they want the headline to read: Despite Public Soundly Rejecting It - Rental Registry Law a Success!!!" Mar 28, 18 7:18 PM

UPDATE: Community To Rally For New Pole For Riverside Osprey Nest

Absolutely no reason why a pole couldn't have been erected nearby and nest (or most of it) relocated. Of course it would have been more work than simply destroying what was there. DEC dropped the ball and PSEG was overzealous. No one wants to see them zapped but this eviction was pretty cruel and could have been handled better.
" Apr 9, 18 8:45 PM

All very good causes for you to fight for (if you are so compelled). The fate of the osprey is worthy of the comments written. You might remember that humankind nearly wiped them out through the use of DDT. But people paid attention and gave these magnificent creatures the help they needed when they could not fend for themselves.
Every egg that hatches - every chick that fledges is a success. And should serve as a reminder that even when mistakes are made, there is action that can be taken to make things better. The pressure being put on DEC and PSEG should nudge them in the direction to do the right thing - and think twice before doing anything like this again. " Apr 11, 18 9:19 AM