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Airport Officials Not Overly Concerned With Possible Change In Air Traffic

Please stop the copters from flying over the North Fork just to get to the South Fork. We can not be burden with the noise for the rich and famous, just so they can get to their mansions for peace and quiet. Do not be so selfish and allow me some peace and quiet in my home on the North Fork. We do not annoy the South Shore with the copter noise, they annoy themselves. Fly into Montauk from NY and leave the North Shore flight pattern alone to get to the South Shore. Have consideration for the North Shore so we can enjoy our peace and quiet in our homes. " Feb 20, 15 9:23 AM

East Hampton Town Will Hold Off On Airport Restrictions For Three Weeks

The right hands were greased with the right amount with the right people! "Money talks and B#########t walks". Money can influence anybody any time any where,........It is all about the money. One day a copter will take out a home and then maybe someone will do something about the dame copters, the person with all the money. The restrictions were going to help the North Fork to eliminated noise and stress from all the copters coming over us as they all transition to the Hamptons. We do not have the money to stop them, I guess! Sad state of affairs. Why do they have to come over the North Fork? They should go out over the ocean." May 18, 15 6:22 PM