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Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

your out of your mind. Your also ignorant for making that comment. The first thing a sergeant is taught is how to cut overtime. There's no way a cop is allowed to sit on overtime unjustifiably. Most of the overtime comes from federal grants. Which include DWI patrol and aggressive driving. All of which are payable back to southampton town court. And if a cop is on overtime it's because he's doing his job mr or mrs bird. A cop can easily be assigned an emergency call 20 minutes b4 his shift is up and depending on what it is, that can acrew overtime. So mr or mrs bird how about when you yourself place a call to 911 and it's getting close to the cop's end of shift should he not handle your emergency because of the overtime. "There's a person in my basement and i hear him." Well mrs bird were in a crisis financially right now and we know how you feel about the cops padding there overtime so we're going to hold off on sending you a cop and we'll wait for the next shift to come on. We recommend you send your husband to the basement to deal with your intruder..................don't make comments that you know nothing about. have a good one." Oct 8, 09 7:47 PM

if you drive drunk then you deserve what you get. how about a few parents from MADD to let you know how they feel. it's a good thing ms kabot didn't hurt anyone otherwise that would of been really bad all around." Oct 8, 09 7:56 PM

another ignorant comment from an ignorant person. police put their life's on the line everyday they go to work. they wear a bullet proof vest for a reason. in an emergency you ridiculous would flee and our cops would go towards. it's what a cop just MAY have to do. something not anywhere close to the daily responsibilities you have day in and day out." Oct 9, 09 1:40 AM

Throne-Holst has aggressive agenda as next supervisor

dude, your out of your mind. and for the comment above referrence the pba's 12 hour chart yes that will in fact save money. and cut overtime to zero. ignorance is a virtue i guess. gl" Nov 12, 09 3:43 PM

she should raise taxes. there the lowest around. it's the hamptons folks. wake up and smell the coffee." Nov 12, 09 3:44 PM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

this gun thing was non sense from the beginning" Dec 15, 09 1:03 AM

Brendan J. Smith of Hampton Bays succumbs to cancer at 32

just horrible to hear. nothing but a stand up guy. thoughts and prayers to all his family members. " Mar 6, 10 8:09 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

its obvious people weren't lining up backing the capt. otherwise he would have been elected." Apr 30, 11 8:29 PM

2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

just an fyi for you, city cops have gotten some hefty increases as of late, and are making close to 100k. " Sep 26, 11 1:20 AM

lolllllllllll great post" Sep 26, 11 1:31 AM

well said" Sep 30, 11 5:35 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

im sure theres some higher ranking positions that they wont be replacing" Oct 2, 11 3:22 PM

im sure not many " Oct 2, 11 7:59 PM