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Environmentalists Say East Quogue Development Would Further Damage Water Supplies, Waterways

Not all development projects are equal. The Hills development project happens to be proposed in the largest expanse of privately owned untouched pine barrens that exists on Long Island. That is likely why it's getting more attention from scientists and environmental advocates, regardless of where they may reside, over other projects. Please take a moment to read up on Dr. Gobler's work in Northport, Jamaica Bay, The Forge River, Mecox Bay, Old Fort Pond, Lake Agawam, Flanders Bay, Long Island Sound and the East River (as well as the Chesapeake Bay and the Great Lakes). His work frequently has him speaking worldwide regarding the impacts of human activity on the health of our bays. His record of advocacy for water quality improvements all over Long Island - not just East Quogue - is apparent, and your comments equating him to a NIMBY are misrepresenting his efforts. If hundred of acres of Pine Barrens were proposed to be disrupted and replaced with golf course and homes anywhere on Long Island - or beyond - he would be speaking out against those as well.

And why do you know what kind of septic system he has? That's kind of creepy. " Mar 6, 15 11:32 AM

Desperation is apparent when the worst you can say about Dr. Gobler's credibility is that he lives in East Quogue .... in a house... with a septic system. Alrighty then. " Mar 6, 15 11:54 AM

Residents Warn Southampton Town Board To Run From 'The Hills'

And the article states, that the "as-of-right" may actually only be 50 homes contrary to previous estimates. 50 homes without a golf course is far superior to the PDD specs." May 7, 15 10:23 PM

The only people speaking out in favor of this project are business owners and clearly their interests lie in the immediate, perceived, economic impacts for their storefronts and not the long term, sustainable (and yes, economic) impacts of a viable bay ecosystem. " May 7, 15 10:27 PM

Hamptons Collegiate Baseball Begins This Weekend

Play ball! Looking forward to a great season." Jun 2, 15 5:06 AM

Southampton GOP Selects Richard Yastrzemski For Supervisor, Scalera And Hagan For Town Board

I agree Scalera is a class act and knowledgeable. " Oct 27, 15 11:27 AM

Tribe Explores Idea Of Growing, Distributing Medical Marijuana

What could possibly go wrong ?" Nov 24, 15 6:29 PM

East Hampton Village Agrees To Limit Lights In Business District

A great move for the village!" Nov 24, 15 6:34 PM

Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Charged With Looting Scholarship Fund

Disgusted. I hope the Jones Family knows this will not affect the credibility of the fund, or inhibit giving, but my faith in humanity is being rapidly dissolved." Dec 11, 15 8:32 PM