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Westhampton Beach Police remain mum on ongoing internal investigation of incident

Pshhhh!!!! Mercedes?! Range Rover?! I saw one of the Deans driving around in a Rolls Royce the other day. 24 karat gold rims, diamond studded door handles, the works!!! Get with it man...

I guess nobody beats their meat, ya know?

" Oct 11, 09 11:46 PM

Report: Missing firearm led to inquiry; Two Westhampton Beach Police officers suspended

The source of my information is certainly not solely the beach blogger, sorry to disappoint you there, sweetie. I merely used his blog to obtain the proper number of charges brought against both dirty officers, Breutsch and Pesapane. By now it is--it shouldn't be--but it is public information exactly what was contained within the SCPD's report.

I goad you, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to make me eat my words. The fact of the matter is the truth HAS come out, and you, my dear (or masked sir(s)) are too darn stupid to accept the facts, findings, conclusions, charges found within the Suffolk County Police Department 's Bureau of Internal Affair's report. YOUR FRIENDS ARE CROOKED!!!! (As proven by an outside agency) That is the simplest conclusion I can come to. It was questioned many, many times during previous engagements, but it was finally proven in this investigation. These charges not only apply to these two officers, but to a handful of other WHBPD officers, and village officials, who so vehemently support these poor excuses for public servants. It shows that these disgraceful men and women choose to support crooked and corrupt individuals over order, discipline, and, by far, most importantly against the best interests of the Village of Westhampton Beach. You, my unfortunate friend, are the ignorant one.

I ask you, what truth will come out that hasn't already? Is the Chief in bed with the Suffolk County PD? Is that what you are trying to imply? I mean c'mon, lay it on? You must be a sleuth... But, by looking at your past 2 posts, you are making youself out to be a fool." Nov 6, 09 3:31 AM

Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police officers return to work

Twas a crazy night at the country club; I was there. Roland & Dean refused napkins and instead wiped their mouths with $100 bills. They ordered a $900 bottle of wine and threw it across the room just to see what it would sound like when the glass broke! And can you believe this? They invited the Motley Crue to come play a set, Dean got up and did a drum solo with Tommy Lee. The 'ol blue bloods didn't know what to think!

These guys party like rock stars, man!!!!!! What, you jealous Resident?!?!" Dec 4, 09 1:02 PM