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East Hampton Sommelier Released From ICE Custody After Posting Bond

Are you speaking to me? We employ people who are legal to work in the US, as Luis has been for his whole adult life here. We seek highly qualified wine professionals with a strong background in hospitality.
Luis has management-level qualifications. He's one of very few sommeliers working on LI- he has the skills, the education, and the depth of knowledge to work anywhere in his very competitive field, yet he chooses to stay here and continue to give back to the community where his family makes their home. He works two management-level jobs to be able to afford to live here, he contributes to his family, and is a major asset to both of his work families. I hope I've helped you understand NY labor laws a bit more. And maybe have some respect for a highly specialized wine industry professional striving to learn more from two established businesses that LEGALLY afford him that opportunity." May 13, 18 10:34 AM