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Southampton Trustees To Appeal Threat To Jurisdiction

This is a perfect example of why schultz need to be re-elected and put back in charge of the trustees. Hes the only one who understands these complex issues and knows the history. Those two buffoons Horowitless and clamhead Warner don't have a clue" Sep 23, 15 1:05 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Win Right To Control Finances

Too late-- Horowitless and Warner the Clam already gave away the store to the town" Sep 25, 15 8:50 PM

Scotty "James Bond" Hororwizzzz!! Enjoy your last few months in office Double O Zero" Sep 30, 15 8:44 AM

Westhampton Beach Firehouse On Track For Spring Completion

There's something wrong with my computer- it seems to have inserted $15.7 MILLION as the price instead of the correct cost to the taxpayers. Silly machine." Oct 6, 15 8:04 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Make A Splash With New Aluminum Boats

Wait a minute-- The first line says the trustees are investing $425,000- then later it says the TOWN received a grant for a $300K boat (most paid for with grant) with the TOWN funding the rest. The Town applied for and was awarded the grant not the trustees. It seems that the trustees are funding $125K- not $425K. So why is blow hard horowitz claiming credit for everything? Oh thats right- he always does that. Anyway sounds like election year nonsense. 007 care to comment? (10,000 words or less please)" Oct 13, 15 1:23 PM

Bridgehampton CAC Encourages Fire District Residents To Vote No At Bond Vote

Typical fire department mentality. "We'll raise your taxes and spend the money however we want-screw you how dare you question us!" Imagine if the town or county tried to hide their spending of TAXPAYER funds! " Oct 14, 15 11:07 AM

UPDATE: New Details Emerge In Case Of Missing Sagaponack Woman

Please tell me Lt James "Barney Fife" isn't in charge of this investigation!! If so, I pity the woman and her family. This incompetent fool has "gotta find this woman!"- how about finding the murderer who ran down the nun??!! How's that investigation coming?" Oct 17, 15 11:39 AM

Southampton Town Trustees Make A Splash With New Aluminum Boats

Calm down Scotty 007 Horowitz- I get it about the nuclear/biological crap was required for the TOWN (NOT the trustees) to get the grant-but seriously do u reallly think its ever going to get used?? Do u really believe this little boat would be needed in NYC in an emergency when they have dozens of much larger boats available? And how much will it cost to bring a boat to ALABAMA for service?? The trucking cost would have to be at least $4-5000 each way.
And by the way- repowering a boat after the engines life span is up is not a new concept you came up with; boat owners have been doing this forever- and yes- with inexpensive fiberglass boats too! A well made fiberglass hull will last for decades, and aluminum hulls have their own set of problems. Enough scott - we all know you are "007" (which is pretty pathetic mr secret agent hero) we are not as stupid as you think " Oct 17, 15 11:51 AM

Sagaponack Woman Still Missing, Husband Violated Order Of Protection

Any leads? "I wish" - -Lt Barney Fife Kiernan. Wishing isnt gonna find this woman. Why don't you let the detectives run the investigation. Let them do what they are trained for and stay out of their way. We all saw how well you supervised the hit and run nun case." Oct 20, 15 6:02 PM

Looming Roger Waters Concert Draws Ire From Jewish Residents, Threaten To Picket

Oh no! A bunch of angry old jews picketing in sag harbor! I love it- I;m gonna go watch " Oct 20, 15 6:08 PM

Hampton Bays Property Values Would Increase If Hamlet Becomes Village, Study Finds

So Mr King made a few phone calls?? This is not a "study". I hope the residents of HB are not this gullible. Please explain how you plan on funding a viliage- with code enforcement , a court system, police, parks and highway services for $3 million a year??" Oct 22, 15 11:44 AM

Bulkhead Will Be Constructed At St. Andrew's Dune Church In Southampton Village

Another fine example of the republican leadership of the trustees- good job Warner and Horowitless!! Pretty soon there'll be a wall from Montauk to Brooklyn. " Oct 22, 15 11:49 AM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

Hello Hello 007 are you there? Any response? (must be on a secret mission)" Oct 25, 15 7:26 PM

I said shaken NOT stirred daaaammmmiiittt!!" Oct 27, 15 1:55 PM

Missing Woman Is Found Dead In Sagaponack, But Many Questions Remain

what happened to the comments by Lt Barney Fife Keirnan- he was the one who was running the search effort commenting how hard he was working and how much he cared. Now he hiding under his desk and letting this other Lt take the heat for his incompetance" Dec 1, 15 10:38 PM

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