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Former Southampton Village cop's lawsuit working its way through federal court

Sgt. Broich reported a police lieutenant for defrauding the government by working private security at Bridgehampton Polo while the lieutenant was on duty and being paid by Southampton Village. This incident was documented and photographed. This was easily explained away. The lieutenant took a statement from the duty sergeant stating he was covering the lieutenant for a few hours. It was good enough for Mark but it doesn't make it legal. He reported a former mayor for having taken possession of a police department owned 9mm pistol. This firearm was equipped with high capacity magazines that were stamped (government / law enforcement only). NY penal law states that it is a Class D Felony for a civilian to possess such magazines. There were also a few officers operating unlicensed security companies. This constitutes a misdemeanor crime of the NY Gen Business law. There were also the 1900 or so missing uniform traffic tickets that Mark and Billy say they found in the gear bags and lockers of the police officers. That would have been a good photo op. The good ole boys with all the tickets laid out on a big table. Only one problem with that scenario; they never found 1900 unissued tickets. None of the criminal conduct of any of these individuals was ever addressed. The DAs office washed their hands of the felony crime by picking up the pistol and illegal magazines from the former mayor and dropping it off at village headquarters. The lieutenant who was photographed defrauding the village government was told that Broich investigated him. The same lieutenant initiated and fabricated the department's case against Brioch that got him fired. The allegations against Broich were 18 violations of the department's rules and procedures manual. I believe there is a lesson to be learned if you are a cop considering reporting corruption in the Southampton village government. Felonies and misdemeanors committed by our public officials are no big deal depending who you are. Rules and procedures violations however, are a big deal depending who you are. The folks in power like things just the way they are. If you don't go along with the status quo this is how you will be dealt with. When management level officers, i.e. lieutenants, and the captain are controlling members of the PBA no one will come to your aid. They made an example out of Sgt Broich. Few are brave enough to stand against the many and I commend him for taking a stand. In the end I believe Broich will be exonerated. It will cost much more than the $465,000 paid to Vincent Toomey esq. from Jan 2006 to present. " Oct 30, 09 4:19 PM

Residents, lawmakers balk at $25 fee for license plates

This has gone into effect already. I recently renewed a registration for one of my vehicles and I was charged an extra $50 for the 2 years required to register. This is absolutely ridiculous!! How much more do we have to take?" Nov 30, 09 8:19 PM