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Trustees reject mayor's attempt to add seven resolutions after walk-out in Westhampton Beach

Yes Publius-
I thought if an officer lost control of his gun that it was his responsibility unless a "Perp" wrestled it from his possession in a "knock down roll around" situation.
I have heard of weapons left on the floor in the bathroom at a bar in the early morning hours, after a night of drinking, etc., and returned to headquarters (Town) by a bartender afer having been reported stolen from a personal parked car at home (window broken and all that) and the whole affair being "swept under the rug" in view of the bartenders statement and delivery of the weapon but you are the first person I am aware of who mentioned the wife of the guy whose weapon was allegedly stolen. Question? Is he a "boozer"?
Is it possible he or his wife hid his gun in the house before he went away on vacation?
Any chance the "enemy officers" were accused prematurely before he consulted his wife?
If he or she had secured the weapon in his house before he left for vacation and he did not remember this detail (sometimes when we drink we forget stuff) until after the report of a "stolen gun" what to do next?
The right answer is "Be honest" but some cannot adjust to truth and might rather stick with a prior statement and then have the wife discover the gun in the previously searched car?
I think if this is among the possibilities and if nothing at all is done that this gun will never ever get lost or misplaced again.
I never saw annything to the effect that with all the polygraph tests performed by SCPD investigators that the wife of the officer who could not find his weapon (when he returned from vaation) was ever questioned about the circumstances of her finding the gun in the previously searched vehicle and whether it might have been moved from his house to the vehicle because he had reported it missing and the problem needed closure?
Polygraph is very unreliable and it may be that some of the officers replied "no" to a question "Did you discuss this matter with anyone else?"
What if they may have mentioned it to a spouse or "significant other" at the end of a work day and registered an "unreliable" answer - or other insignificant or immaterial responses to pro-forma questions. I think this needs no resolution as we each can judge our own actions and must live with what we have done.
Try to remember "Judge not and be not judged"- I think we each judge ourselves as we judge our neighbors- so we should not be too harsh!
I think the Board needs to let the Police Chief run the PD and the schedules and focus on the business of the Village. If the Police Chief is found to be incompetent then he should be replaced- until such time, let him do the job he is being paid to do! We really do not need to know all the details about the officer who lost control of his weapon- unless it happens agsin! If it does immediate action would seem appropriate!
Keep an eye out Publius! - But Judge not and be not judged!" Jan 14, 10 11:49 PM

Southampton Village Police launch internal investigation into inappropriate computer use

Frank said:
Chief Wilson conspicuously failed to include "inappropriate behavior" not related to computers, I note.
Well noted! Could this be a selective investigation?

" Apr 17, 10 10:52 PM

Sergeant Schucht retires from Southampton Village Police Department

I think this Sgt. position should not be filled for a reasonable period of time, maybe a year or so.
One or more of the many Lt's or Detectives could fill this gap at substantial savings to the taxpayers. The responsibility could be shared - Alternating weeks on call?. What is the total # of Detectives and Lt.s on the payroll and how busy are their schedules? Police Commisioner should know the answer.
An an alternative to directing a Lt. and/or Detective to be on call to perform such honorable service from 10 pm to 8 am (for a great salary and benefits) woukd be to designate one of the more competent (senior) police officers on that shift as "Officer in charge" for that midnight shift from 10 pm to 8 am..
If as and when there is a serious problem or felony involved a Lt. or Detective (on call 24/7 for extra pay anyhow I think) could be called in for an hour or two to bring in the County guys to take charge of the more serious events..
Maybe the Board could reduce the budget through attrition as a result of these resignation/retirement elvents and get a grip on the police budget now that they no longer seem willing to abide creating "new" Sgt. positions to reward a chasen few selected by ???? (The Dude?) by what method of selection???
Might we hear more after the May 22 effective date? I know not and do not hold my breath in anticipation.I think Life is our teacher, will teach us what we need to learn, all in due time.
We must trust our Board- or we must replace them!. Wake uo Board! Be alert!
Thats all my thoughts about that at the moment!, Peace be with us, each and all! " Apr 22, 10 1:50 AM

Sorry about the typo mistakes but I think you can catch my drift-
Be well and remember to forgive everyone for everything-" Apr 22, 10 2:14 AM

iNVESTIGATE THE CHIEF and others? Are yiou insane? He is "The Dude"
Beyond reproach - The commissish asked the Chief "Is this true?"
Chief said No - Gommish believed him 100% - End of investigation!
Others should have the same option. If they say "No, not true," then end o f investigation- just like Eply did with Wilson. Hello? Live and let live - All is well as the world turns.- We are forgiven only if we forgive. Seems simple?
It really is that simple-
Be well and do well- PBA-keep an eye out- watch these guys!" Apr 23, 10 1:16 AM

Re: Unautherised use of computers-
Oil floats on water. Incompetence floats to the top. In the end, truth and justice (what is right) prevails. Sometimes it takes a while, just be patient - all will be well! Peace to all who have faith! As the world turns, the evildoers will crash and burn and what is right will prevail, in my humble opinion.
Have faith-Keep a positive thought! - This is a temporary situation. I think the police commisioner has awakened and will do the right thing for his taxpayers who placed him in this "Fiduciary" position as representative of us "Taxpayers" whose money he i(and our Board) is spending on these lawsuits! (and overtime for our Polce). While investigating lower rank officers for unauthorized use of computers, lets expand the investigation to higher ranks and weed out everyone who haa used Village paid time for "secondary" employment while being also paid by taxpayers for being "on the job". Is such conduct petit (or on a longer time frame) grand larceny? Fraud on a govermentalal entityt?
Maybe any "wrongdoers" could be discharged before they put in for retirement at taxpayers expense? As I think that will never happen but it would be good to be rid of them in spite of the cost, In my humble opinion! Let us hope right will orevail over wrong, as it should. Be well and have faith!

" May 1, 10 2:09 AM

Town Police Chief Appointment May Be Clouded By Politics

Why such a rush??? Why not slow down and consider all options? All "qualified candidates"? I believe more than 2 people would be thrilled to land this position. Could qualified "potential candidates" be invited to submit resumes and come in for interviews? How about an ad in the newspapers for interested "qualified candidates" to come forward?
"Hours later, a public notice was emailed scheduling the special meeting instead for Tuesday, at which Chief Wilson was interviewed. It was advanced from Friday to Tuesday, Ms. Throne-Holst explained, because Ms. Fleming would be out of town on Friday.
"Why not delayed until Ms. Fleming returned to town instead of being advanced with such very short notice?

"Ms. Throne-Holst echoed that sentiment this week, noting that she was interested in making sure that with a position of the chief’s magnitude, the process should be a “fair, transparent, and inclusionary equal opportunity process.”
Why not open this up and consider all qualified personnel? Let any qualified personnel take the Civil Service Chief exam and then consider all who express an interest in this position? The Captain could serve as "acting chief" until some time in the future after all applicants have been screened for the job. If he is not chosen at that time I believe he could choose to retire (as I think he has enough time in to do so) or stay on the job. Also, when the Board picks a new Chief, consider whether the Captain position might be eliminated (assuming the new Chief can run the department).
"Ms. Fleming said that while Capt. Tenaglia was a highly qualified officer, it’s important to look at all potential candidates. “He’s obviously a very experienced, very skilled member of the police department,” Ms. Fleming said of the captain. “At the same time, this is an opportunity to look at anyone who might be qualified.”
GREAT IDEA, look at anyone who is qualified! No need to rush on this very important appointment- the Captain could function as "acting Chief" until all who are qualified have an opportunity to be considered for this great position.
A “fair, transparent, and inclusionary equal opportunity process” would seem to be the best approach (after reasonable notice and an opportunity for other prospects to express an interest).
Why such a rush? " Apr 15, 11 10:48 AM

Good to see the Town web site says the special meeting for April 15, 2011 at 11:00 A.M. was canceled by a written notice dated April 15, 2011 and time stamped as received by the Clerk's office at 11:13 A.M.
No need to rush on this- I believe the last Chief held this office for 21 years?
Take your time in selecting the best person for the position." Apr 15, 11 12:11 PM

"Anyone who is qualified for this position who lives in the Town of Southampton KNOWS about the position - because they are either a village cop, town cop, county cop or state cop."
I wonder if they thought others might be considered? " Apr 15, 11 12:20 PM

Answer to your question ["who is "they"? and what do you mean by "others"?]:
"they"= Anyone who is qualified for this position;
"others"= other qualified candidates-
So my thought was: I wonder if other qualified candidates thought the Town Board might consider them (other qualified candidates)?
Sorry I did not express the thought more clearly. Qualified people may have thought the Captain was the only candidate being considered by the Board. I think an invitation from the Board to interested "qualified candidates" for consideration would be appropriate. How many Lieutenants are in the STPD? Sergeants? I think this could be a 20-25 year sppointment?
RonDo's post above is very informative!
The position could still go to the Captain if a majority of the Board think he is the right choice.

" Apr 17, 11 11:51 AM

Re: [I can't find this cancellation anywhere on the Town's site.]-
Go to Meeting Calandar Apr 15, 2011, 11:00 AM; click on "Agenda"; open up the Notice To Cancel Special Town Board Meeting (mine opens as a PDF document); scroll down below the Supervisor's signature for the "Received" date and time stamp.

" Apr 17, 11 2:35 PM

Southampton Town Board Fails To Appoint New Police Chief

Seems another online local news source reported Apr 17 that the Board has invited the 3 Town lieutennts to interview and Lt. Iberger and Lt. Pearce already have appointments for interviews.
Maybe Wilson only had 2 votes? No reason to rush on this important matter." Apr 19, 11 7:57 PM

Southampton Village Board Interviews Six For Top Cop Spot

The Mayor said - "The Village Board will appoint a chief on a provisional basis, pending the results of a chief’s exam that will be conducted next March. The mayor said it is likely all six will sit for the exam.
“We need to establish leadership in the department there, so people know this is the chief, this is who we’re backing, and make the decision after good interviews, but, yet, in a very timely manner,” the mayor said. His goal is to appoint the new chief at the village’s next meeting, on Tuesday, May 24."

"whocanutrust" thinks: (1) the police officers have no choice but to recognize the Captain as the leader; and (2) the people will know this is the "acting" Chief. (It will be in the newspapers!)
The only reason to rush and appoint the Chief now (before the Civil Service Chief test) is the likelihood (or certainty?) that the favored "shoe-in" prospect will not be able to pass the test the first few tries!
i.e. People need to know "this is the chief, this is who we're backing" - regardless of (or in spite of) test results later on. There is a 10 month window to study for the test!
Why not take some time with this decision the taxpayers will be saddled with for many years to come -
ALSO- this must be rushed in order to be a done deal before elections, just in case the people vote for change on the Village Board - in that event it would not be a unanimous vote for the least qualified candidate (per civil service). Might one or more Board members begin to think for the taxpayers and exercise independent judgment?
This important process is code-named "decision after good interviews, but, yet, in a very timely manner,"
Sorry state of affairs in my opinion.

" May 13, 11 2:39 PM

Google: "Southampton Police: Where is the Detective Sergeant on the Lieutenants List? Parking Cars? Playing Basketball? Working Security?"
Note that failing grades on the Lt. Test are not reported-We do not know who took the test but did not pass." May 15, 11 9:03 PM

A word for Capt. Cummings, Lt. Ryan, Sgt. Dorchak, Sgt. Mohl, & Sgt. Raffel: Brace, Brace, brace: Put your head between your knees and hang on! You all may be able to pass the civil service test for the chief job and some of you would rank in the highest 3 reachable for appointment to the Chief job but that will be irrelevant because the Board will appoint a "Provisional Chief" pending his passing the civil service Chief exam- allowing the "shoe in" choice multiple attempts to pass the test. Civil Service "Merit & fitness" for the job is a joke as an end run is available- as before with the former Chief (before Wilson) who could not pass the Chief test. Did not prevent him from being the "Chief" because of his "Provisional appointment" when no list was available, catch my drift?.
I predict that the candidate who had the greatest difficulty passing the Sgt. test (failed how many times?) and never took the Lt. test (why? afraid of failure?) will be the "shoe-in" for chief. An honest Board would leave Capt. Cummings as "Interim or acting Chief" until the Chief test results are available. That would never work out as the "shoe-in" will never be among the highest 3 from which the selection would otherwise need to be made pursuant to Civil Service Law and Rules. What a joke on the taxpayers who pay the salaries!
The Board will not risk waiting for test results as thier "shoe-in" probably will not be in the top 3 from which the law would require the selection be made. Capt. Cummings and some of the other candidates would certainly be in the top 3 but that will not matter at all.
Brace, brace, brace! " May 20, 11 1:16 AM

Southampton Village Narrows Chief Candidates To Three

A "shoo in" was originally a horse expected to win a race because the race was fixed, not by virtue of its speed or endurance.
The Village Board will not leave Capt. Cummings, the highest ranking officer, as "Acting Chief" until the Civil Service test results (for merit and fitness) are available and then follow Civil Service Law and Rules in appointing the new Chief (one of the highest three). Why?
The only reason to rush forward and appoint a new "Provisional Chief" before the civil service test is administered is to appoint a candidate who:
[1] will probably not be reachable for appointment (not one of the 3 highest qualified candidates on the civil service "Chief Test"); And/or
[2] to appoint a prospect the "Integrity" Board expects cannot pass the Chief test and be placed on the qualified eligible list, at least for the first few attempts, even with many months intervening in which to study and prepare for the March exam.
The 2 Sergeants with the highest scores on the prior civil service Lt list have been eliminated first (not being considered by the "outside expert") and the one with the lowest score went to round 2 along with the Det. Sgt. who was not on that list at all.
It's a done deal pending the "congratulatory interview and handshake" and swearing in? Saturday (tomorrow) and the publication next week. Transparency in politics at work!
" May 27, 11 12:14 PM

Southampton Village Poised To Pick Police Chief On Thursday

Transparency in politics at work! (Through frosted glass!)
A "shoo in" was originally a horse expected to win a race because the race was fixed, not by virtue of its speed or endurance.
The race is over except for the swearing in celebration.
I wonder what "Rewaards/promotions" are in the works at taxpayer expense for the Lt. and the other two (2) Sergeants with the highest scores on the prior civil service Lt list? They were eliminated first (not even considered by the "outside expert") and the one with the lowest score went to round 2 along with the Det. Sgt. who was not on that list at all.
Next step is discourage them from taking the new Chief test or decline an offer for the job (or retirement with a threat of departmental charges and termination with no pension) to overcome the civil service law that appointment must be from one of the highest three.
Remember to vote next Friday, 9 AM to 9 PM!" Jun 9, 11 3:18 PM