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Sag Harbor Village Board Adopts Local Law Amending Zoning Code

I hope that the Morpurgo house does not become the poster child for the future of restoration and renovation in Sag Harbor’s historic district, where many homes are in need of attention, some desperately so.

Unfortunately our current board, encouraged by Save Sag Harbor, would apparently prefer to see them decay, than promote sensitive restoration. If the moratorium as written is any indication of the philosophical direction of this board, nobody in their right mind will consider purchasing real estate in Sag Harbor. No doubt many that have are regretting that decision.

We are all for historic preservation, but it does not happen in a vacuum. Enormous effort and funds are required. There have no doubt been one or two egregious examples of over reach and flouting the spirit and the letter of the law. This could be remedied by adopting Tom Horn’s suggestion from some time ago to increase the penalties for these violations to the point where they have real teeth. However I fear that sage advice has been ignored and the pendulum is now swinging way too far in the opposite direction.

I find the idea that our village trustees demand to know how much I plan on spending on my interior doors, hinges, handles, cabinets, appliances, light fixtures and fans to be very disturbing indeed. The message appears to be “Go Cheap and Avoid the Moratorium!” I caution the board to beware of unintended consequences." Aug 13, 15 1:48 PM

Ms. Steindecker,

The determining factor is not as you report - "It also pertains to renovations that would increase a home’s SIZE by 50 percent or more" The determining factor is the increase in VALUE by 50% or more, The village describes it thus - "any alteration or other improvement of a one-family detached dwelling, the cost of which equals or exceeds 50% of the market value of the dwelling before the start of construction of the improvement."

There are numerous exclusions to to be made that serve to lower the initial "market value" and even more mandatory inclusions that will raise the final market value. In many instances this would exclude a new bathroom and kitchen where only electrical and plumbing permits are required. Never altering the envelope of the home.

This is a huge point to miss. I urge you to take the time to read the full text of the three documents, and correct the report.

They are available here.

http://sagharborny.gov/ " Aug 14, 15 9:32 AM

Thank you.
" Aug 14, 15 10:22 AM

Condos On Jermain Avenue Approved By Sag Harbor ZBA

A good decision by the Sag Harbor ZBA. This building has languished in a dilapidated state for long enough. The visuals depict a sensitive and appropriate restoration, nice work by architect Markus Dochantschi.

An old industrial building is reborn with a new purpose, its future secured. What could be better than that? Hopefully it will have a swift and uneventful passage through the ARB.

" Aug 20, 15 6:52 PM

Homeowners Accuse Neighbor Of Pilfering Documents

I am shocked, saddened and disgusted to read that Ms. Grosjean would take documents belonging to others. One of those letters was written by me, a neighbor, supporting the proposed restoration of number 43 Howard. I was at the meeting, and heard first hand, the allegations. No defense was offered. " Dec 10, 15 10:30 PM

Sag Harbor Costs That Must Be Included for Substantial Improvement Determinations:

Items that must be included in the costs of improvement and the costs to repair are those that are directly associated with the building. The following list of costs that must be included is not intended to be exhaustive, but characterizes the types of costs that must be included:
- Materials and labor, including the estimated value of donated or discounted materials and owner or volunteer labor
-Site preparation related to the improvement (e.g., foundation excavation)
- Demolition and construction debris disposal
- Labor and other costs associated with demolishing, moving, or altering building components to accommodate improvements, additions, and making repairs
- Costs associated with complying with any other regulations or code requirement that is triggered by the work, including costs to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
- Construction management and supervision
- Contractor’s overhead and profit
- Sales taxes on materials

Structural elements and exterior finishes, including:
- Foundations
- Monolithic or other types of concrete slabs
- Bearing walls, tie beams, trusses
- Joists, beams, subflooring, framing, ceilings
- Interior non-bearing walls
- Exterior finishes (e.g., brick, stucco, siding, painting, and trim)
- Windows and exterior doors
- Roofing, gutters, and downspouts
- Hardware
- Attached decks and porches

Interior finish elements, including:
- Floor finishes (e.g., hardwood, ceramic, vinyl, linoleum, stone, and wall-to-wall carpet)
- Bathroom tiling and fixtures
- Wall finishes (e.g., drywall, paint, stucco, plaster, paneling, and marble)
- Built-in cabinets (e.g., kitchen, utility, entertainment, storage, and bathroom)
- Interior doors
- Interior finish carpentry
- Built-in bookcases and furniture
- Hardware
Utility and service equipment, including:
- Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment
- Plumbing fixtures and piping
- Electrical wiring, outlets, and switches
- Light fixtures and ceiling fans
- Security systems
- Built-in appliances
- Central vacuum systems
- Water filtration, conditioning, and recirculation systems
Costs To Be Excluded from Substantial Improvement Determinations
Items that can be excluded are those that are not directly associated with the building. The following list characterizes the types of costs that may be excluded:
- Costs to obtain or prepare plans, specifications and surveys
- Permit fees and inspection fees
- Carpeting installed over finished flooring such as wood or tiling
- Outside improvements, including landscaping, irrigation, sidewalks, driveways, fences, yard lights, swimming pools, pool enclosures, and detached accessory structures (e.g., garages, sheds, and gazebos)
- Costs required for the minimum necessary work to correct existing violations of health, safety, and sanitary codes
- Plug-in appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and stove" Dec 12, 15 12:48 AM

Thank you! Just read it, copied word for word.

I have always had issues with the idea of a substantial value clause with reference to historic preservation. It never made sense. Historic preservation renovations can cost up to 400% of normal construction. I am aghast that rules written for flood plain protection by FEMA have been foisted onto the unsuspecting residents of Sag Harbor, as preservation protection in such a pious and hypocritical manner. Shameful." Dec 22, 15 11:10 PM

Sag Harbor Village Board Introduces Less Restrictive Moratorium

We are such a small community, it is a sad state of affaires that our governing has been outsourced to Fred Thiele. Whatever our differences we need to resolve them in an open and transparent way.

When important topics such as the moratorium extension are removed from the agenda hours before a standing room only regular Board of Trustees meeting, only to reappear as the sole topic for a “special” meeting of the Board of trustees, hastily convened without notice, at 8.30 AM on a Wednesday morning, between the Christmas and New Years holidays, any reasonable person must ask themselves, who’s interests are being served here?

If the board members are so afraid of an open discussion with the electorate of the village, on the most important piece of legislation to be enacted in living memory, then it’s time for them to consider their positions. Sandra, Robbie, Ed, Ken and James we elected you to serve the village. We need you to do that, we deserve nothing less." Dec 29, 15 12:01 PM

Village Of Sag Harbor Releases Draft Local Laws To Amend Zoning Code

The real disgrace is that we are all referencing Fred Thiele, when in fact we should be referencing the elected Board of Trustees.

" Dec 29, 15 12:22 PM

Hit enter too soon!, Our village has outsourced our governing to Mr. Thiel! Shame on them." Dec 29, 15 12:23 PM

Morpurgo House In Sag Harbor Sold At Auction

Delighted to hear that this historic house has a future. I wish Mitch and his team the very best. Projects like this are not for the faint of heart.

" Jun 26, 16 8:53 PM

Though Critical Of Spat With Fallen Vet's Family, Zeldin Says He Still Stands By Trump

I am perplexed as to why my considered comment was removed and have written to Joseph Louchheim and Mike Wright to inquire.

It does upset me that the impression left to the casual reader is that my comment and by extension I, was duplicate (lazy), off-topic (stupid) or submitted inappropriate content (rude).

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Aidan Corish" Aug 6, 16 9:02 AM

Let me try again,

Dear Lee,

I registered as a Republican the day I was sworn in as an American citizen. I am still a Republican but will be voting for Hillary. I do not want to live in Trumptopia, with it's dystopian dark vision, paranoia, belching smokestacks and the ever present fear of the suspension of habeas corpus. Not for us, or our children.

The man is an abominable monster and totally unfit for office. History will record the feckless nature of the Republican leadership in the face of this travesty. Shame on each and every one of you.

My favorite president of the post war era, George Herbert Walker Bush could add one more chapter to his astonishing biography of national service by denouncing Trump and endorsing Hillary. He has the perspective required to see this man for what he really is, after all the teenage GHWB had to deal with a similar monster. I have great differences with HRC, but they all pale to insignificance compared to the fear I hold for the US and western civilization should Trump attain our highest office and the codes to our nuclear arsenal.

However there appears to be one republican among us with balls. Well done Richard Hanna, I'm with you!" Aug 6, 16 5:04 PM

Sag Harbor Parents Ask Board To Renew School Superintendent's Contract

To the Sag Harbor School Board,

We would like to add our voices to the growing chorus of parents who are alarmed by the current situation regarding Katy Grave's contract. We have had children in the Sag Harbor school system for the past 10 years, and have lived full time in Sag Harbor for 17 years. We have seen superintendents come and go, and Katy Graves is head and shoulders above every last one of them. Her intelligence, experience, and most importantly her full on enthusiasm for the children is like nothing we have ever seen. She engages parents and children with a sense of warmth and personal focus that is sadly missing in so many people. My daughters find her accessible and we as parents find her proactive, knowledgeable, experienced and unbelievably kind.

As our elected board, you have a responsibility to US, the families out here who entrusted you to behave in a manner that is professional and transparent. Your job is to give her the freedom and trust to do HER job. She is eminently qualified to do that . . . now you need to prove to us that you are as well. While we appreciate that you are a voluntary body who donates your time and energy to this endeavor, please don't be beyond a little self reflection.

As we strive as a community to provide our children with the very best education possible, we first and foremost need a sense of strong leadership at the top. Katy Graves has proven she has that and so much more. After years of constant disruption in the supervisor's position, we need the stability and forward looking vision that the renewal of her contract would provide.


Louise and Aidan Corish
" Aug 17, 16 10:08 AM

Sag Harbor 'Half House' Leads To Dispute Between Owner And Village Architectural Review Board

....."Greedy, thoughtless, newcomers, demanding, demanding, demanding?" Trish, where is all of this anger coming from? The essence of life is change. Our HP&ARB board is required to manage this change intelligently and sensitively, not deny it. People have every right to move here, as I did and no doubt you or your ancestors did. People have property rights. These rights are enshrined in our constitution. An unelected board no matter how well meaning does not have the power to usurp them. Our village has lost every recent property related court case that has been taken against them. Why do you think that is? And finally, your opinions would be worth so much more if you had the courage of your convictions and identify yourself.
" Jan 28, 17 3:18 PM

Convivial Counselor Bill Fleming Of East Hampton Dies At 69

Kind, gentle and erudite. A true gentleman. Rest in Peace Bill, you will be missed. My condolences to family and friends.
" Jan 16, 18 10:08 PM