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Westhampton Free Library Employees To Vote Friday On Unionization

My name is Bob Trager. I am Sabina's husband. I - we- don't hide behind screen names as you can see but you appear to. We have requested a copy of the personal file from the Library and were advised by there attorneys they would not release it. I would be more than happy to provide that correspondence to anyone who has doubts. If you are going to make statement about abusive or erratic behavior back them up. Ill meet with you to discuss. No vendetta. Just speaking the truth with back up unlike you. You see Joan Levan personally solicited me for a Trustee position in the Village via e-mail, phone, and chance meetings. She wanted me to support her positions but I refused to become a part of her circus. kept reminding me she was my wifes boss. Thats when the trouble started. So show your face- name a time and a place- and I will show you all my wifes performance reviews and the letter from the Library denying her request for the personal file. Also my phone number is in the book in case you don't have the guts to stand up to your accusations. This Board has been a poison in the Library that needs to be addressed. And if they feel so confident in there abilities they should vote for an elected board of trustees. Why not- can you give me a reason?" Aug 20, 15 10:32 AM

Westhamptonboy- no lawsuits from the Trager camp. Not our goal. We only want to see the hardworking staff of the Library gain protection from what we consider an abusive board. The staff deserves union protection. They make and keep the Library an asset to the community. I hope everyone on the staff votes YES to the union. " Aug 20, 15 10:40 AM