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Hampton Bays Library Officials Circulate Seven Plans For Renovation

As our children - and seniors - mostly use the internet for their research, and Kindle (or some such) to read books, I'm not understanding why a larger library is needed as much in this 21st century!

The internet, with a computer, does not require bricks & mortar. And the internet is totally UNlimited in the amount of information, research material and literature - all of which cost little or nothing. Whereas a library holding bound paper (which cost increasing more in time) would need to be expanded every couple of years, again, costing million$.

So where is the logic in this???

Or are you looking for a building merely to house kids after school?

" Sep 2, 15 11:04 AM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Project In Tuckahoe To Break Ground This Summer

OMG, will we become North Bellport? Or Brentwood? Suffolk already has a major problem with crime/drugs over the last 10 years. Those of low income need to supplement their income somehow -- many (altho not all) choose to do so via crime -- whether out of desperation, greed, or sheer laziness. Thanks Southampton for adding to it! Southampton will soon become a ghetto of mac-mansions boarded up and abandoned by those who no longer want to live here! And the economy will die, and make it a new Detroit." Apr 18, 17 11:51 AM