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Southampton Town Board Still Awaiting Traffic Study For Tuckahoe Supermarket Plan

This report should show what we already know, that 39 is filled to capacity, especially during the summer season when it often moves at a crawl. It comes to a complete halt any time there is an accident. Any other conclusion would be a fabrication in favor of the developers, but I wouldn't put it beyond certain members of the town board to have put under pressure on whoever is writing the report." Oct 12, 15 8:15 PM

Oceanfront Homeowners Sue Over Trucks On Southampton Beach

There are many ways of influencing elected officials besides donating directly to their campaigns. This holds true especially for the Trustees because most do not fund raise for their own elections. Unlike candidates running for the Town Board, the Trustees rely primarily on ads and signs paid for by the political parties that endorse them. A look at the previous election cycle's donations to the Independence Party would be enlightening. " Oct 27, 15 8:02 PM