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Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Adler O'Keefe should be embarrassed and apologizing for making a horrible decision instead of claiming "she had no idea". Ignorance is bliss, but it won't stand up in court! For those of you who think she did nothing wrong- I completely disagree. Educators should be held to a high standard of conduct, which includes decision making AND accepting responsibility for choices made. I do not want this woman attempting to discipline my children and/or lecture them about "appropriate" choices. Move her out!" Sep 19, 15 7:27 AM

I don't argue your point about artists and expression, but do you truly feel this woman can discipline effectively and/or speak to kids about the merits of good decision making if she openly acknowledges she didn't know what she signed up for? In the very least, schools need leaders to be credible and respected, and how about well-informed, too? " Sep 19, 15 7:38 AM