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Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

The faux outrage here is bordering on funny. The thinly-veiled personal agendas are less so. I'ts well known in the district that Mr. Brand is less than objective when it comes to the AP. Additionally, the "higher standard" remark is really funny. The level of infraction he would have to commit that would result in him being fired is much higher than it would be in nearly every other profession. Higher standard? Hardly. One can have a nice, long career as an atrocious teacher as long as you're bright enough to not do anything REALLY egregious. It's about time that the teachers that do a phenomenal job get recognized for not being just another mediocre teacher. A great one is very difficult to find and is worth every penny and then some. Those are the role models. The teaching position itself, as in every other profession, does not make one a role model. To assume that it does speaks to either a high level of arrogance or a similarly high level of naivete.

Putting that to the side, what, exactly, is the problem? No one condoned anything and, more importantly, it was just a bad video for a bad song. Those that are really concerned that Ms. Adler-O'Keefe is setting a poor example either doesn't have kids in the HS or doesn't have their own house in order. If your child is looking for role models in music videos, that's on you. Additionally, if your child saw the video and you don't approve of the content, you should look into parental controls and filtering your internet access to your child. Again, a parental issue. Most importantly, if you think kids can't tell the difference between a professional in the workplace and a role that same person was playing outside of school time in something they saw on YouTube, you're giving your children too little credit. I would guarantee they are far less outraged than the "caring" parents. If you honestly have the effort to spend in being angry about this ridiculousness, your lives are going really, really well. Be thankful. Wouldn't a better lesson be that everyone makes errors in judgment from time to time? It doesn't make you a bad person or bad at your job. It just makes you a person that made a poor choice. To crucify a person for a questionable decision is absolutely the wrong message to send. If you can prove incompetence or insubordination or whatever the professional charge, have at it. But keep in mind that Ms. Adler-O'Keefe did nothing illegal or even particularly wrong. Her character in the video didn't condone the behavior. Active teachers have done worse.

And, if you'd like to invoke the "exploitative" angle, I think you'd have to ask the people in the video to have a leg to stand on with that. They were likely paid for a role and were, in their own minds, OK with it. Of course, I don't know that any better than any of you do that they felt exploited. Out of curiosity, for those that are angered and have kids in the HS, have you checked their phones to make sure that they don't have that song on their phones? Didn't think so." Sep 22, 15 10:33 PM

My intention wasn't to make a judgment on Mr. Brand as a teacher. As such, I certainly won't take issue with you about your opinion of him as a teacher or about his reputation. What I was taking issue with was the glaring lack of professionalism he displayed in this particular case. If the shoe were on the other foot, I would take similar issue with Mrs. Adler-O'Keefe making any such statement to the Press about Mr. Brand. It wouldn't be her place to do so even though, technically, he's her subordinate. In either case, it's highly unprofessional. I'm certain that I'm not remotely close to being the only one who feels that way." Sep 23, 15 10:06 PM

If you think far worse hasn't happened in the schools over the years, you can't have gone to school in SH. It's nicknamed Mouthampton for a reason. " Sep 23, 15 10:15 PM