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An outpouring of support for Obama

I am deeply saddened by the election that took place last night. I saw people who were interviewed who voted only for Mr. Obama because he is African-American, some could not even name one of his polices. I want to emphasize that this is not true for a large majority of Mr. Obama's supporters. There were many who spoke of how they felt his polices would benefit their lives. Those are the persons who were voting for the candidate they believed in.
To see folks vote for a candidate only because of the color of his skin revealed just how far this country needs to go. I hope Mr. Obama brings the change he so often spoke about.
" Nov 5, 08 5:56 PM

Town Board alters zoning of 915 undeveloped acres in East Quogue

Great. Now only the rich can afford to buld in E.Q. No wonder more of todays youth are leaving the island. But, hey, why would these people care, they already have their homes which will go up in value because E.Q. wil become an estate area only. " Dec 16, 08 9:33 PM

County backs Shinnecock casino effort

I think the casino should go up by the airport in Westhampton. this would place it in Southampton town which would bring alot of revenue to the area. Look how dead Main St. Westhampton Beach is in the winter. Come on folks, this area is slowly dying, we need something like this in the area. The Westhampton exit is the first one inside Southampton town its the best place. Sunrise can handle to the traffic and with 111 one exit away it provides several ways out of the area.
" Dec 16, 08 9:41 PM

Southampton wrestling coach arrested on drug charges

WOW I cant believe this. WAKE UP PEOPLE. all you saying "cant be, not him the police did it"..Saying the stuff is his, this is a classic heroin story. He fits the profile perfectly; middle to high income, socially accepted, holding down a job. Ryan appears to be a functiong Heroin addict. THIS IS HEROIN.
No its doesnt undo all his good deeds and all you standing behind him here, need to stand behind him if he decides to get help. This is one of the most addicting drugs in this area and it IS here.
Parents, PLEASE, research this stuff. Most kids in this area are snorting Heroin ( the first step before injecting). Dont look for little plastic baggies. Heroin comes packaged mostly in little wax paper bags. It doesnt take alot to get high. The bags when folded up look like a little piece of folded up paper they should have some kind of ink stamp on it with a catchy phrase...thats so if its a good batch the kids can go back ot the dealer and ask for it by name.
Oh and too the parents who say "not my kid"...Look at ryan." Mar 28, 09 5:34 PM

Westhampton Beach wants access to larger pool of tow truck operators

Resident. According to you there are many illegal issues going on. So why not contact the correct agency and have this looked at.
The reason you will not do that is because there are no illegal issues. You are posting nonesense and lies. 200K a year, I bet Chief Dean wishes he was making that much.
Oh, how does having fifteen Police officers mean they can cover 15 square miles?
Again, nonesense.
Its ok though, we have all come to understand that when the lies start flowing it must be election time in Westhampton Beach." May 1, 09 5:33 PM

Sick days strain Westhampton Beach Police Department

T.J. isnt really telling the TRUTH. NONE of these guys are out on disability. MAJOR back surgery. Yeah on an injury from years ago and after his friend Hank failed to get the charges against him from a Suffolk County Police Internal Affairs investigation dropped (thank you Mayor Teller). Does that change the story T.J.?
Torn Rotator cuff...Yeah an old injury from months ago and it was only discovered after the Chief of Police took him out of his cozy Detectives office and put him in uniform to cover shortages in the patrol section. Does that change the story T.J.?
Officer Pesapanes lawyer said its the stress he's feeling. What collecting a full paycheck while sleeping on the desk getting to him while his friend Hank tries to do away withe the charges against him...The stress must be from when he sees that this isn't going away as planned ( thanks again Mayor Teller).
T.J. you were never accused of being the sharpest pencil in the stack..your nothing but a puppet for these people.

" May 4, 10 5:07 PM

Westhampton Beach Village tables disciplinary hearings again; former police officer blasts mayor, police chief

Fred Hager....Really Fred Hager?....Thats the best Hank, Joan, Jimmy and Charlie Palmer could get. A absolute disgrace to the badge..You think that these current guys are bad. He makes them look like angels. Drunk on duty, fighting with his fellow cops while he was off duty. The bar had to call the cops because of him and then he pushed around his own co-workers when they tried to get him to leave. Sleeping on duty in front of the performing arts center WHILE a concert was letting out!..No shame cause he was a trust fund child and daddy wanted him to have a job. WHat a disgrace.
OH by the way..at the meeting...the female whispering in his ear while he is yelling at the Mayor is Det. Cunnen's wife.Yes the same Det. Cunnen that is facing charges. Disgraceful!
" May 9, 10 9:12 PM

Six candidates are seeking election in Westhampton Beach; Quogue races are unopposed

Its really sad and tells the tale when people you are trying to get into office have to run on a seperate party line to hide their realtionship too you.
Joan Levan obtained most of the signatures for both Charlie Palmer and Mrs. Bugge.
If you were friends with this lady and she was asking you to run for office along with her running mate Hank Tucker, wouldn't you ask the question of why you have to run on a seperate line to hide your association with her and Hank. The answers are there if you choose to look." May 16, 10 3:04 PM

Westhampton Beach detective suspended, faces disciplinary hearing

I guess his recent campaigning for Hunk Tucker is going to pay off. According to www.whbqt.info. Hank Tucker and Joan Levan removed an impartial arbitraitor and appointed themselves as hearing officers.
Friends taking care of friends. This board has got to go.
Isnt this Detective one of the guys who has his retirement papers already submitted, however, his retirement date is AFTER the elections. If his friend Hank Tucker gets elected Mayor he pulls his papers, charges are dropped and he stays. What a wonderful life!" May 18, 10 2:59 PM

Yes, this Chief is, but anytime the Chief raises his voice to these guys they go running to Hank, Joan and Jimmy who in return go after the Chief." May 18, 10 3:04 PM

The department currently has a large majority of its members (mostly senior members who enjoyed the good 'ol boy system) who dislike the Chief. If they disagree with or are caught by the Chief doing anything they run to Hank, Joan and Jimmy to save them.
Joan, Hank and JIm have allowed the disgruntled to have so much control of the department that the they do as they want and ignore the Chief. Use this latest as an example. Disobey an order from the Chief, he charges you, your friends on the Board appoint themselves to decide what your punishment should be.
I've heard stories of supervisors going to the Chief and not agreeing with him, storming out the door saying they are going to Hank Tucker. .
I'm not sure if Westhampton Beach would be better served by Southampton Town Police, however, once the department is abolished it would be near impossible to ever have your own department again.
There are a good officers in the department who are trying to do the right thing.
Why not just turn control of the department back over to the Chief of Police and allow him to do what he is paid to do.
" May 18, 10 4:22 PM

Bugge's petition ruled invalid in Westhampton Beach trustee race

Looks like Michelle got caught up in this. The interesting part of the story is on the Beach Bloggers website. Looks like Queen Levan was trying to secure her Royal Crown. These people have to be the most unethical people I have ever seen in this Village.
They have brought nothing but disgrace to this Village. Thank you Joan and Hank!" May 24, 10 6:41 PM

Officer makes charges of favoritism in Westhampton Beach PBA

So..The vice-President of the union (Bruetsch) takes Mcmanus' gun and then puts it in his car. Then gets caught lying to investigators and is charged, but gets himself and his other buddy who lied $5,000.00 each from the PBA to represent them for LYING, but Mcmanus has to provide in writing why he wants an attorney to the Excutive board that Bruetsch is on.
We didn't have a hearing on this why? Oh thats right Bruetschs friend Tucker wants more information . Ok I see now!. The more facts that come out the more this stinks!
Your right SJD get rid of these crooks.
" Jun 10, 10 3:00 PM

I would assume that D.A Spota would disagree that HE runs a dumping ground for bad cops. Wasn't it the East End Task Force that was just in the news for busting up a major Heroin Ring. So the D.A allows bad cops to make big drug busts. Not a smart thing to say there "resident", but, you have never been about getting the facts out there, just visions from your delusional world.
Its posts like yours that only give credibility to the things Mcmanus is saying maybe its you who needs the pysch exam." Jun 12, 10 12:42 PM

Five candidates are running for office in Westhampton Beach Village

Being that you have only posted this comment and none before, I am going to venture that you are one Hanks inner circle and only trying a last ditch effort to get your boy in office by spreading more lies! This report has been out for many months and never any mention of this 3rd officer, wouldn't a cover up such as this made one of Hanks or the PBA mailings?
What I think is that the "aroove" (as you spelled it) and this 3rd officer are all figments of "hanks inner circle's" imagination.
I'm also going to guess that you where on the wrong end of the one of the "manical Beach blogging idiots" blogs. I have yet to see anything on his blog that wasn't thoroughly researched and verified. I guess he's got some ethics. You should look the word up sometime.
" Jun 17, 10 7:14 PM