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UPDATE: Monsignor Trench of Sacred Hearts Remembered As People Person

such a loving and compassionate man..... truly giving of himself, not because of his "job", but just because that is who is was.... such an incredible loss....rest in peace....he will be missed...
" Mar 18, 12 5:31 PM

East Hampton School District Responds To Student's Death

Rest in peace David. The circumstances surrounding his death are really none of our business. The GOSSIP and ASSUMING are crap. The important thing is to now reach out and help his family, and all of his teenage friends who are probably completely confused and need love and support. This is probably one of their first experiences with death, and most importantly, probably one of their first experiences with the death of a peer. It's confusing enough going through the process when an adult passes away, but as a child it's even more so. Stop with all the trash talk and turn your energy into something positive and reach out and help these kids cope and move forward. They need that way more than all this other crap!" Oct 2, 12 6:43 AM

Hampton Bays Students Dance For Sandy Relief

my child,Mary, danced in this and raised over 500 dollars. What a great idea to do this!" Nov 20, 12 3:56 PM

Nine Southampton Boys Suspended After Altercation In Basketball Game

I wonder if these are the same players involved in the Southampton/Hampton Bays football game?
" Feb 9, 13 7:03 AM

UPDATE: Wilson Chains Trucks To House In Latest In Property Dispute

Stupid temper tantrum.......surely there are bigger issues going on in the world and all this energy can be put onto something that's really important???" Apr 12, 13 2:18 PM

Springs School Principal Rushed To Hospital; Vice Principal No Longer With School As Of Last Week

I am not in the Springs District, but I do know that as a parent myself, while the schools leadership is of some concern to the parent that was interviewed, these things always work themselves out. Certainly the district has "back up plans"... they always do. Mr. Casale's health and well being should be the focus. Hoping for good test results, quick recovery, and happy endings!" May 2, 13 10:20 PM

Small Fire At Fellingham's Sports Bar In Southampton Under Investigation

whew!!! glad all is ok and no one was hurt!!!" Oct 16, 13 6:35 AM

Oddone Pleads Guilty To Manslaughter Charge

OK!!! Here's the deal.....

I KNOW THIS FAMILY AND HAVE BEEN WITH THIS NIGHTMARE SINCE DAY ONE! This poor family decided what was BEST FOr THEM and for their CHILDREN... who.. let's remember are MINORS..... so unless you were there every day, lived this everyday, and walk in the Reister shoes... you have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking about..... time to let them move on!!" Feb 20, 14 10:27 PM

AMEN!!!! No one knows what this was like except for Andrew Reister's family.... they need to do what is best for THEM.....

good call Anonymous Sgh!" Feb 20, 14 10:29 PM

Southampton Pediatrician, Dr. Sherburne 'Sherb' Brown Jr., Remembered Fondly

I'll never forget going to the office as a kid, and how he would pick a prize out of his "prize drawer".. usually a small bouncy rubber ball... that I could keep if I could catch it.... after he would bounce it on the floor and zip it around the room first!! Rest in Peace.....
" Feb 24, 14 4:07 PM

Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach Open To Taking On Tuckahoe Students

Hampton Bays is getting too crowded as it is......" Dec 5, 14 7:43 PM

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