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Theater Review: ‘Promises, Promises’ Is A Winning Time Capsule

can't wait to see it!" Mar 17, 17 7:26 AM

Hal Goldberg Dies May 7

So sad... God bless him." May 13, 17 8:26 AM

UPDATE: Valerie Smith Posts Apology On Facebook For Using Racial Slur

She should be in jail. Unbelievable" Jun 2, 17 11:58 AM

Who the hell cares about this. The neighborhood is a mess . Has been for 50 years.. she moved there .. its her fault. Period. Put the house up for sale and get the hell out.. Don't call people the N word. " Jun 3, 17 5:19 PM

At Monday's Debate, Protesters Have Their Say; Valerie Smith Apologizes Again For Use Of Slur

Valerie was clearly foolish to buy in the Hillcrest neighborhood. Her use of the n word is ridiculous. I don't care who lives there ... Black, white , purple or pink.. You don't have to be rich to keep your yard clean.. cars parked on lawns, garbage and broken furniture on curbs.. take pride in living here. sad. " Jun 6, 17 8:43 AM

HIFF: Julie Andrews Talks Career, Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

... Thank you!.. I was thinking the same thing. To put Julie Andrews and that pig together is just wrong on so many levels." Oct 9, 17 8:48 AM

Quogue Groundhog Predicts Early Spring Friday

.... They stopped the video right when the groundhog was going to come out???.. LOL ... come on!" Feb 9, 18 8:50 AM