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Sag Harbor Village Resident Files Suit Against Village

Hey Tim, this is Mike Gaynor. I worked real hard to get that house. I also burned up $100K in Architect and Lawyer fees because the SH ARB told me they loved my design - then they changed their mind. If they caused you to drop a $100K for no good reason - I think you'd be singing a different tune. So maybe you should check your facts before you comment. I pushed up a copy of the Lawsuit to Facebook. You can read it at www.Facebook.com/HenryMadisonHouse If you still think I'm whining after you read it, please stop by my house and tell me to my face. I live at 165 Madison in SH. Here at my desk pretty much all the time. More than happy to step out side and work it out with you." Oct 28, 15 2:47 PM

'Legs' Sculpture In Sag Harbor Village To Come Down

Welcome to the People's Republic of Sag Harbor.

Ladies, please know that your neighbors support you and your right to property, free expression and your pursuit of happiness.

Stand YOUR ground. Take this to the Supreme Court.

" Nov 14, 15 1:00 PM

Village Of Sag Harbor Releases Draft Local Laws To Amend Zoning Code

Fred Thiele is a disgrace. He's forcing a failed zoning plan on all of Sag Harbor in hopes of picking up a handful of votes to save his State Assembleyman seat thanks to a handful of Save Sag Harbor wackos. Good luck with thay strategy Fred. Miscalculation of the century. To every Contractor on the South Fork, know this: Fred Thiele is taking food off your tables so he can get re-elected. The guy has never taken a preservation position ever in the history of ever and now all of the sudden, this? He sold you out. Remember this when he comes up for re-election this coming November. VOTE FOR ANYONE BUT FRED THIELE FOR 1ST DISTRICT STATE ASSEMBLEYMAN FRED THIELE IN 2016. ANYONE." Dec 27, 15 3:06 PM

New Proposal Would Preserve 18th-Century Hedges Home In Sagaponack

“critical component of the character of the neighborhood.”???

Yeah, right.

Let me tell you a little something about those neighbors, buddy, They have no character." Jan 15, 19 7:40 AM

Advocacy Groups Promote State Bill Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driver's Licenses

Another Hampton Hillbilly heard from.

Go smoke a cigarette in your pickup at the 7-11 while you listen to Rush...while these folks you despise show up for work early and stay late. Looser" Jan 29, 19 3:58 PM