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Stella Maris School Facing Large Deficit, In Danger Of Closing

The real issue for the school is strong student population wanting a better education. If you lose 30+ children in one year, you need to reexamine the school and the education it provides. If the quality of education and its costs are not realistic to the community it serves, then the school will close. However, if you fix it, even non-Catholics will send their children to a Catholic school deeming the education is superior to the local public schools." Apr 20, 11 11:14 AM

East Hampton Town Board Authorizes More Than $2 Million In Bonds For Hurricane Sandy Repairs

Spending another bundle on Gerard Road seems bit absurd, since it washes away with every bad storm...this time its a million dollars of taxpayer money. What have been the expenditures on this road over the past ten years?

Gov. Cuomo stated clearly we need to rethink how we deal with shoreline given that we have had two 100 year storms in the past two years." Nov 21, 12 2:38 PM

Deer-Culling Opponents File Suit Against East Hampton Town, Village Over Planned Cull

Another too little too late action on deer. Should have an annual cull by any means possible. Stop the political pandering. If boards of village and town can't face the controversy have a referendum each fall. Let the voters decide. The job of the boards is to carry out the goals of the community, not a vocal minority who caused this problem to get out of control.

Use the USDA, local hunters, etc....but stop the madness. The annual cull is the only means available for people and the deer that works.

" Dec 21, 13 6:54 AM

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