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Beer Tasting In Montauk To Support Lions Club

Mmmmmm...... BEER!" Nov 3, 15 4:58 PM

UPDATE: Cantwell, Incumbents, Reelected In East Hampton; Schneiderman Takes Southampton Supervisor Seat; Scalera, Bouvier Win Board Seats

Let's see now: $350,000 of helicopter money buys approximately 2000 votes?

That $175 per vote. Everyone knows you can't fly that cheap. " Nov 4, 15 7:27 AM

Woman Charged With Petit Larceny For Stealing Campaign Signs

She's been raking me for years on overdue Library charges. Off with her head!" Nov 6, 15 4:43 PM

Traffic Advisory Issued For Sunday During Mighty Hamptons Triathlon

Make up your mind. Is it a marathon, as the headline states? Or is it a triathlon as the story implies? " Sep 16, 16 1:22 PM

And, even I know how to spell triathlon. Jeez!" Sep 16, 16 1:24 PM

East Hampton Renews Plowing Contract With Steven Mezynieski's Company

$158k in 2015???? The town shouldn't be paying ANYBODY that kind of money to plow in the dead of winter when the airport is quiet. Let's see the cost per operation on that. Absurd. " Oct 8, 16 9:42 AM

Brundige To Return As East Hampton Airport Manager

Whatever this guy did it must have been REALLY bad to top what Brundige did. This airport needs serious help and Brundige is definitely not the answer. It's dangerous there. " Oct 21, 16 7:32 PM

New Polling Shows Zeldin Still In Lead But Throne-Holst Closing Recognition Gap

Maybe if she hadn't sold herself and the entire eastern portion of Southampton town out to helicopter companies she'd have a shot. She can't even carry her own town. Sad. " Nov 2, 16 8:48 AM