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UPDATE: Driver Of Car In Fatal Friday Bridgehampton Crash Identified

"The density of traffic was never meant for these roads..." What a true statement. If the good folks of Southampton and East Hampton Town had not stopped the construction of Sunrise Highway (Rt. 27) to Amagansett, we would not have the problems we have, now and especially in the summer on what is now called Rt. 39. Too late now folks! The birds have flown the coop! Stop complaining! It's your own fault!!!" Jan 8, 16 9:52 PM

"Contributing cause," is the key phrase here. Contributing to what? Everything must be investigated and taken into account. We will not know "everything" until the coroner's report. Even then!? Let's keep an open mind until ALL the facts are known. You make the driver sound like an angel - well maybe he is and maybe he isn't. Vikki K said it right!" Jan 8, 16 9:55 PM