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Suffolk County Sheriff's Office To Step Up Policing Of Pine Barrens

Don't you have something more important to worry about? " Feb 5, 16 5:58 PM

Westhampton Beach Planning Board Approves Shopping Center In Former Bowling Alley

Hello! westhampton doesn't need another pharmacy. there is one right on main street. Maybe it should be a place where people want to go such as a bowling alley! " Jun 11, 16 6:43 AM

Westhampton Beach Officials Hear Preliminary Costs For Main Street Revitalization

Another waste of tax money. Good job Westhampton keep wasting our tax money. Those mac laptops for the high school and middle school are not necessary as well. Kids aren't able to write anymore nor do most of the teachers in the school use the laptops during there classes. " Jul 27, 16 10:52 AM

Springs Man Arrested, Charged With Growing Marijuana In His Basement

Once again, get your priorities straight for all the police forces on the island. Marijuana isn't killing people. The heroin and the pills doctors are subscribing are. Why don't we get our water priorities straight since we have some of the worst water on the island." Jul 30, 16 6:49 AM

East Hampton Oyster Growers Seek To Create Disease-Resistant Shellfish

You are battling a side effect. The real problem is the pollution in our waters. Shellfish are dyeing and so are the fish. And now you want to create a shellfish that is man made and will be resistant to the pollution. How about clean up the water. It is sad to see that no one will take responsibility for the bays quality of water. " Mar 24, 17 11:39 AM

GMOs are bad for your body, bad for the community, bad for farmers and bad for the environment. This is why: The health consequences of eating genetically modified organisms are largely unknown. Genetically engineered foods have not been shown to be safe to eat and may have unpredictable consequences. Maybe you should do your research before you talk out of your ass. " Mar 24, 17 11:40 AM