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One Killed In Accident On Hill Street In Southampton Village

My Wife and I just missed this Incident by Minutes. In case No One has Noticed the Carnage Our Highways is Out Of Control, More so in the last 5 yrs than ever. School Driver Ed Programs are a Joke.....Designed to get my Kid a Blue Card.
The Politicians Control the PD by Controlling The Budget. All of The Police Depts are Understaffed and Overworked and This Accredited Agency... Data Collection Nonsense Burdens them Even More, Simple Calls are Now Time Consuming. When there is Traffic Enforcement much of it is Paid for by Federal Grant Money and the Politicians Advertise it ahead of time to Impress The Public. Then we have Nearly All of The Courts Locally and Countywide Playing Monte Hall.....Lets Make a Deal with Traffic Tickets. No Matter The Charge, a Serious Moving Violation can be Bargained to a Town or Village Ordinance Violation, Simply Pay The $300 to $400 Fine or more, No Points, No Insurance Increase, No Negative Driving Record, State DMV has No Idea and The Local Town or Village Get to Keep The Money.... No Accountability and No Deterent ! Do it Again and the Result is The Same.... Endangering Us All. Then Just Blame The Police..... Pretty Sad." Feb 9, 17 10:50 PM

Grand Jury Examining Hill Street Crash While Southampton Village Residents Seek Slowdown

A Major Problem that Exists in a Number of Towns and Villages on the East End, and I'm told through out the State is that These Local Judges are Circumventing the System by taking V&T Moving Violations and Playing Lets Make a Deal. The Violator Pleads to a Town Ordinance Violation or a Parking Ticket and The Local Jurisdiction Inflates the Fine and Keeps All The Money thus No Points on Your License, No Insurance Increase and No Deterent. NYSDMV has No Record and the Insurance Companies only become involved when there is a Claim which Many times Is Tragic. The Police are doing their Job and Being Laughed at by Residents of All Ages ! As a Result of Political Greed All of Us are Put in Danger every time we leave home, and as we have seen sometimes you don't even have to leave home." Mar 16, 17 9:31 PM

Southampton Town Police Chief Worries About Growing Presence Of MS-13 Gang

This Chief holds Credentials and Experience that No One Else in Law Enforcement or Private Life on the East End has ever seen and its apparent that he is Not Going to Do The Political Tap Dance that has been Sold to Residents For Years so as to Not Tarnish The Image of The Hamptons in order to Keep The Real Estate Prices High. Hopefully he can find a Solution for more Enforcement in the area of Reckless Drivers, Excessive Speed and Texting as an example...... which puts us All at Risk. Our Roads are Out of Control. Wake Up America and Face Reality ." Aug 12, 17 3:25 AM

New Head Of Southampton Town Public Safety Appointed, With Some Dissent

Its a Win ...Win Situation.....The Chief and the Head of Code Enforcement can Car Pool To and From Work !" Aug 24, 17 9:06 PM

Southampton Town Considers Resetting False Alarm Policy

The Original Alarm Law created some 20 yrs ago under a Republican Administration was designed to charge a fee after the 3rd False Alarm, Appx 5 or more years ago under the Throne Holst administration the Town Board at the time Cleverly changed the Law in October one year to make it a Money Maker for the Town. If unpaid the Fines are attached to the yearly Property Tax Bill which is quite common with out of area homeowners as it is all a write off. Once again it is the Local Residents and Business Owners who depend on these systems that are being penalized The Bellone Administration began doing the same on a County Level, As Suffolk County is Broke. Think of all the other Nuisance Calls They Could Charge For but Wont ! And don't forget to Support your Local Police, Volunteer FD and EMS for what they do for us 24/7/365." Sep 23, 17 4:28 AM

East Hampton Village May Silence Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers

This nonsense started about 10 yrs ago in rich communities in Nassau County, first recommended by Legislator Judy Jacobs who died a few years ago. Take a look around and see who has infiltrated our east end governments and communities. None of these people even know how to start a lawn mower or have done a minutes yard work in their lives. Talk to any landscaper, they can barely make a living now. Whats next solar powered electric mowers?" Nov 17, 17 3:34 AM

Southampton Town, USGA Officials Formulate Traffic Plan For U.S. Open Without 'Cops And Cones'

In 2004 the so called Cops and Cones Plan was Designed by an Engineer who Specialized in Traffic Control and It was Flawless.
And Remember..... the Arrogance of Texting While Driving, Driving by GPS and the Addiction of Using a Cell Phone While Driving Didn't Exist thus Driver Inattention was Minimal. Anyone Assigned to Traffic Control Please Pay Attention, Wear as much Safety Green as Possible and Surround Yourself with Bright Orange Cones because this one is going to be Different." May 11, 18 4:36 AM

Governor Cuomo Signs Law Allowing Transfer Of Shinnecock Commercial Docks To Southampton Town

Cuomo doesn't approve anything unless it benefits him or one of his Democrat Buddies.....In this case Bellone as the county is Broke after years of money mismanagement by Halpin, Levy, and now Bellone who all display the same Political smile when they try to sell middle class America one of their snow jobs. Wake Up People and Vote Him Out in November.....Do your part to Help Make America Great Again! NYS needs a Change." Aug 17, 18 8:51 AM

Southampton Trustees Look To Close Duck Blind Loophole That Favors Homeowners

Cant Wait to See This "Duck Blind". And Don't Forget to Get Out and Vote for Marc Molinaro for Governor......Otherwise Cuomo is going to Tap the Databases and Wreak Havoc on Hunters and Gun Owners." Sep 23, 18 9:53 PM

Southampton Village Residents Rejoice Over Proposed Stricter Regulations To Landscapers

Create a Make Me Feel Good Law or Ordinance and Attach a Fee to it. That's exactly what Long Islands Politicians are All About, Village, Town and County. None of these people including the ones complaining have ever mowed their own lawn or strapped on a Red Max 8500 and cleaned a yard.
A Commercial Mower can cost $14-16,000, a Blower $750 not including Fuel and Maintenance and that's only a small part of it. Landscapers are going out of Business every year because No One Can Make Any Money Now .When a Yard isn't Pristine for The Weekend the NYC "Clients" Don't Pay." Jan 25, 19 9:13 AM

Southampton Town CPF Manager Mary Wilson Retires

She did a Great Job against Difficult Odds Preserving Thousands of Acres of Farmland and Wetland including Historical Buildings sought after by Out of Area Developer/Investors. Just One Example... If it weren't for Her there would have been 32 small lot Houses on a Piece of Property in EQ which is Now Preserved.
People fail to realize that the Farms were Lost to cleverly Written Inheritance Laws by our Albany Law Makers. In NYS when one Passes The Bar Exam, The Attorney is handed a Notary License and the Paperwork for a Real Estate License....Just Complete The Application along with a Check......Another Well Kept Secret. That's how We became Manhattan's Playground and Hollywood East where there is No Emotional Attachment to Anything. Its all about Big Money !" Jan 31, 19 4:40 PM

I think All of Us have lost much Respect for the way our Town Government has been managed over the years. Eastern LI is not what it used to be.
The Replacement Should Be Interesting." Feb 1, 19 6:27 AM

Southampton Town Board Denies Alex Gregor's Request For Reimbursement Of Services From NYPD Detective's Funeral

DFree and Hampton Classic Could Not Have Said it Better ! As a Lifelong Resident of Southampton Town I Totally Agree, and their Conclusions are Accurate. And Don't Forget to Thank The Democrats!" Apr 18, 19 9:09 AM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

eliot 250 says it all. Has anyone tried applying to the Town lately for a Bldg Permit?....Impossible Requirements. The Town is catering to the Rich and trying to force out the Locals to further turn Eastern LI into Hollywood East for the Manhattan and Wall Street Crowd because its become all about Money. Town Bldg Codes are Designed to eventually Force the Sale of Your Home to Developers for a Knock Down as there is little Farmland left to be Stolen by the Cleverly Written Inheritance Laws of NYS.
As far as the Signs go, If it were anyone else the Political Response would be that "They are simply exercising their property rights Under The Law". The Sign Looks Great. Put one on Montauk Hwy at the Reservation also !" May 31, 19 4:21 AM