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State Agency Says PSEG Followed Proper Protocol Prior To Pole Installation

did anyone conducting the investigation talk to the Southampton Director of Municipal works who sent multiple requests to pseg for detail concerning this project? What about the 59 poles installed in Northampton? Don''t they count? This issue is not exclusive to Brookhaven." Aug 23, 17 12:35 PM

Deepwater Could Sell More Juice Than LIPA Contract Demands

Anyone who has attended the East Hampton Trustee meetings has heard DWW state while the offshore output is 90MW, when the electrons get to East Hampton it will supply only be 36MW. If the landing point is Beach Lane then the 36 MW will be completely consumed by the East Hampton Load Pocket. The East Hampton load pocket's highest peak was August 14, 2016, during when it drew 94.3MW according to load data foiled(freedom of information law) from LIPA. Therefore the entire 36MW will be consumed locally. If the connection point is Hither Hills/Montauk, the capacity will be shared between Montauk and East Hampton since Montauk drew 26.3MW Aug 14, 2016 at 6pm.
Offshore wind is the only shovel ready large scale renewable energy source that can meet the demand for electricity on the south fork. Additional capacity due to technological advancement is a good thing and much needed. " Aug 29, 18 10:21 AM