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Schneiderman Requests Information From Police About Missing Woman Investigation; No Answers For Family

If the investigation was botched, then expect a botched autopsy report. Demand that this case be put in the hands of homicide detectives. PERIOD. I wonder if hubby is getting nervous?" Feb 12, 16 5:38 AM

I hope its not to late. Her body was exposed to the elements for a long time. Some forensics may have been lost. IS HUBBY PUSHING FOR A FULL SCALE INVESTIGATION? DOUBT IT. Someone should ask Mr. call the kettle black, why he called her brother down to the parking lot the morning of." Feb 12, 16 5:50 AM

Lilia Aucapina's Death Ruled A Suicide By Medical Examiner

SCPD are in it for the money. Nothing more. Nothing less. " Mar 5, 16 2:58 PM

SCPD has the facts. You dont. Accept it." Mar 5, 16 3:03 PM