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State Poised To Strip Local Authority Over Uber; East Hampton Official Warns Of 'Chaos In Montauk'

There is a huge misinformation about the Uber drivers' -so called- "unregulated" status here which is totally wrong!
All Uber drivers have TLC licenses from either NYC or Nassau Taxi Limousine Commissions and they are much more strictly regulated than the local cabbies (i.e. annual criminal background checks, annual drug tests, taxi/limo school certificate, medical report, proof of address, utility bills, proof of income, TLC mandatory commercial insurance policy, clean and new vehicles, rating system, ongoing evaluations, etc. etc.) which cost the drivers approx. $10K per year just to operate the vehicle. FYI..." Apr 4, 17 6:47 PM

That's right! There are also some illegal Uber drivers committing fraud by using their old Uber accounts, driving uninsured, not registered, even out of state (Florida) plated vehicles (like an Escalade) in SH Village. Those illegal Uber drivers also need to be stopped same as homeless Uber drivers who come from the City and sleep in their vehicles! " Apr 7, 17 10:25 AM