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Trash On The Beach Is A Common Eyesore In The Summer

I think making the bags available at the recycling facilities would help .Maybe creating a way to toss out smaller household trash without a bag. As stated a lot of these sites are being used for household garbage. If the recycling centers made it easier for people who are not local and typically dont have bags at their home could just swing by and toss out small amounts of trash this may not happen. Everyone has seen those sketchy people come to the beach early in the morning to toss stuff in the containers. Pretty sad they can spend money on staying out here but use the beach as a dump." Aug 22, 18 9:27 PM

Community's Concerns Intensify Regarding Bridgehampton Gateway Complex

I think its time we all admit our population needs/deserves services from larger companies. People living out here have a hard enough time affording a place to call home . Why is a outfit that can offer services at competitive rates being looked at in a negative way?? If other businesses are effected they need to step it up. Thats called free market capitalism......Traffic is going to be horrible anyway. We just keep building more lanes to ease it and guess what.....more traffic comes!!!
I hope whatever the landowner wants to go there that fits under the current zoning law goes there . Good for her. " Jan 28, 19 6:22 PM

Sixty-Unit Workforce Housing Complex Being Considered On County Road 39 In Southampton

This makes no sense. These workforce housing deals are not going to put a dent in the commuter traffic or the need for permanent workforce out here. We are going to turn this town into a Farmingdale really quick if we do this type of development. Dont chase the fast money of new developments for the loss of what little rural character we still have. Set an example by shooting this down immediately so more of the same dont come looking for other ways to over develop what is left. " Feb 8, 19 7:53 PM

It much more about preserving our small town feel for the safeguarding of our largest income generator which is the summer crowd. As we chip away from that feeling with these projects we are setting ourselves up for absolutely no incentive or reason for summer folks to come out. I dont like the traffic, congestion and chaos that takes place during the summer months but its really going to suck when its like that year round AND we are all broke!!!
" Feb 9, 19 1:20 PM