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Second juror dismissed at Oddone murder trial

Why was juror #10 released without an explanation? Could it be that the jury has already determined their decision before getting closing arguments and final instructions and that #10 wasn't "with" the rest of the jurors? " Dec 2, 09 9:48 AM

You have no idea how accurate you are with what happened to #10" Dec 2, 09 12:19 PM

Jury now deliberating in Oddone trial

Unfortunately, this jury has already made up their mind to make a conviction. Which one, I'm not sure. From day 1 many of the jurors already had him convicted- which is why the first juror was kicked off. The 2nd juror was thought to be "against conviction" which is why she was dismissed. Did you notice any other jurors dismissed before closing arguments? All of you that know he's guilty and want him convicted- rest comfortably. Unfortunately, justice will not be served since the jury is so tainted." Dec 2, 09 7:05 PM

Yes, you did read it- but that doesn't mean it was the truth. He was drunk, but that's not how it was reported." Dec 2, 09 8:41 PM

So it doesn't matter if the jury is tainted? All that matters is that the result you want occurs. Wish the rest of the world was like that...." Dec 2, 09 8:42 PM

wrong- I was with the jurors" Dec 3, 09 7:10 AM

related to...but I'm not making any more comments on this site. so sorry---we'll see if I know what I'm talking about." Dec 3, 09 7:34 AM