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South Fork Voters Talk Donald Trump

On the Donalds advice in investing I knew him when I lived in new jersey and worked at a limo co. I drove 4 him. I turned a 250.000.00 investment into just over a million in 22 years. He is a smart man and will make a great president
He's got my vote. " Apr 1, 16 8:54 PM

Town Employee Arrested For Unauthorized Use Of Payloader

Good job Alex, Sykes should have known better material was not his and he did it anyway . Mrs. Sea leave stuff in you're yard and if someone steals it don't call the police and if u can't afford to by a copier they dont cost much and copier paper don't steal from you're employer go to the sag harbor 5 and 10 you are in sag harbor so support local business don't steal from them.shame on you. I own a business in Ronkonkoma, Sayville, and Commack and if I had an employee steal they would be arrested and out of work. " Apr 4, 16 9:22 AM

Forgot to add that I thought it was strange that Southampton Town police didn't make the arrest they have arrested town employees in the past." Apr 4, 16 9:26 AM

Wildlife Rehabilitators Upset About DEC License Change

Rich Morey you are a collage graduate. I think you should be able to write you're own statement to the DEC. Clay would write his own." Apr 8, 16 11:43 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief Robert Pearce To Retire

Enjoy retirement Chief." Apr 8, 16 11:49 AM

Chief I own three business and pay union/prevailing wage. Sound like you don't make much money that's your problem. I make a lot if money I own houses in southampton, Charleston SC and a condo in vermont. I work very hard for my money and so do my union employees who all make over 100.000.00 per year with the overtime they get plus profit sharing. And a matching 401k. So stop bitching about the money that cops get you are so jealous. Look at the local tradesman in the area who pay their employees very well including weber and grahn, Riverhead building, fork asphalt, Flanders heating and air, zizzi builders, ocean electric, Ben krupinski builder, east coast mines, Cardo site development, Patrick Bistrian, Quogue Sinclair excelsior plumbing and heating, petro, bay gas, hampton tank gas, Mccoy bus co, landscape details, southampton tire car care center, and many other business that pay very well. I heard that you are a retired state trooper who retired long ago. " Apr 11, 16 7:05 PM

Yes I do own a landscaping business in eh where my employees cut and maintain many lawns from Westhampton to Amagansett. I also pay them very well the foreman lives in East Patchogue and he gets a co truck to commute, he is retired from the city of NY where he worked for sanitation for 29 years. Other businesses is road building, paving, drainage, site work and a proud union employer with three yards in western suffolk. Chief1 you were in NYS tier 1 weren't you. Also many employers pay their employees very well including Doug Matz of Flanders heating and air, Ben Krupinski, James Zizzi both local builders, the Goodales of Riverhead building supply, John Grant of Grant heating, Albie Mccoy of Mccoy oil propane and bus Co. Doug Trojanowski of East end paving, and the Montecalvo family at Rosemar, the Bistrians of east hampton, and Cardo excavating in Quogue just name a few. Chief1 I am leaving eh now enroute to my Commack yard but will stop at the best breakfast spot on the east end the Candy kitchen restaurant in Bridgehampton. Lolly hut in Riverhead is also a pretty good place when I am on the North fork. Chief1 I started as a kid when I was 13 years old pushing a lawn mower around my neighborhood cutting lawns I worked hard to get where I am today, payed my own way through collage. Went I left collage with a degree in business I went to work for JD Posicillo paving as a laborer/raker got my CDL class b license started driving stayed there for five years relized could do this on my own started a paving business by having another co do the work then making a small profit until I was able to buy a dump truck and leasing a paving box, got bigger expanded and worked as a sub on municipal contracts and then bid on jobs myself. Most local employers pay very good on the east end even paying their employees an extra hour a day to commute from the west." Apr 12, 16 9:20 AM

Closing Of Sand Land's Solid Waste Processing Predicted To Affect Local Landscapers

Bistrians in east hampton they have what Tintle had." Apr 12, 16 3:34 PM

Vigil For Murdered Immigrant Held In Patchogue While Trump Appears At Fundraiser Down The Road

Mrs sea were u there. How many is many.
" Apr 15, 16 1:07 PM

Mrs sea were u there. How many is many.
" Apr 15, 16 1:07 PM

Sag Harbor Man Receives Outpouring Of Support After Motocross Accident

The Federico family will most likely donate all the money they get from go fund me too a charity. The Federico family is a great family and did a blood drive in memory of Rob's dad Jim. I don't think he would have wanted to have a go fund me account in his name. I don't know why a friend would set up a go fund me account in someone's name. Living anywhere on Long Island is expensive. There are plenty of other area's on LI more expensive than Sag Harbor like Old Field and Muttentown ect. Get well soon Rob. " Apr 26, 16 10:12 PM

Southampton School District Not Required To Withhold Findings Of Farina Investigation, State Open Government Official Says

If they don't release the info even after a foil vote them out. Someone must be up this year election is soon. Everybody in Southampton school district should vote this year tell the school who the boss is, remember school board members you work for the benifit of the taxpayers. Why is the board protecting Farina, who does he have info on.
" Apr 27, 16 7:34 PM

Longtime Sag Harbor Fire Department Volunteer Ted Stafford Jr. Dies On May 2

Ted was a good man. RIP Ted. God bless the Stafford family John, Andrea, Maureen and Ted Jr.and their family's." May 6, 16 9:42 PM

UPDATE: Former Hampton Bays School Board Member Pleads Guilty For Looting Scholarship Fund

The Hampton Bay's Fire district Board of Fire Commissions should throw him out of the fire dept. Booth is such a loser to do what he did, how you steal from a 911 charity is beyond me
The members of the FD should demand he resign or get expelled, what an embarrassment this is to all the dedicated members of the FD. He always had to be seen at the annual FD carnival had the loudest mouth. He already saying he wasn't convicted he plead guilty. Well guess what Booth pleading guilty is the same as being convicted at trial, you loser. Just move away looks like you don't have much support from the comunity. Chief1 I agree with you he is a loser. He is only remorseful because he got cought, probably would still be stealing." May 8, 16 2:04 PM

Friday Morning Accident Closes Eastbound Lane Of County Road 39

I travel CR39 west Monday through Friday keep the speed limit at 35 MPH. CR 39 is not wide enough to meet federal standards, just look how close the hydrants and utility poles are to the road especially the hydrant just east of yesterday's treasures. People just need to slow down the County needs to put up speed cameras since they own the road. Southampton Town police or the troopers need to start doing speed enforcement.
" May 13, 16 12:24 PM

UPDATE: Four Suspects In Stabbing At Hampton Bays Bar Ordered Held On $250,000 Bail Each

Time to build the wall. Too many illegal aliens in this country I don't know the status of the four arrested. Maybe legal maybe not, I'll pick the latter. Vote for Donald Trump in November, he'll make the change this great Country needs.

" May 22, 16 5:18 PM

'Prince of Montauk' Dylan Eckardt Charged By East Hampton Town Police Monday With Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

Self proclaimed prince of Montauk. Rock star of real estate and he hires Trevor Darrell and not Eddie Burke as his attorney. Guess he is not that much of a rock star of real estate or prince of Montauk. Because all the big guys hire Eddie Buke." Jun 21, 16 4:30 PM

Bonac Fireworks Display Set For July 16 As Fundraising Goal Is Reached

Way to go everyone ?. Re read the article if it
wasn't for the large private donation by one person there would be no fire works. So it's not way to go everyone it is way to go large doner." Jun 21, 16 4:38 PM

Southampton Town Police Department Dispatch Infrastructure To Receive Upgrade

Yes they should build a entire new building, they have outgrown the current building. Every inch of space is being used for something. Time to construct a new police/justice court building. All one building. Get rid of that trailer park justice court.
" Jul 3, 16 5:35 PM

Shinnecock Tribal Members Stand Up For Rights To Access Southampton Village Beaches

Southampton Village beaches are free to go to, you just have to pay to park if you are a non village residents. Not a big deal park in a village lot and walk or get dropped off at the beach, just make sure of the parking time restrictions. The Shinnecock members can surely do this as I and many other people do. Want to park at a village move into the village. Same at the beautiful beaches in East Hampton. East Hampton village even has a free ride shuttle that takes you right to main beach, by far one of the best beaches in the country.

" Jul 27, 16 1:56 PM