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UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

FAIL EPIC EPIC EPIC FAIL. 40 minutes from Shinnecock Hills to the village at 9:40 this morning. You can't get to CR 39 because there is no right turn from Hills Station Rd to CR 39 (didn't see that in the road closures) or any of the other north south roads (Tuckahoe Road closed, St Andrews Rd closed. By the time you make it to Tuckahoe Lane the easterly traffic has eased. 8:30 PM west bound CR 39, Montauk Highway bumper to bumper, Shrubland Drive backed up to Cold Spring Pond. This is day one. Only practice rounds. What is Thur - Sun going to be like?" Jun 11, 18 9:34 PM

Southampton Town Officials Seek Opinion From State On Legality Of Trustees' Rose Hill Road Deal

PBR what new article are you referring to?" Jun 27, 18 12:02 PM

UPDATE: Town Officials Respond To Shinnecock Plan For Billboards On Sunrise Highway In Hampton Bays

Westwoods is north and south of Newtown Rd so some of it may abut the north side of Sunrise highway, but you are 100% correct about it not being reservation (sovereign) land. The only thing that I can think of is that some of the Westwoods land was taken (assuming eminent domain in which the Tribe should have been paid fair market value) when Sunrise was build. Like Old Riverhead Road was dissected into Old Riverhead Road and Old Riverhead Road East when Sunrise was put in. If this is the case, using the Tribe's logic, why no tjust put in a toll booth across Sunrise and charge everyone $10. Everyone on 27East are always asking or one and on the plus side it would help out our Native American neighbors.

Cheek insert tongue. " Apr 26, 19 5:30 PM

So are they also responsible for cutting off all the branches off but leaving the trunks still standing of the three trees in the median?" Apr 26, 19 6:27 PM

Well guess the town"s arguments weren't compelling. BILLBOARD support posts (2 feet wide by 60 feet tall) being installed as I post." Apr 30, 19 10:20 AM

Great STOP WORK order. Another Rose Hill Road Park fiasco. Get the work done before the town can react and then drag it out in court. The only losers are the people of Southampton.

Here are some new pics,

The Post - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnTqKnnJSfwth1mXSKrDVUhQ5E7l
Installing the post - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnTqKnnJSfwth1q5s9l0YSULX3VG
Post installed - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnTqKnnJSfwth1v5PXDOUiWo4BpC

Augmented pic of what it may look like

FYI: Ultra-Lum is the business installing the signs. Got the sign pic from their website.

Southampton Town Board better wake up. There is NO relationship with the Tribe. Indian remains found and the nation wants the town to buy and preserve the land with CPF funds.and they do spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in return the town gets a big middle finger.

" Apr 30, 19 4:01 PM

FYI 27East added a third image to the article that shows what the billboard will look like, So we now know a "Monument" is just a vertical BILLBOARD. It's just a bigger target to hit if someone accidentally runs off the road. Thank you 27East; for the image; however, there is verbiage on the side of the image that you can't make out. It would have been nice if you posted a larger image or just post the text. What you can make out says "Double Sided Display". Is this the case? It wouldn't seem to make any sense.

Also in the article you quote the Town letter as using the word "memorials" where as the article quotes Mr. Troyd as saying "monuments". Is this a misquote in the article or the Town letter? It would be nice if you also included a copy of the Town letter in the article." May 1, 19 8:35 AM

According to CBS news

Shinnecock trustees later replied to CBS2’s request for comment, saying in a statement “our community has suffered greatly over the last several decades due to a lack of resources. Now, we have the opportunity to generate revenue and have access to the same standard of living as our much wealthier neighbors.”

Town officials said tribal leaders told them at a recent meeting they are not asking for permission. They just wanted to let the town know they are proceeding.

In case anyone is interested this is the verbiage on the left hand side of 27East's image of the sign.

I guess it IS going to be double sided.

Twice the light pollution none of the fun.

Double Sided Display

30' x 20' LED displays in center

Top Cabinet to have tan textured 6' deep cabinet
perforated aluminum faces for ventilation
Perf material painted tan
Cabinet sides to be solid aluminum.

13' diameter emblem to be 10" deep with black
aluminum constructed sides.
Internally illuminated with white LED's.
Flex face vinyl with digitally printed graphics.

Lower section below LED board to have tan
painted perforated aluminum faces for
Cabinet sides to be of solid aluminum.

ICONIC identification to be illuminated
pan channel letters with internal LED lighting
12" tall x 97" long overall.

6" tall horizontal reveals between sections to be

Stone base to have 3" x 3" steel angle iron frame
with 1/2" cement board attached.
River rock stone veneer to be applied to
field after base structure is in place
8' tall x 22' wide x 7' deep

Time and temp units to be approx 18" x 36".

6" square steep tube guard raid 3' tall.
With 3' square steel horizontal braces.

Welcome to Las Hamptons.

" May 1, 19 8:06 PM

They are not installing the signs on the Indian owned Westwoods property. They are installing the signs on the Sunrise Highway easement (They are between the Sunrise fences). This was originally part of the Westwoods property before Sunrise Highway existed, but when the highway was build NYS acquired the land. The base of the sign is going to be 22' wide x 8' high x 7' deep. If the support post is in the middle of the sign, it means the sign base will extend 10' on either side of the post. This means that the sign base will end right around the shoulder of the highway. This would be a major safety hazard. I sure NYS DOT has thousands of regulations for signage along highways. I can't see a 8' high x 22' wide river stone covered wall meeting any of them. Also what happens if we get hit with a hurricane. There is nothing better then a 60' sign toppled across the main highway after a hurricane." May 2, 19 8:43 AM

So are the Dust Bunnies under my bed!" May 2, 19 1:57 PM

State Remains Silent On Determination Over Shinnecock Nation Billboard Work On Sunrise

Saw DOT trucks with surveying equipment out there is morning. Glad to see the DOT working at their normal glacial speed. Unfortunately, it looks like they are finished welding the mounting plates on the top of the support posts, so we are probably only a days worth of work before the signs (minus the base skirts) are erected. " May 8, 19 6:27 PM

This is a bit off topic, but since we are talking tolls which automatically leads to surveillance, does anyone know who installed the license plate readers and CCTV cameras at the beginning of Hill Street in Southampton Village? They are installed, east bound, on the telephone pole with the electronic speed limit sign and also on the pole, west bound, in front of the old antique store. There is even a dedicated CCTV pointed directly at East Gate Road to the reservation. Assuming this is SVPD, but I guess it could be SHPD or even NYSPD. What are they being used for? Is for video evidence in case someone tries to make it to the safety of home? They have been installed for 5-6 months and I haven't seen anything in the press. How about it 27East? I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in who is surveilling them." May 10, 19 9:55 AM

Shinnecock Nation Leaders Say Signs On Sunrise Are Essential To Tribe's Economic Well-Being

Ok ,today was one of the first non-rainy weekdays since the billboard posts have been finished, but the signs have not yet been installed. Why not? You have to assume that the tribe would want to install them as quick as possible, right? One of the 27East articles talked about concrete footers being installed. If this is the case, they may be waiting for the concrete to reach optimal hardness which is ~28 days. IF, this is the case it gives NYS some time to get its *ss in gear.. Hopefully this is the case. if this assumption is correct, it have the billboards being installed the week of 5/26. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, NYS!" May 14, 19 7:40 PM

UPDATE: Tribal Council Chairman Will Not Attend Civic Association Meeting Monday Night Due To Community Protest

Hey, hey, hey. It looks like the winds might be changing! Just passed the posts and noticed that NYS' finest were talking to the contractors that were looking to work on the sign posts. Maybe NYS is FINALLY taking notice!

There is a pic of it taking place.


" May 17, 19 10:53 AM

Shinnecock Billboard Work Continues As State Still Reviewing Whether It Has The Right To Stop Them

Hey, hey, hey. It looks like the winds might be changing! Just passed the posts and noticed that NYS' finest were talking to the contractors that were looking to work on the sign posts. Maybe NYS is FINALLY taking notice!

There is a pic of it taking place.


" May 17, 19 10:54 AM

UPDATE: Shinnecock Tribe Continues Billboard Work As Lawsuit With State Looms

Agreed. Unfortunately it is the "the people" that suffer the consequences for bad leadership. It not just an Indian issue. Look at the Rose Hill Road Park fiasco. That involves the Southampton Trustees allowing a millionaire neighbor to take over almost half of the park. It's now tied up in court for the next 5-10yrs.

With the billboards the "blow back" is going to hurt tribal members the most. It is causing a lot of local resentment towards the tribe, especially if you are familiar with the status of the Westwoods property. It has been determined to not be sovereign tribal land before and if forced to go through the courts again there is nothing to suggest that the outcome will be any different. I say no more CPF money to buy land for the tribe unless tribal leadership is changed.

The company installing the billboards is spending a reported 3.5M on these signs. If they are not being installed they are out a "boat load" of money. What are they going to do, just say "don't worry we understand"? I don't think so. You are doing to sue the Tribe saying they misrepresented the ownership of the land, so we want our 3.5M plus lost future revenue on the deal! Again who suffers, "the people". Now there is even less money for the tribe because lawyers have to be hired, etc., etc. ALL BECAUSE OF STUPID DECISIONS BY LEADERSHIP! " May 19, 19 10:52 AM

I agree. You would think so. If they didn't, then tough on them. If they did, but didn't find the previous property issues, fire the in house counsel/legal department. Still tough on the company. If they found issues/questions with property, did Tribal leadership make any assurances or guarantees. From the outside looking in, it sure appears that Tribal Leadership is 1000% positive that Westwoods is sovereign Tribal land. We don't know what is in the contract. If this is the case the Tribe is screwed. I hope you are right. That is, the company knew and accepted the risks going into this. " May 19, 19 2:54 PM

i guess NYS is going to have to rename its "Stop Work Order" and their "Cease and Desist Letter" to a "Stop Work Suggestion" and a "Please Persist Letter"." May 21, 19 6:21 PM

First Of Two Shinnecock Billboards Nears Completion

I can guarantee you, you will NOT be alone. We need to start a Facebook,Twitter and/or Instagram account so people can post and keep track on the sign advertisers. Also BOYCOTT ALL the reservation businesses!" May 23, 19 6:34 PM

Just passed the billboards and they were not operational. Did NYS finally read Idon Media the riot act? Did someone cut the power? Sabotage or PSEG? " May 25, 19 7:01 PM

Startup Gremlins, New Dark Skies policy, Run out of ads already? " May 25, 19 7:22 PM

I believe the current stone veneer is just a temporary vinyl wrap in order for it to look more finished than just concrete board. The finished base is supposed to be cut rounded river rock with a illuminated ICONIC sign and time & temp. displays. We were promised time and temp. If NOT, then we have been baited and switched. That would be a deal breaker for me!" May 27, 19 7:48 AM

Billboards are still Off. - Day 2 . Have Iconic Media and/or Ultra-Lum finally gotten the message from NYS.

Waiting for the Shinnecock Nation spin on this new development. Probably smething like, they "heard" the opposition to the Monuments from the local community and voluntarily turned off the advertising in order to reach a better agreement with the community.

With the seal on top and no advertising they are starting to look like actual monuments. If it wasn't for the precedent, the safety issue, and the fall zone issue, I might not have a problem with them." May 27, 19 10:26 AM

No matter how you do it. it's ALL about keeping those little electrons excited!" May 28, 19 8:57 AM

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